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75+ Funny Fantasy Baseball Names 2021

75+ Funny Fantasy Baseball Names 2021

Spring has sprung (almost) and the birds are chirping, which means it’s baseball time! With the MLB season scheduled to begin on time this year, the clock is ticking on drafting a fantasy baseball team. But, more importantly, the clock is ticking on choosing the right fantasy baseball name for your team.

Which is where we come in – here are 75+ funny fantasy baseball names for you to consider this year for your team.

75+ Funny Fantasy Baseball Names 2021

Baseball Betting Promos

We’ll start with a selection from Athlon Sports:


Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Law and Odor

Bryce Krispies

Soup or Salas?

The Olive Garland

Latos Intolerant

Brett MandoLorin

Kylo Renteria

Bichette’s Creek

Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Springfield Isotopes

Mookie Monster

Syndergaardians of the Galaxy

Kershawshank Redemption

99 Problems, Pitch Ain’t One

Sly and the Family Chone

They might be Bryants

Doumit Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Upton Funk

A to the Rizzo

North Correa

Carry on My Heyward Son

Your Mother’s Father Determines If Ubaldo


The Utley Ducklings

Look at the Buxton Her

Dozier Huge Boobs

RBI’d For Her Pleasure

Four Balls… How Could You Walk?

Big Ol’ Tatis


Now over to Cheat Sheet War Room:

Ryu Jays


The Starting Covid-9

J.D. Quarentinez

The Bichette is Back

Joe Buck Yourself

Don’t Bogaerts that Joint

Dirty Bunts

Acuña Matata

Snells Like Team Spirit

And the Teoscar Goes to…

Glasnow and Peristroika

deWallace and deGrom

Seag and Destroy

Walker Buehler’s Day Off

Buehler. Buehler. Buehler.

Joc Itch

I Like Big Betts

Babe Ruthless


Finally, let’s head over to The Sporting News:


I Told You Soto

Zero Lux Given

Advanced Gleybermetrics

Won’t You Be My Gleyber?

Morning Woodruff

Don’t Be A Hader

Snell You Later

Good Luck In Future EnDevers

Pearly Yates

New World Odor

Correan BBQ

Air Yordans

Vladi Dadi, We Likes To Party

Notorious Biggio

Once Upton A Time…

Throw Some Didi’s On That B****

Yandy Bars

Cron Thugs-N-Harmony

That’s Why I Make The Big Buxton

Champagne SuperNola

Grand Theft Votto

Goldschmidt Happens

Justin Time

Rhys’ Pieces

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Grichuk?

Like A Nolan Stone


Whatever you choose to name your team this season, best of luck (unless you’re in my leagues, in which case I wish you nothing but misery).


Jeff Fox is the evil genius behind His work has also appeared in SLAM, Athlon Sports, FIGHT! & Fighters Only magazines,, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and many other fine establishments across the globe.


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