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Friday NBA Prop Bets – November 12th, 2021 | The Propcast (Ep. 34)

Friday NBA Prop Bets w/ParlayQueen | The Propcast (Ep. 34)

Friday NBA Prop Bets – November 12th, 2021 | (Ep. 34)

NBA Friday Night schedule features 11 games and what better way than to get down on player props. Munaf Manji is flying on the solo for this episode and did not want to leave the listeners to dry. Munaf goes thru five player props  for the NBA Schedule. Munaf goes in-depth on the player props he has for tonight and ends the show with a best bet!

The Propcast is the unique podcast focused ONLY on various sports betting prop bets. From season-long, daily, exotic prop bets the Propcast has you covered! The Propcast will not only have you covered on weekly player prop bets but will look to capitalize all types of future bets! There is no other podcast out there that solely focuses on props. If you’re looking for NFL prop bets, NBA prop bets, MLB prop bets and more The Propcast is the show for you. Join us to cash daily, weekly, and at the season's end with The Propcast on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network!


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