NBA Picks Podcast Friday: Denver v LA Clippers + Boson v Toronto

NBA Picks Podcast Friday: Denver v LA Clippers + Boson v Toronto

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NBA Picks Podcast Recap

Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) and Zach Broner (@NBAZachB) light up this NBA picks podcast! They start this episode of NBA Gambling Podcast by joking about Zach’s lack of a gambling nickname. Hey, it’s not like Ryan has the best one, Rich Fat Baby, but he has one. Listeners should tweet at Zach with some suggestions.

Celts vs Rapts

Enough joking around, Ryan and Zach dive into the NBA picks podcast by recapping last night’s insane, double-overtime Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics Game 6. Ryan and Zach were both on the losing side. However, due to a few questions referee calls, this game could’ve gone either way. Maybe the refs were trying to force Game 7? People think Adam Silver is above the shady shenanigans of his predecessor, David Stern, a commissioner widely-assumed to have rigged a few games. The NBA has lost a lot of money with the COVID-19 crisis. Extra game sevens mean extra money … just saying …

Ryan and Zach agree that Boston is clearly the better team, but Toronto is scrappy. They won’t go lightly into the night. It might be worth taking the Raptors with +2.5 points since it should be close.

Clips vs Nugs

Moving on to the Denver Nuggets vs LA Clippers series. Game 4 was a defensive fight. Floyd Mayweather would’ve been proud. Despite the laughably low score, Kawhi and crew won and covered the 8-point spread. They’re favored again by 8 points in Game 5. You have to assume this is the end of the road for this Nuggets team. They have a promising young team. Their fans should feel proud and hopeful for next season.

The biggest question facing Nuggets management is what to do with Michael Porter Jr. in the off-season. He has the talent to be an All-NBA level player, but his immaturity keeps getting the better of him. Zach suggests a trade to Philadelphia where Denver somehow gets back Ben Simmons. That. would. be. interesting.

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