Daniel Cormier Ripped By Nate Diaz, RDA Over ‘Best MMA Boxer’ List

10 September 2011: Daniel Cormier and Antonio Silva battle in the Semi-Final Heavyweight Bout during the Strikeforce Grand Prix Semi-Finals at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH.

The world of combat sports is a competitive one, and when Nate Diaz ripped his fellow fighter Daniel Cormier for not including himself among the best boxers in MMA, fans everywhere took notice.

If you have been looking for odds shark betting options it is important to note that  this week, Cormier and co-host Ryan Clark of DC & RC announced their list of the Top MMA Boxers of All-Time. 

This is in the midst of the continuous debate and discussion regarding who the best boxer in the UFC is right now.

  1. Below is a list of Cormier’s Top 5 MMA boxers.
  2. James Toney
  3. Max Holloway
  4. Petr Yan
  5. Conor McGregor
  6. Junior Dos Santos

Conor McGregor is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. It’s evident that many people are disputing DC’s decision to rank James Toney as the best boxer in MMA history. 

While that may be accurate on paper because he was a professional boxing champion, he was unable to convert his boxing skills to MMA, as he was taken down and beaten up by Randy Couture in his lone UFC bout at UFC 118. 

When you compare Toney to fighters like Max Holloway, who possesses both incredible boxing skills and the ability to keep the fight standing, it’s easy to see why DC is being chastised for his top boxers list.

In terms of what dos Anjos stated to him, dos Anjos is accusing DC of being biased, an accusation leveled at him by many competitors because he frequently yells loudly for the fighters at American Kickboxing Academy. Diaz simply believes that Cormier’s list is inadequate and felt compelled to publicly criticize him for it.

Daniel Cormier Has Been Accused Of Bias In The Past

UFC fighters are not the only ones to criticize Cormier for his commentary. Since moving into broadcasting, Justin Gaethje has come out and said that he feels like there’s favoritism in some of its aspects while Dos Anjos also chimed-in on Twitter saying, “It’s a shame I have nothing nice or creative because it would just be pouring salt all over this wound.” 

UFC fighter Anthony Pettis even took things one step further by posting an edited video which showed him cutting strings from an instrument before launching into song titled “Remy is a Snake” alongside lyrics including phrases such as ‘shooting himself’ among others – clearly meant humorously but many viewers interpreted them differently after seeing recent events surrounding DC

People close to Dan Makhachev claim that he has an adversarial relationship with the MMA community. His most recent win over Hooker at UFC 267 was lambasted by many, including former FOX Sports anchor Kenny Florian for how it played out on air during post fight coverage of this fight card in Las Vegas last weekend.

A lot can happen behind closed doors between competitors before they step foot inside competition grounds; feelings sometimes get hurt or tempers flare more than what presents itself outwardly as friendly banter outside those confines-and there are often additional factors not visible from afar like rank jealousy (i e someone else winning) which can cause ill will among fighters

Cormier is a polarizing figure in the MMA world who’s never afraid to ruffle some feathers, but he remains one of its most prominent voices. It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him — Cormier will always be able to speak his mind and make waves wherever he goes!


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