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NBA Playoffs Odds, Picks & Jerami Grant Superstar | NBA Gambling Podcast (Ep. 86)

NBA Playoffs Odds Jerami Grant | NBA Gambling Podcast

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NBA Playoffs Odds Podcast Recap

Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) begins with admitting that his nickname should no longer be ‘Rich Fat Baby.’ It should instead be ‘Poor Sad Baby’ because his basketball picks have been ice cold. Zach Broner (@NBAZachB), on the other hand, has risen to the challenge these last few weeks against the NBA Playoffs odds. He’s been on fire riding his Denver Nuggets fandom all the way to the big money promise land. Poor Sad Baby also talks about how he now has a group of Northern Arizona radio listeners angry at him for his bad sports gambling predictions.

The guys start by recapping Tuesday’s LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 3. Mile High Basketball made LeBron and Anthony Davis look like the Blowtime Lakers. Jerami Grant played like role player who has forgotten he’s not an all star. If you’re a true fan of basketball, go back and watch Jerami Grant’s highlights from this game. He had more free throws than anyone else on either team.

The Lakers are still up 2-1 in the Western Conference Finals. Although, the Nuggets are up 2-1 against-the-spread. What can we expect from Game 4 on Thursday night? Zach and Ryan discuss the matchup and make their picks with current NBA Playoffs odds. Denver is currently getting 6 points and the game total sits at 215.

They switch things up midway and preview tonight’s Boston Celtics (-3) vs Miami Heat. The Heat are still up 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals, but Boston won in impressive fashion in Game 3. Are they a different team with Gordon Hayward back? Also, what should we make about the three full days of rest for both teams? Ryan reads the current series’ odds from MyBookie and both make picks. Ryan is hopes to roll hot again with the Miami Heat +3, while Zach likes the Celtics -3.

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