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FFPC $1900 Main Event Giveaway

2021 FFPC - Best Ball 600 x 400

1. Join FFPC and get a free $25 Credit
2. Review a SGPN podcast or the SGPN App
3. Fill out the entry form
4. Watch the final FFPC Best Ball Draft Live at 9pm PST Sunday Night 9/5 on our YouTube channel, for chance to win $1900 FFPC MAIN EVENT ENTRY! If you want to play against the guys it’s a $125 best ball league.

Sean Green is co-host of The Sports Gambling Podcast. When he isn't giving out his free NFL picks, he works as a stand up comedian, writer and producer. He's currently the head writer and supervising producer on "Ridiculousness" but has also written for Crashletes (Nickelodeon), SFTHF (Full Screen) and Guy Code (MTV Digital). Sean also hosts his own late night sports talk show "Sean's Sports Show".

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