Horse Racing Record Holders

horse racing record holders

In sports, no matter which, there are hundreds of talented athletes that show the world their true dedication and skill by setting records that others could only dream of. New records are great for betting on with TWE’s daily NAP. When it comes to horse racing, it is no different, there are many famous jockeys and horses that have set the bar too high for any other to reach. Let’s take a look at horse racing record holders that will go down in history. 

Never Too Old For The Win 

Some thoroughbred horses retire as young as four, but many race until the age of ten or slightly older, but it is very uncommon for horses of this age to win an event. The record for the oldest horse to win a race was set in 2002 when Al Jabal won the Three horseshoes Handicap Stakes at the age of 19 and this record is still unbeaten. 

Left In His Dust 

Horse races are quick, over in an average of ten minute, only due to the difficulty of the modern track, but due to the races being short and snappy it does not give competitors much time to get a big lead, not often anyway. But, Secretariat holds the title for the fastest racing horse in history after many amazing performances on the track, but most historic of which was when he ran in the Preakness Stakes in just one minute and fifty-five second, being the only horse to crack the two minutes. 

As well as holding the record for finishing a race in the fastest time, but he also made the record for winning a race by the most distance, Secretariat won by an unbelievable 31-lengths. 

The Triple Crown King 

The Triple Crown is one, if not the, most prestigious horse racing achievements in the world and it is no easy thing to win, it involved winning three races – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes – all within the same year. If one sounds hard enough, we can only imagine the skill it would take for a trainer to take home six consecutive Triple Crowns, but Wayne Lukas had no trouble doing so between the years of 1994 and 1996. 

The Star of the Grand National 

The Grand National is one of the most famous horse races across the world and over the years it has become known for its infamous difficult track that stretches over 4 miles and 514 yards, with 30 fences to clear along the way. When it comes to the race, there is one horse that is a historic star and that is none other than Red Rum who took home three consecutive victories at the even.

This record is still unbeaten, but in recent years Tiger Roll has had his sights et on it for himself and it was looking good as he won the 2018 and 2019 Grand National, but due to the vent being cancelled in 2020 he was unable to attempt a third win, but 2021 looks promising. 

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