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NBA Picks for Thursday August 6 | NBA Odds Pod (Ep. 57)

NBA Picks for Thursday August 8 Podcast

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Podcast Recap

SGPN editor and NBA Odds Pod host Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) and NBA handicapper Zach Broner (@NBAZachB) pick every game against-the-spread for Thursday August 6, 2020. They start off with recapping a little of that weird Philadelphia 76ers versus Washington Wizards game. What the hell is going on with the Philadelphia 76ers? They have enough talent to win the Eastern Conference, but they can’t see to get it together. They even allowed the Wizards to cover their first spread while in the Bubble.

Ryan and Zach then go through each game starting with New Orleans Pelicans (-4) vs Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers (-3) vs Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers (-4) vs Dallas Mavericks, Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets. Will the Lakers continue playing their stars big minutes? Or now that they have the #1 seed locked up, will they give LeBron and AD more rest? 

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