NBA Finals Picks Game 3 | NBA Gambling Podcast (Ep. 210)

NBA Finals Picks Game 3

NBA Finals Picks Game 3 Podcast

NBA Finals picks for Game 3! Phoenix Suns head to the Milwaukee Bucks’ home. Chris Paul, Devin Booker and company have been torching Giannis and his sad cohorts for two games straight.  Will that continue in the next game?

Ryan ‘Rich Fat Baby’ McKee is your host with Scott ‘Radio Voice’ Reichel to open the episode. They give out predictions and best bets for Sunday’s game, while also recapping the betting trends they’ve seen in the Suns vs Bucks previous four matchups this season.

And finally, it’s time for everyone’s favorite duo, the Prop Bet Brothers: Jong ‘All Day Long’ Lee and Terrell ‘Sweet T-Money’ Furman Jr! They give out their favorite picks for player props this weekend – two best bets each. Get ready to win some big money! Plus, Ryan can’t help but brag about the Suns some more.

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