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DraftKings Best Ball Preview, Strategy and Player Targets

DraftKings Best Ball Preview, Strategy and Player Targets

Players like Sammy Watkins are key to dominating your DraftKings Best Ball league.

DraftKings is expanding their fantasy offerings and now has the fan-favorite season-long best ball format available. This is a great way for DraftKings to take a slice of the season-long fantasy market while still maintaining the simplicity and “set and forget” nature. Now the company has something to bridge the gap between DFS players and season-long aficionados.

SGP Best Ball Draft

Best ball has been growing in popularity due to it being less of a time commitment than traditional season-long formats. Just draft your team before Week 1 and the rest of the season your best lineup is set each week. As you get ready for your DraftKings best ball draft, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Know the Rules

DraftKings best ball features a 20 player roster and each week one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, and one flex player will be selected from your roster for your weekly lineup. Keep in mind that there is no waiver wire in best ball, so you are stuck with whoever you drafted. So make sure you leave your draft with at least two QBs and two TEs to protect yourself against injury.

Just a quick refresher on the decimal scoring rules for DraftKings.

Rushing or Receiving TD: 6 points

Rushing or Receiving Yards: 0.1 points per yard

100+ Rushing Yard Game: 3 points

Reception: 1 point

Passing TD: 4 points

25 Passing Yards: 1 point (0.04 points per yard)

300+ Passing Yard Game: 3 points

Interception: -1 point

Fumble Lost: -1 point

Return/Recovery TD: 6 points

Two-Point Conversion: 2 points

Keep these scoring rules in mind as you approach your draft. Players who have a tendency for big passing-yardage games, like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady, can make up for being less mobile with the 3 point bonus for going over 300 yards on the day. Similarly, a player like Julio Jones who seems to never get red-zone targets, but is consistently over 100 yards receiving each week, gains some value back as well.

Stacks on Stacks

Best ball is all about playing for the biggest upside week in and week out. One of the best ways to do this is to select your quarterbacks with the goal of stacking them with one of their receiving targets. By stacking up your quarterback with one of their favorite receivers or tight ends, you multiply your weekly output quickly. Whether you are targeting a high-value stack like Patrick Mahomes/Travis Kelce or Aaron Rodgers/Davante Adams or waiting for more mid-tier and low-tier options, you have to stack both of your quarterbacks.

The high-value stacks of Rodgers/Adams and Mahomes/Kelce involve investing significant capital early, but with the potential to be a top-tier positional option each week is the return on investment you are looking for.

Similarly, looking at some mid-to-low tier options can provide that high-upside play you need for success in DraftKings best ball. For example, stacking Tyrod Taylor (QB29) with Keenan Allen (WR20) has some major upside potential. Tyrod is a capable quarterback who will not turn the ball over and adds value with his rushing ability. He loves locking onto a primary target, and Keenan Allen can create the kind of separation that Tyrod thrives with. Locking in a Tyrod/Allen stack late in your draft is a league winning move. Taylor will be available until the end of the draft, while Allen is a solid target starting in Round 6.

Quarterbacks Who Can Run

Quarterbacks who pick up chunks of yardage on the ground and can punch it in from short range are another value you cannot ignore. Similar to standard season-long leagues, Lamar Jackson is going to be a dominant force in best ball leagues. Last year he averaged 6.6 points more per week than the QB02, that kind of production and difference is unmatched across the board. His rushing ability and the willingness of Baltimore to turn him loose is just too much upside to pass on. He is worth going and getting starting in Round 2.

Similarly, quarterbacks like Josh Allen (QB07) and Kyler Murray (QB05) both have high upside each week thanks to their rushing abilities. Allen is one of the most efficient runners inside the ten-yard line, and Kyler capitalizes on the Air Raid offense’s ability to spread defenses to pick up chunks of yardage with his legs. Allen and Murray both also received a boost to their receiving corps in the offseason, making them attractive upside plays in the middle rounds.

Players like Daniel Jones and Cam Newton also have that rushing upside and are basically going for free later in drafts. Stack Jones with Golden Tate and Cam with either Julian Edelman or James White and reap the benefits of late-round steals. Jones and Cam will be a good target in Rounds 10-15, while Tate, Edelman, and White are good values starting in Round 8.

Swing for the Fences

Late rounds of your DraftKings best ball draft is when you have to swing for the fences. Unlike your standard season-long league every swing has to be a homerun swing late. Start targeting players who have the potential to go off in the right circumstances. For example, a player like Breshad Perriman (WR58) flashed some talent and upside late last year with Tampa Bay and is now with the New Jersey Jets. The Jets receiving corps is largely devoid of guarantees, but Perriman has the upside-potential that could blow up if he clicks with Sam Darnold.

Similarly, a player like Sammy Watkins (WR59) who was dominant throughout the playoffs last year is being criminally under drafted. Watkins was actually second on the Chiefs in targets last year, despite missing games. Additionally, he had a better catch percentage and more yards in the playoffs than any other Chiefs receiver. If Sammy can stay healthy, he is gaining more and more trust from Mahomes and Andy Reid, he will be an explosive value late in drafts. Go and get Watkins anytime after Round 10.

Draft for Depth

Remember that there is no waiver wire to scour for bye-week and injury-replacements. If a player goes down then you are out of luck. You have to leave your draft with at least two quarterbacks and two tight ends. Ideally, they should be on different teams, but if you want to go three-deep at either position, you could draft a teams’ backup if you like the opportunity.

Looking at Miami, Ryan Fitzpatrick seems like a lock to start the season for the Dolphins. He has an offensive coordinator who he is very familiar with in Chan Gailey and talented receiving options like DeVante Parker (WR24) and Mike Gesicki (TE13). However, rookie Tua Tagovailoa is clearly the future for Miami. Both Fitz and Tua are available, at QB31 and QB33 respectively, for almost nothing. Taking a shot on a Miami QB/Parker or Gesicki stack could be highly-lucrative considering the bargain-basement pricing.

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