NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Referee Stats and Assignments

NFL Super Wild Card Weekend Referee Assignements & Stat


Just like that the regular season has come to an end. But it is the most exciting time of the year for NFL bettors and fans because the NFL Playoffs start this weekend! I tracked and followed the stats for most of the NFL referees this season and I hope you all were able to take advantage of the information and cash bets.

However, the season and referee trends go on. As a matter of fact, in this post, I further broke down the splits for the six referees assigned to the playoff games this weekend. Lastly, in this post, you will see the full bet trends breakdown, totals breakdown, and which referees are assigned to the playoff matchups this weekend!

Let’s get into it!

RefereeHome Team MLRoad Team MLATS FavoritesATS UnderdogsHome ATSRoad ATS
Brad Allen8-77-86-99-69-66-9
Jerome Boger10-66-108-88-810-66-10
John Hussey8-88-85-1111-58-88-8
Alex Kemp11-55-117-99-711-55-11
Scott Novak3-1212-38-6-16-8-15-9-19-5-1
Shawn Smith8-77-87-7-17-7-17-7-17-7-1

Brad Allen

Allen finished the season with the home teams doing slightly better than the road teams. However, underdogs covered 60% of the spread this season. In addition, the totals finished 7-8 to the over with an average of 48 points.

Lastly, Allen will officiate the first game of the playoff weekend between the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills. Allen officiated the Week 10 AFC South matchup between the Colts and Titans. As a result, the Colts
won the game 34-17 and covered the spread.

John Hussey

Hussey finishes the season with the home and road teams winning eight games each. Furthermore, underdogs covered in 69% of the games officiated by Hussey. In addition, Hussey’s officiated games finished 10-6 to the Under with an average of 48.34 points per game.

Lastly, Hussey will officiate the NFC Wild Card matchup between two division rivals the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams. Hussey officiated two matchups involving the Rams. The Rams failed to cover the spread in both games, however, were 1-1 straight up. Also, Hussey officiated the Seahawks’ Week 7 overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals. The seahawks were a 3.5-point favorite in the game.

Scott Novak

Scott Novak was one of the referees I highlighted the most during the season. The road teams were fortunate to have Novak officiate their games. As a result, road teams finished 12-3 straight up and 9-5-1 against the spread. In addition, Novak was 9-6 to the Under with an average of 47.17 points per game.

Lastly, Novak will officiate the Washington Football Team hosting the Tampa Buccaneers on Saturday night. Novak officiated one game for the Tampa Buccaneers this season in Week 7 against the Raiders. The Buccaneers crushed the Raiders 45-20 on the road.

RefereeO/U RecordAverage Total
Brad Allen7-848.23
Jerome Boger13-352.93
John Hussey6-1048.34
Alex Kemp11-554.33
Scott Novak6-947.17
Shawn Smith8-752.41

Jerome Boger

Boger finished the year with home teams finishing 10-6 straight up and 10-6 against the spread. Furthermore, in the games officiated by Boger, favorites and underdogs split at 8-8 this season. In addition, Boger has a 13-3 record on the Over with an average of 52.93 points per game.

Lastly, Boger will officiate the matchup between the Ravens and Titans on Sunday. Boger officiated the Week 5 Ravens win over the Bengals 27-3. Also, Boger officiated the Week 15 Titans win over the Lions 46-25. As a result, both respective teams covered the spread.

Alex Kemp

Alex Kemp finished the season with the home teams benefiting the most in the games he officiated. As a result, home teams were 11-5 straight up and 11-5 against the spread. Furthermore, Kemp is one the best Over referees this season. Kemp also finished with an 11-5 record to the Over, averaging 54.33 points per game.

Lastly, Alex Kemp will officiate the contest between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints. Kemp officiated the Week 5 matchup between the Bears and Buccaneers. Bears went on to win that game 20-19.

Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith is one of the most consistent referees this season. In fact, both underdogs and favorites finished 7-7-1 against the spread. Furthermore, home teams performed slightly better with a record of 8-7 straight up. In addition, the record had similar results. The Over finished 8-7 with an average total of 52 points per game.

Lastly, Smith will officiate the AFC North battle between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Smith officiated two games this season involving the Steelers. As a result, the Steelers split the season series, but in Week 3 the Steelers beat the Texans 28-21, covering the spread.

Also, Smith officiated the Week 14 matchup between the Steelers and Bills where the Steelers lost the game 26-15, failing to cover the spread. Furthermore, Smith officiated the Week 2 matchup between the Browns and Bengals. Browns went on to win the game 35-30 but failed to cover the spread by a point.

Referee Assignment Game Schedule
Brad Allen Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills Saturday, 1:05pm EST
John Hussey Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks Saturday, 4:40pm EST
Scott Novak Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Football Team Saturday, 8:15pm EST
Jerome Boger Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans Sunday, 1:05pm EST
Alex KempChicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints Sunday, 4:40pm EST
Shawn Smith Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, 8:15pm EST
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