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NFL Returns And New Elway Book Is Out | Three Dog Thursday (Ep. 32)

NFL Returns And New Elway Book Is Out | Three Dog Thursday Podcast (Ep. 32)

The NFL has returned and a brand new book is out about one of its iconic quarterback personalities of the modern era.

Host T.J. Rives is back to set the table for another weekend of football. But, not before he takes “square aim” at the Big Ten Presidents and Chancellors for their ridiculous decision to first postpone football. And, then made it even worse by reversing themselves a month later bowing to public pressure.

Then, T.J. welcomes Brian Edwards, Senior Handicapper of, and Vegas Insider back on board to talk college football and make some Underdog predictions. Why did the Sun Belt Conference have so much success it had against the Big 12 last weekend? And, who selects an ACC Underdog at home for this Saturday?

Then, it’s our YouTube video round table on the show as, Jason Cole, National Football writer and Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, has a new book out about former Broncos Hall of Fame Quarterback, now turned team President, John Elway.

Cole has spent the better part of seven years researching and writing the biography that has tremendous insight on Elway’s successes and driven personality that has gotten him to where he is.

Also, on the round table is Louisville afternoon radio host, Mark Ennis. Mark has great perspective on the Cardinals pending showdown in the ACC with the Miami Hurricanes Saturday night. And, both he and Jason give some thoughts on a possible NFL Underdog selection for this weekend.

Finally, Brian rejoins T.J. to talk more NFL including why he loves the Bengals on Thursday Night Football. T.J. has two Sunday Underdogs favors, including one who is a surprising AFC East doggy. Brian also has some NBA Conference Finals Underdog advice and T.J. goes over his U.S. Open Golf picks, too.

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