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European World Cup Qualifying Picks | The EPL Show (Ep. 214)

European World Cup Qualifying Picks | The EPL Show (Ep. 214)

World Cup 2020 Qualifier Picks

A special International edition of the EPL Show, as European World Cup Qualifying begins today, Billi breaks down a small hand-picked selection of his best plays from the 1st round of fixtures and also examines all of the group winners’ futures.

Home of 'The EPL Show', 'The Champions League Show', 'Däs Bündesliga Show' and various other soccer gambling podcasts, all hosted by our long-term resident soccer-expert, Billi Bhatti. You can Billi on Twitter @SGPSoccer. After adding soccer to our catalog of podcasts back in 2014 - covering the 2014 World Cup - demand quickly increased based on the consistent profits and solid analysis delivered by shows, resulting in the addition of 'The Champions League Show', shortly followed by 'The EPL Show', and most recently, the 'Däs Bündesliga Show'. Each show consists of the proven format, where each and every game is expertly analyzed using trends and statistical data, while also factoring the gut-handicapping acumen of our resident British Soccer expert, who has accumulated 20+ years of soccer betting knowhow, which has aided delivering 6+ years of consistent tracked soccer profits to the Sports Gambling Podcast Network. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY

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