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Don Beebe & SGPN College Football Tournament (Ep. 828)

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The guys welcome on Super Bowl Champion WR Don Beebe (@DonBeebeNFL) to talk about his career in the NFL. Don talks about running a 4.2 in fishing shoes, the Bills 32 point comeback against the Oilers in the playoffs and his strip of Leon Lett. Plus the guys announce their next simulated sports tournament the SGPN College Football Tournament. Check on Don’s book ‘Six Rings From Nowhere.’

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Speaker 1 (1m 1s):

Speaker 0 (1m 35s): Welcome everyone to the Sports Gambling Podcast I’m Sean stacking that money green and with our partner and pics, right? Real money Kramer what’s happening in crime dog. Get a show on the day. Indeed. We’re hear on a very special I Don Beebe Podcast we also have a big announcement regarding how our SIM God’s and we’re gonna, we’re going to continue that possibly a giveaway, a little, a cold, hard cash. Joining us as always third man, in the booth, coming to an AK, the dantian pace.

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And I like Johnny Debby. He’s a nice guy. What I’m saying? Like a hipster wanted to be Johnny Debs, Colby, his word, Johnny, Depp’s going to hear this Podcast you attended on him. And he was cool as shit. So it’s Don Beebe fan Johnny Depp. Well, Colby, if you need a, a, if you need a mask, you can just go to Sports Gambling and a pick up on SGP mass. Maybe I’ll get my dog. One of those. No, there you go. And one of you guys will stop COVID from spreading, but Hey, it appears Cobits over and a Sports are coming back. So we’re Jack for that. Got an awesome interview with Don.

Beebe coming up in just a second and uh, yeah, let’s just get onto that, but before we do Oh, yeah. And bigger announcement. Yeah. We’re going to say that after the Don Beebe interview. Sorry, if you were listening the three times, I said if before the show started, as far as the structure of the show, sorry, someone’s got to make sure shit’s working. Also check out, uh, Kramer. And I did a, uh, NFL prop bets for the 20, 20 NFL season, going through all, basically a bunch of player props. Uh, we did 10 each. So a check out that podcast and we have another poet Podcast coming up with another super bowl.

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And when you do use that promo code SGP to play, win and get paid and the line Superbowl Champion receiver Don Beebe Don how is a, how are you doing right now?

Speaker 2 (5m 4s): I’m doing great. I’m a little, a little bummed right now. I got a little, a total issue gone, but, um, but besides that, I’m not doing too bad.

Speaker 0 (5m 15s): Now you’re talking toe issues. I noticed in your Twitter bile, you have your 40 time for 0.2, one. That’s amazing. What do you think if you’re completely healthy? What do you think you could run right now?

Speaker 2 (5m 29s): A five to one. Maybe I have no idea. Um, the last time I ran I’m 55 right now. So the last time I had full speed was for, I was 41 years old, um, against some kid at a speed camp that we were doing and I ran a four. I ran a four, three, eight and 41. Oh, wow. That’s the last, that’s the last I’ve ran. And that for 2011 was for the jets in 1980, 1988.

Speaker 1 (5m 55s): Okay.

Speaker 0 (5m 56s): Wow. I mean, that’s, that’s

Speaker 3 (5m 58s): Insane. Especially with all the things, you know, all the changes and like, you know, just a muscle, what they say, Shawn, you can’t teach speed. And I think when you see, when you see 40 times today, it’s become, it’s become very, the most important. I know it was, it’s always been important, but it’s become so important now. And Don, I’m sure it did help you, but you see receivers come in the league. Now with that underwhelming 40 time who can still flat out catch passes. Do you think we’ve swung, the pendulum has swung way to far in the, in the favor of the 40 time?

Speaker 2 (6m 34s): Well, first of all, let me, let me just restate your statement now. Incorrect. You, a lot of

Speaker 3 (6m 39s): He teaches at a speed King. Of course.

Speaker 2 (6m 42s): Yeah. You, you actually can teach speed. What they should say is you can’t teach world class speed. Meaning, you know, we can’t make every kid a four to four, three or four for 40. I mean, genetically, you gotta have that gift, but to take a kid from a 48.46, or even, uh, four, six to four for four or five, we have done that thousands of times. Um, so if in my situation that if I wouldn’t have trained, I don’t think I would’ve ever been able to do to reach that level either. But, you know, do I think the 40 is overrated?

Absolutely. Uh, I think the is overrated and here’s why your best route runner’s in the national football league are your for six guys. And why do I say that? Uh, if, if I wouldn’t have met or had Charlie joiner as my coach, when I was in Buffalo and everybody knows Charlie, um, he taught me how to adjust my speed to make a cut because I was creating so much speed into a C a comeback or an outright or something like that. I struggled being able to get out of that.

Cut. That’s why four Six is so much a better route runner, a Jerry, Ron Ray read guys like that. This is great route runners because the, uh, Steve Largent, um, because they had that perfect speed to create that explosiveness, to get out of their cut.

Speaker 3 (8m 4s): Yeah, I know that was always my problem. I was too fast on the back. I was just slow. I couldn’t get in the forties for the 400 and he told me he couldn’t teach me speed. He was just blowing smoke on my ass. I appreciate that though. The tag it with the world class speed. Well, you certainly had a, at an amazing career where you showed off some of that speed as an Eagles fan. I want to say thank you for stripping Leon Lett in the super bowl because my childhood was ruined by those Cowboys victories. And that was like a bright spot of the Cowboys, the mind demise Leon, Lett just, you know, kind of gloating in the end zone and you’re being the scrappy fat guy.

Uh, and it’s a perfect example of a play in the play to the end of the whistle. And Sean, I have a question based on that play because you, that was a pretty ridiculous rundown when you started chasing him down.

Speaker 0 (8m 56s): Did you think you were going to catch him in time?

Speaker 2 (8m 60s): Uh, no, actually, um, you know, the first of all, when you watched a film, nobody really knows how far was a way, because I wasn’t even on the film when you watched it. So we’re estimating was in the 30 to 40 yard range. Uh, with that being said, I was just, I was just doing a goal rout down the left side, the field. And I turned in, started to look back and see a Frank Reich was throwing it to me. Then I saw the ball drop out of his hands. I stopped and I saw Leon pick it up cause he picked it up pretty quickly and I just started running and, and as I was, uh, running down the field, I’d literally my thoughts were, how am I going to tackle this dude?

Speaker 0 (9m 39s): Jake is a hundred.

Speaker 2 (9m 41s): I literally was going to jump out his back. I’m not kidding. I’m going to jump on the back. But then when I saw the ball out to the side, I mean, he, he made my job easy, but I was tell, you know, cause I do a lot of public speaking. And you know, if I’m talking to a bunch of kids at a camp or something, you know how you react to something really shows your true character. And coach levy used to say this in every game, your character will be revealed good or bad. And, and how you react to something truly is your character. Because if you have time to think about it, most of us as Americans or we’re going to make the right call, we’re going to do the right thing most of us, but we need to react to something that really is your true character.

And, and that played, this became a staple of the Buffalo bills and, and who I was and who we were. Um, so I personally, I wasn’t happy. I mean, we’re getting our tail whooped. Why would I be happy about running down? Leon Lett

Speaker 0 (10m 33s): Yeah, yeah. I mean, you look at the score, but I do think it was a great example of the character and I know Ralph Wilson, he even a, he came up to you after the game and, and kind of a talk to you about the play.

Speaker 2 (10m 45s): Yeah, that’s a good point because that’s really was the first time I actually started to think something different about, I didn’t think about the play. I mean, I get in the locker room is 52 17 where we had our tales was for three Superbowls in a row now, and nobody was happy, but he literally, mr. Wilson came right over to me and he said, he said, listen, son, you showed me, he didn’t call me Don or 82 or Hey son. And he showed me what Buffalo is all about. Thank you so much. And he said, thanks. And I was like, wow. Okay, well, that was kind of weird, you know?

And then I had to, then I had to go down to the media room. I got called down to the media room and I was like, I don’t want to go down there. We just got killed. But I went and I couldn’t believe how many people were around my table and podium and, and all the questions were centered around why, what made you do that? And I started thinking to myself, wow, that must have been a pretty special play. And then I get back to Buffalo, one Bills drive. And, and for weeks I was getting boxes, not just a couple of letters here and there.

I mean boxes by the hundreds every day I had to go and get a box in and I received thousands of letters in here still today, guys. And what are we? 26, 27 years later, I get mail every day, still at the school that I coach or at my house or my business that I run, that people are still talking about this play. And they’re saying, thank you and coaches and, and, and, uh, you know, teachers and the ones that really mean the most part of the parents and a man has gotten so many miles guys.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Speaker 0 (12m 25s): Well, that’s awesome. And, and I think it kind of, it speaks to your character, but the character of Buffalo, Buffalo is just a great, uh, you know, kind of truly blue collar town. And it’s always cool to see in sports where a guy kind of matches with a town and, and really gels and a, I mean, if you, even, if you go to get Bills games today, there’s tons of a Beebe jerseys in the, in the crowd there. And I, I think you’re really resonated with the city of Buffalo. You kinda had a, a nontraditional way into the NFL. Can you kind of walk people through your college to get drafted?

Speaker 2 (12m 60s): Yeah. Yeah. I kind of give you the reader’s digest. Um, but before I kind of give you the reader’s digest story, that, that, that story is actually turned into a book. And then now it’s, I’m in the works of finalizing to deal with people out of producers, out of Nashville to turn it into a TV series of movie, which is crazy. Yeah. So it’s because it’s, you know, I came from Nowhere, uh, you know, and I, I literally only played two years of college football, one in Western, Illinois, and then one at a really small NAI division, two school in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska called shed or in the state, and look it up on the map.

It literally is the Nowhere. And so I would play two years of Football and then I landed up being the Bills first pick up in the 89 draft, which is absolutely crazy to even comprehend that, you know, that this doesn’t happen ever.

Speaker 0 (13m 54s): Yeah. How do you go from Chadron state to go to the Bills pick? What did you,

Speaker 2 (13m 59s): Well, yeah, what happened was, was this his, I, you know, I, how I got there’s a guy by the name of bill Giles and he was, he was a combine scout, which means he didn’t scout for one team specifically it’s his job to go around the country. And his region was the Midwest to get the top 300 players in college football to the big show at Andy for the big combine. Right. Well now, and the guy, how has a guy like me from shattering going to get there? I mean, give me a break. Right? So somehow he comes up and he puts me through a workout to his dying day.

He told me it was the greatest workout he’d ever put somebody, somebody through. And he never did tell me what I ran the 40 of them. So that one, I don’t know. And so how I got invited was that guy, bill Giles, he gave me the highest recommendation you ever given an athlete. That’s crazy. You think about that? I get there and go in there and I’m telling you, I didn’t have an agent. I didn’t know I needed an agent. I didn’t know what an agent really was. You know, I literally had, you know, the close on my back that I went into and, and I’m seeing Deon Sanders and Barry Sanders and Troy men and all these guys from The 89 draft Tony Mandarin.

Speaker 0 (15m 10s): Yeah. That’s a crazy trash class.

Speaker 2 (15m 12s): Yeah. And there’s me, you know, and, and the thing is, I go, I get to my room and my roommate was Mike Barber. Mike Barbara played with Marshall university and no sooner got to get in and the door knocks and, and it was a concierge of the crown Plaza. And he had these two orange Nike shoe boxes and he goes, these are From Mike Barbara. Great. Okay. I give him the Mike and I go, what of those? He goes, all of these or the shoes I’m running the 40 in tomorrow. And this, and this one was like lime green and the other one, like bright orange, you know, track shoes. And he goes, and Mike goes, what are you running?

I’m in? And I looked at my feet and I said, the shoes I wore in the building, and this is the God’s honest truth, guys. I, they were my old, a six fishing shoes from high school. And on my right soul, it was half on glued. So when I ran it really flopped, that’s what I ran the 40 in the honest truth. And I ran a four to five in that year. Uh, in the reason I know that is cause bill Polian, who was the general manager of the Buffalo bills who drafted me.

He told me that three years after I had retired, I didn’t know what I did that day. I just knew what my life changed in a matter of 4.2, five seconds. It, Lily did. I went from complete unknown to a first pick off of 40 yard dash nine in Kenya.

Speaker 0 (16m 31s): Wow. I mean, that’s an insane story and, and kind of almost feels like fate, that the way that they found you, that you got to the combine, and then you run that amazing time and your career started off kind of with a bang there, you had a, uh, I think it was a 63 yard touchdown catch your first game.

Speaker 2 (16m 48s): I did. And that’s kind of a funny story in itself two. So the first two games, I didn’t play as a rookie because you know, we weren’t doing the Kagan the offense than in Buffalo. It was literally the old days, you know, first, a second down, third down, the third receiver comes in and a full back goes out, right? Well, I didn’t play the first game because I was forced in the depth chart. Kelly goes to Marv levy on a Tuesday a day off and says, you know, we dropped the Beebe will put ’em on a field. So the cut CRISPR kit, I moved into a third receiver slot in that Saturday, the third game of the season in 1989, I get the first chance of being in the field.

So I’m in the huddle. And the first time I go up the line of scrimmage, who am I going against? Chris Dishman? Chris is talking, trying to Chris is talking trash to me in a fun way. I mean, he’s a great guy and crisp like Eagles, Hey, Hey, come on. Beebe and he goes, come on, dude. I want to see this. I want to see the speed, man. I hear you’re fast light boy. And I was like, Oh God, I was scared to death. I ain’t kidding. So thank God it was a run. So the next third down, I’m running out there again, and I’m supposed to do this post corner out. And as we’re breaking in the huddle, Jim looks at me and goes, beeps.

If he’s pressing on you, I’m throwing to a man just to go deep. I was like, Oh God, here we go. So sure enough, I get up their dish pressed again. And I beat Chris for 63 yard touchdown, the first pass to ever go my way crazy way to break in. Right. Well, the funny part of the whole story has, this is the next series. When we had the ball, it was another run play. I’m running up the line. Scrimmage district gets right in my grill and he backs up like eight steps. He goes, dang, white boy tip.

Speaker 0 (18m 26s): And to paint the picture to our audience, if they don’t remember the younger audience, if they don’t remember Chris Dishman, he was one of the elite corners in the NFL at the time.

Speaker 2 (18m 33s): Chris was great. He had a phenomenal career now in India and a great guy. I mean, he was, he was fun to play against the boy, man. He had me scared that day.

Speaker 0 (18m 43s): Now you, in your Bills career, you had a number of, uh, you know, were involved in a number of crazy games. One that no one will forget is of course The you guys are down 32 points against the Oilers in a playoff game in the third quarter. And he’s somehow managed to come back. I mean, you’re down 35, three. Did people actually think you guys had a shot?

Speaker 2 (19m 7s): Uh, there was one guy that one guy was Frank Wright. Uh, and Frank was my roommate. So I knew the inside story.

Speaker 0 (19m 15s): Well, he did it in college too, right?

Speaker 2 (19m 17s): He did. He’s the greatest comeback in college and, and professionally. And, uh, I, I remember waking up early that morning was a blustery cold morning in November. Most likely no, actually December. And, uh, it was a wildcard game and I couldn’t find Frank. And usually, you know, I get up and, you know, Frank, whatever he’s around and I can’t find them. So I go downstairs to the can’t find him in a pregame meal. Can’t find him in a meeting room, watching film. And next thing you know, I looked out in the parking lot and he’s in his S 10 blazer and it’s all fogged up on what in the world.

So I go out there freezing a death, knock on his window. I like, dude, what are you doing? Those beads? These don’t worry by a man. He says, I gotta write these words down to the song by Michael English in Christ alone. I’m like, Frank,

Speaker 0 (20m 6s): We got it.

Speaker 2 (20m 8s): We doing, you know, so he goes, just trust me. I’ll get I, okay, Frank. So I laugh. We get into the game and we’re getting killed 20 to three and a half the time my locker mate was a right next to me on a steep task here. And we’re sitting there talking to half times and Tasker goes to the beach, where are we going to golf next?

Speaker 0 (20m 27s): Yeah.

Speaker 2 (20m 28s): So anyway, uh, they’re all tally. Pretty much. Our leader vocal leader was a PED, a rallying cry. And Marv said, Hey, you know, they scored all of these. We can do it the second half. Okay, great. So we go out their first series. Frank does a pic. Okay. Bounces off to Keith McKeller and Bowl and McDowell takes the deal all the way like 60 yards. Okay. 35 to three. Can we now go home? But Frank was the one that just kept pacing up and down the sideline and just going, Hey, let’s keep doing what we’re doing.

We’re okay to keep making a place. And we’re all sitting on a bench. They can do shut up, sit down. It’s over. Right. So next thing you know, we rally score Tenney scores. We get the onside kick. Frank throws me to like a 37 yard touchdown and it’s 35 17. It’s still middle a third quarter. And then we’d want a roll with three straight to Andre. And it was like, what is going on? I’ve never seen a stadium. So packed 80,000 empty. Okay. Like half fall, and then be packed again by the middle of the end of the fourth quarter.

And there’s the main, like a, but what a game be a part of Mann, one of the greats all the time. No doubt.

Speaker 3 (21m 35s): That was one of those games where I feel like you remember exactly where you were watching that one. But, uh, but you mentioned before the K gun offense and, and what’s crazy is you guys were kind of trendsetters with that because now I feel like you were running know huddle, a shotgun throwing through the backfield though in a thermos Thomas, a lot out in the backfield and a now, nowadays I feel like it’s all over Football. So you guys were definitely trendsetters in that, in that light, right.

Speaker 2 (22m 0s): It really was in it. And it was the ahead of the time. And I remember it all started in the Cleveland playoff game in 89, my rookie year. And in that game, we got behind the Cleveland and, and Jim pretty much in that third, fourth quarter really just took the game over and no huddle. And after the game, we, you know, we landed up not pulling a game out, but we made a rallying cry and that off season, the guys were talking, you know, Ted Marchibroda in the quarterbacks and, and obviously March and said, let’s just let Jim Beebe Jim Lett this pull the reigns off and let them go.

You know? And that’s when Jim was at his best. So when we broke out 90, 91 to 92, I mean, we were just on fire in the biggest advantage to it guys was this is that we ran that defensive front into the ground. I mean, there was games we’ve watched a film on, on a Monday after the game and the defensive line would just be standing there. I mean, they were so dead tired. They weren’t used to it. They just weren’t used to it. So we were definitely ahead of the time. And, uh, and now that I’m a coach, I use a lot of those that, you know, terminology in and the ability to run plays every 10 to 15 seconds and how to make it faster.

Uh, but yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of in almost every team is doing that. Now.

Speaker 3 (23m 18s): Now you’re your coach in the D three school, Aurora university. You guys went what nine and to last year, uh, when did you, uh, when did you make the decision to go into coaching?

Speaker 2 (23m 29s): Well, I knew after I retired and I started started the business house of speed and I was training athletes and that was great, but I wanted to be a part of it, the more intimate level on a daily basis with the athlete. Cause I knew that that was a gift. Uh, I loved being around athletics and I loved coaching kids and helping them, you know, so then I decided to get into high school coaching, which I did in 2000 for a, at a roar Christian high school. And I did that for 14 years and then became an empty nester. My kids were dead done with high school in gone.

And then I thought, you know what? Let’s, let’s see if I can move on and go to the next level. And in the local job a year opened up, they asked me, I said, heck yeah, let’s do it. And here we are just finishing our first year where a university, he was this a great year. Um, and really looking forward to this coming fall.

Speaker 0 (24m 18s): Now you you’re friends with Frank, right. Do you ever hit him up for coaching advice?

Speaker 2 (24m 21s): Yeah. And so, and then my roommate in green Bay now is Doug Peterson. So, um, yeah, so obviously, and then I sat next to Andy Reed in all the meetings at green Bay. So those three guys are obviously very good friends and, you know, before they got to The because Doug used to be the high school coach down in, I think, uh, Louisiana, I think it was, but it was somewhere in the South. And we used to talk all the time about having a high schools play each other. Um, but Frank and I, you know, talk a little bit more when he was coaching early in his career, um, and talk strategies and best plays and stuff like that since they become head coaches, it’s harder to get, you know, and have these conversations constantly.

Um, the assist, you know, their time is just very important. But, um, in saying that, uh, we have had our moments of, of talking strategy. Yes.

Speaker 0 (25m 14s): Talk a little shop there. I know, uh, I mean, besides the, the crazy comeback for the Bills, you’re also involved in, I remember watching this play a million times, watching the NFL films, they dubbed it, the Pogo stick play, where basically you get flipped over land on your head, walk us through that because, uh, and we’ll put a clip up on the, on the website or, or share your video there. Cause it’s, it’s really a, a crazy play. And, and I mean, you seem super fortunate that it wasn’t a more serious injury.

Speaker 2 (25m 44s): Yeah. That actually wasn’t the Cleveland playoff game. My rookie year that I was talking about earlier when the Kagan started, uh, and it was third, it was late in the second quarter and we’re driving before half and I think it was like third or fourth and 17 and make a fourth and 10 somewhere around there. And I was coming across on a deep dig route in gym through a little bit of high. And I went out and got it. And Felix Wright took my feet out. I landed, literally write on the top of my head and I bounced like a foot off the ground off my head.

Speaker 0 (26m 13s): Jeez.

Speaker 2 (26m 15s): Yeah. And I’ve had many people tell me throughout the years that, you know, just one way left or right. Or forward or back. I mean, with that force of coming down, I mean, it could have been, it could have been real ugly, but the good Lord was with me and, and I was able to come out of it. It, it did tear my neck muscle, which I still believe it or not. I still today have scar tissue and ill effects from it. And I got to go to a chiropractor and get it rubbed out and such. But you know, I, you know, I’ll, I’ll, I’m not complaining, but that was an accurate play.

Speaker 0 (26m 46s): Yeah. That was a wild play in the crazy part is you still play in the second half, even after that, that crazy tweeked to your neck and, and, and pulling that muscle tissue,

Speaker 2 (26m 56s): That’s called adrenaline,

Speaker 0 (26m 59s): Is it? Yeah. I mean, are you really that amped up? I mean, we see these stories of guys out there getting jacked up before the games, but kind of walk us through, uh, you know, walking out to a 60,000 person stadium. How, how jacked up to you get

Speaker 2 (27m 16s): Those are, there’s two things at almost every player. When you talk to them, what they miss the most, what do they miss the most? They miss running out of that tunnel. That’s number two. Okay. Number one, they missed the comradery of the guys. Just love being around the guys, Neil, those are memories that you can never repeat and you never forget. Uh, but boy, the adrenaline rush of running out of the stadium, like, you know, rich stadium or Lambeau field, um, guys that’s, those are feelings that are just unexplainable, unless you do it, you know, feel that rush yourself.

But it’s, it’s incredible, man. And I miss it.

Speaker 0 (27m 52s): Well, your talk about the, the kind of rush and, and play in a big games. You appeared in six Superbowls, which is really crazy because a, I think it’s just you Mike laddish and Tom Brady that have been in Six Superbowls. Of course, Brady got a couple more now, but, uh, and, and you not only were you in six super bowls, but six out of the nine years. So there are only three years in your career where you didn’t make it to the super bowl. That’s gotta be, I don’t have the stats in front of me, but you’ve only, you have to be the only guy in NFL history. Who’s made it to the super bowl.

66% of the time in your career.

Speaker 2 (28m 27s): That’s pretty pathetic.

Speaker 0 (28m 30s): What happened in those other three years?

Speaker 2 (28m 34s): Yeah, I know what happened if this, and this is, this is the truth after the, like the third super bowl. Okay. Uh, when the season started, my family was looking okay, where’s the suit Bowl and start getting hotels.

Speaker 0 (28m 45s): And then they were already,

Speaker 2 (28m 49s): But it was, it was just, I was very fortunate. I was very fortunate to hit the right teams at the right time, a B a Buffalo in the four in a row. And then obviously going to green Bay and hitting to more, uh, just great organizations. They understood what it took to get to that game, uh, because it’s more than just talent. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think talent necessarily always wins. There’s a lot more things that go into winning a super bowl than talent. Uh, and we did that

Speaker 4 (29m 17s): And the super bowl, 31 Brett Farve said afterwards that they would’ve never won Superbowl 31 without to you. And he gave you the game ball from what I understand. Now, now we talked about your Buffalo memories. What stands out about Greenbay to you?

Speaker 2 (29m 31s): Well, in reference to what you were just saying about far by he, he was, he said that comment because of the San Francisco 49 game that year, when we on a Monday night game, uh, in overtime. And it was one of those, this store games for me personally, um, you know, having a game that I did, which was such a pivotal game, cause we’d lost a game. We probably would’ve had to gone on to the 40 Niners during the playoffs and play, but they came back to us, which is a huge advantage being in a Lambo.

But, um, you know, I remember when I was a Buffalo and I played with a guy named James Lofton, which everybody knows. And James always used to tell me, he says, Beebe listen, if you, if it ever works out here in Buffalo and the land up going free agent to somewhere else, Mandy got to go to green Bay. He says, ah, there’s just something conic about Lambeau field, you know, he’s right. I mean, the first time I walked out in the hollow grounds of Lambeau field was the, the, the old Vince Lombardi in all the stories. It’s a history of Football man, you know, uh, was, was very cool.

And the, and the fan base was very similar to Buffalo. You know, it’s, it’s all the God man. They just they’d love their Bills and he loved their pack. And a, you know, unlike some big cities in some other cities that you see, uh, those two teams are unique in itself when it comes to fan base.

Speaker 0 (30m 54s): Yeah. I think you’re throwing a tick at the chargers and that’s okay. They deserve it. Oh no, no, it’s fine. No, it’s, I mean, that’s, what’s cool about green Bay in Buffalo, they are just those small town, you know, working class cities that just love their Football.

Speaker 4 (31m 9s): And by the way, that game he’s talking about it against the 40 a hundred, he had over 200 yards receiving, correct? Don

Speaker 2 (31m 15s): Yep. It was 220. I think it was, uh, that, that Monday night, you know

Speaker 4 (31m 19s): Now, but you grew up in Illinois, right? So where you a bear fan growing up,

Speaker 2 (31m 25s): Unfortunately. Yes.

Speaker 0 (31m 27s): Yeah.

Speaker 2 (31m 28s): I mean, listen, you talk about screwed up Beebe And then I become a packer fan. And then now I’m a Viking fan because my son, yeah,

Speaker 0 (31m 39s): Yeah. You’re all over the place. You’re a son Chad Beebe to enter in his third year with the Vikings. I know the Vikings just traded a Stefan Diggs. So maybe some more opportunity, uh, for Chad to get out on the field. And how excited are you for, uh, Chad’s a season this year?

Speaker 2 (31m 56s): No, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a completely different feeling, you know, when you’re in it in the moment and it’s you a, you know, you don’t get nervous, you train hard, you just, you know, you’re just kinda in this dude be in you. Right. But when it’s your kid, it’s a whole lot more nerve wracking and crazy. Right. You know, and he’s, and he has a great story in itself and I’m not going to go into his whole story, but his story is a, is extremely unique in its in its own way. Um, he just needs to stay healthy.

He knows that if he stays healthy, ah, the kid can apply. Uh, you know, if you were to ask me who is a better receiver, I mean, my son, Chad is a better receiver and his ability to run routes and catch in that slot position. Uh, is he does that very well. Uh, he just has an injury prone career. Uh, he just needs to stay healthy. So like he’s found a new, uh, a way of training, let’s say from a medical standpoint and, and I think it’s really working.

So I’m, I, I’m pretty sure I’m pretty confident. Let’s say he’s, uh, he’s got over this injury bug and he’s going to do very well.

Speaker 0 (33m 6s): Yeah. I mean, um, a, maybe a late round up

Speaker 3 (33m 9s): A fantasy, a keeping an eye out in chat. I like the inside scoop there. Well, in short, I got it. I got asked because Don played during a time when the NFL was filled with men and there were a lot of scary men out there. So, you know, I was a giants fan. Apologies. We did take you out for one of those super bowls. Lawrence Taylor was on that team.

Speaker 2 (33m 28s): Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (33m 29s): And what that was, they’re a scarier

Speaker 0 (33m 32s): A man to be too, to attempt to crack come back on that crack back than a guy like Lawrence Taylor.

Speaker 2 (33m 40s): Yeah. Lawrence was a lot, there’s certain guys on teams, Ronnie Lott, a speedy that water, Dennis Smith. There’s certain guys that when you’re going to play in, you’re a guy that has to come across the middle, you know, And Lawrence Taylor was certainly one of those guys. So yeah. He, you know, you could argue the greatest linebacker of all time. He’s in that category. No question about it.

Speaker 0 (34m 4s): And, uh, I think you were kind of a

Speaker 3 (34m 7s): Talking about this when we were talking about developing, uh, into a TV show

Speaker 0 (34m 11s): Book a day

Speaker 3 (34m 13s): Six Rings From Nowhere do you want to, do you want to talk about that a little bit and, and more people can get that.

Speaker 2 (34m 17s): Yeah. You know, I was never, I never thought I was a book guy or certainly not a movie guy. And I thought that was where guys like Jim and Kelly and Brett far, but, you know, I, I have such a unique story and coming from Nowhere, I mean, I go to a mall or a restaurant people I fit right in. And, and I’m just the common guy. That’s a way that made it. And, and so I can, and then the Leon, Lett play you top that on top of that, uh, you know, people can relate to Leon Lett play because it’s about never giving up and it’s about life situations and making the right decision and all those things.

And so people can relate to me. Um, and, and when people approach me about doing a book out, my first thought was like, ah, come on, man. And the more they talk to me about it and you, me on I’m a man of faith too. And it gave me a great way to share my faith through this book and, and, and such. So I said, yes. And they wanted the name of Six Rings From Nowhere. And obviously, you know, the Six Rings or Six championship rings, you know, four with the AFC and two with the, it’s not that I won six super balls, like Tom Brady, you know, that’s why they named it that, um, and I said, yeah, uh, and it turned out great.

I mean, it’s done, it’s done a great job. Um, you know, you know, somebody wants to get the book. I mean, Don, has the best way, get it. And I thank you for allowing me to promote it, which I’m not a big promoter, but, um,

Speaker 0 (35m 43s): Well, yeah, I’m definitely gonna, I’m definitely going to check it out, Sean, real quick. I didn’t tell either of you guys this, but Don, I also coach, I coach youth sports. I have two daughters coach soccer, and I’ve actually shown your play to my older team to show them what, what heart looks like. So appreciate you creating that Relic of history. And I’m definitely going to pick up your book.

Speaker 2 (36m 8s): Well, I, I appreciate that guys. And I, and that’s the why, and that’s the reason I did it. You know, it just tells a story I’ve never given up. It tells a story that, jeez, I mean, if I can do it, you know, pretty much anybody can do it, you know, if they did and it doesn’t mean you have to be Football, it could be anything you want to be in life. And, um, I, I think two things and I say this all the time to, to athletes, especially the two biggest reasons why people don’t make it okay. Is one, they don’t think they can really down deep. You really think you can.

And as a kid, if your dream is a play in the NFL, do you really, really think you can, you’ve got to believe you can. And the second reason is they’re just too lazy. You know, if you want to be great, man, you got to put a lot of hard work into it. And people don’t realize, I think sometimes how hard to, how hard of a worker you gotta be to achieve great things. So I think between those two things I’ve seen, I’ve trained a lot of athletes now and coach a lot athletes. So the ones to figure out those two things while they land up being good at something.

Speaker 0 (37m 7s): Well, that’s the, that’s a great message. Don you kind of reminded me of Rudy. If he could run a 40 to 40 and a brace, I know him very well. Or you do. Yeah. It seems like a good guy.

Speaker 2 (37m 17s): Oh, is a great guy. He’s a lot of fun

Speaker 0 (37m 19s): And make sure you check out Don and give down to follow on Twitter at Don Beebe NFL Don appreciate the time.

Speaker 2 (37m 27s): Alright. You bet guys.

Speaker 5 (37m 28s):

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Use the promo code. SGP going up to 15% off cushy promo code S

Speaker 3 (39m 11s): G P let’s do it. Lets make the big announcement.

Speaker 0 (39m 17s): Sports Gambling Podcast Network in association with SGPN we’re now proud to announce a 16 team College Football Tournament that we will be simulating in the month of June two nights a week, Saturday and Sunday through the entire month of June two games at night, we’re going to have a bracket competition where we’re giving away $500, cold, hard cash winner. Take all we’ll throw we’ll throw a merge for the top five, but $500 cold, hard cash for the winter of the best of the bracket.

And we’ve of course have 16 teams. Let’s talk to the board and decide ah, ha how did we come up with

Speaker 3 (40m 1s): The 16 team of attorneys. I know it’s challenging. I know that the real world can’t figure that

Speaker 0 (40m 6s): This is great because there’s not exams right now. And I know that’s a big reason why people are holding off in creating a, a, a more substantial college football play up. So we had to step in show the people how to create a 16 team tournament. The database, walk us through the process of creating.

Speaker 3 (40m 23s): It’s kind of crazy. You win your conference. Oh, and you get a birth. It’s kind of isn’t that wild. You would think you would think it, I mean, division two, does it FCS? Does it division three? Does it not that complicated, but just, you know, what Kobe’s trying to say is unlike the real college football landscape where the regular season really doesn’t matter. And it’s just about how people feel about you. We are objective really reviewing the season. We are saying the whole season matters.

It matters so much that winning your conference gets you an automatic bid. That’s 10 automatic bids from 10 conferences. We don’t care if you’re a power five, we don’t care. If you’re a mid major, you win your conference. You’re in the next criteria we looked at was just simply number of winds in the FBS, looked at your rating, made it pretty easy for us. Honestly, it wasn’t hard after that. And guess what news flash, you know, who’s not in there

Speaker 0 (41m 27s): Apologies

Speaker 3 (41m 28s): To Alabama roll tide, apologies. But if you can’t even your division again, College Football enthusiasts. Tell us how much the regular season matters, how much it matters. Every game is a playoff listen, I hear you old guy who wants asterix next to everything. And I’m going to allow your rule to take so much weight that Alabama is out because they didn’t even play for their own conference championship period.

And then they didn’t have enough wins, wins, period. So let’s walk people through The 16 teams that are in the Tournament and the a, the first round match going backward to forward. Um, the winner of the Mack, Miami of Ohio, their, the, the, the 16th seat, essentially they, or the 68. Let’s just go through the matchup. They or the 16 seed taking on no surprise here. The winter of the sec, L S U we tag as Joe borough, going to face off against a Mac for that, his dad, his dad.

And to clarify, these are we’re simulating this on College Football 14 NCA 14 last year, they made the game with the 2019 roster. So basically we’re going back in time to get the college Football Tournament yeah. Imagine, imagine if they’d made a real Tournament this past season, that’s the roster. So first game, these games are in order. So this is the first game. Saturday, this Saturday, June six, 8:00 PM. On the East coast, 5:00 PM on the West coast. The nine CDE, the winter of the American athletic conference.

Memphis, they are going to be headed to Utah. Again. First round games will be played on the Homesite of the higher ranked school. They will be taking on the, at large Utah YouTube. This is a very entrenched in a match. It’s a, and going out to salt Lake city where the altitude. And again, that will be the nightcap on Saturday. How the committee determined these at-large bids. Well, that’s what we were getting to earlier. Essentially, if you did not win your conference, the committee looked at frankly, how many wins did you have against FBS programs?

Did you play for your conference championship? Yes. Like SMU had more FPS wins in Alabama, but SMU didn’t make the cut because they didn’t win their own division. In Utah’s case, they had, I don’t have it in front of me, Colby. I don’t remember championship was the Oregon. They played for the pack. 12 championship. They also qualified with a number of FPS wins. Is that correct? Yes, that is correct. So moving on the five, 12 matchup, Oklahoma, winter of the big 12 taking on Boise state, the winter of the mountain West, really a rematch of the statue of Liberty play.

Of course, Peterson fame. He’s not retired. That’s how long ago that game was. Are you going to pray? Are you going to, I mean, I guess, I guess you guys are married, so that be me. That’d have to propose to somebody. Boise state wins say call in Colombian

Speaker 0 (44m 33s): Cheese or a, or a green card is hanging in the balance of the simulated Boise state in Oklahoma game. The next,

Speaker 3 (44m 40s): The matchup, the number for four. See the at large Georgia Bulldogs are hosting the at-large Cincinnati. Oh, bear cats, fickle getting that defense ready. I’m already hearing the stampede of elephants as people are outraged. Bam is not it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. If we made objective rules, I’m sorry. Yeah. Anyway, Georgia Cincinnati, that will be the nightcap Sunday and then moving on a next week and the six 11 matchup, the Wisconsin badgers, they’re gonna be hosting Notre Dame, a little Midwestern battle, right?

They’re both at large Ben to be the winner of the ACC, the three seed Clemson. They will be hosting The now, unfortunately, Appalachia, the state did not exist in the game in 2013, 14. So they weren’t in this game. So we went with, uh, they were they’re out they’ve unfortunately the committee has a found them guilty. They’re going to be enrolled in that process. They’re suspended for this post season. Unfortunately. So the raging Cajuns of Lafayette, Louisiana, Lafayette, who they played and the Sunbelt championship that won 11 games.

Exactly. And then a, the final day of the first round will be that Saturday, June 14th, Oregon winter in the pack. 12 has the seven seed hosting Baylor and at large, from the PAC 12 to two of the big 12, that’s a good one. And Ohio state, the winter in the big 10 taking on the winner of conference USA, Florida, Atlanta actually played this year in the regular season. How about that? Now rematch, I will say, I will say I, I do think people who are arguing that Alabama should be in this Tournament

Speaker 0 (46m 27s): I hear you. I heard lost twice within their own division. They don’t even, I don’t even think they finished second in their division. They didn’t tie with university of Lafayette. They definitely have a better case than in Alabama and the tournaments. They’re the representative of that for one they’re not really, but, and again, that’s just because Appalachian state conference championship, Alabama didn’t do, he did not, and they’re not in, so we’ve, we’ve fixed the college football playoff system by creating our own College Football Tournament. If you want all the information, how to enter your bracket, go to Sports Gambling F T Sports Gambling F T.

Enter your bracket Kramer. I’m sure we’ll have some, a data up there for you as far as the team rankings. And of course all the spreads will be available over at MyBookie dot a G. We even have some early on, we have some early numbers here, Kramer for the first couple of games

Speaker 3 (47m 20s): And just to be very explicit. Cause I know people will be Want where the criteria 10 FPS wins. 10 FPS wins was the first criteria. The next tie-breaker was the only in what I’m saying, the next tiebreaker would of been had you not played for your conference Champion so Alabama didn’t even qualify. They weren’t, they didn’t. I mean, SMU had 10 and I’m sorry, what was your question? My question is we already have lines up four. This weekend’s games.

Let’s let’s throw those out there. Let’s throw those out. They’re the first game, the early game, LSU hosting Miami of Ohio. We, I don’t know when these lines will go up, but this is what the openers should be. LSU minus 24 mile 49 as the total. And then we have at Utah minus eight 54 as the total against Memphis, we have Oklahoma Lange, 14 and a half gimmie, those Broncos against Coleman care and hell boys with a 61 total big time, total there.

And last up for this weekend, Cincinnati head’s the Georgia where they are 13 and a half point favorites. No, no dogs, Jordan, sorry. Georgia is the 13th and a half a point. Favorite 48 is the total. And of course home field just goes to the, a high a seat. Right? And I think what we’re going to do is for the second round, maybe we go neutral sites starting in the second round Colby house a you are you, are you signing off on the neutral site? Why don’t we save the neutral sight for the final form of the older people in their seventies and eighties, they like keep the Rose bowl and the sugar bowl, but I personally could care less shot.

And you know, I don’t, I think it’s an advantage for the teams that are close by. As you saw this last year in the national championship, LSU actually the last two championships. LSU has one. They’ve played him in the sugar bowl, which is a huge final ruling because I already wrote it down. Neutral sites starts and the final four. Okay, there we go. Lack it in and there will be a third place game. Won’t be in the bracket contest, stay tuned. And of course, make sure you submit your bracket for a chance of $500. If you take home, the a first place coach leach would be proud of us.

He would, he would. And maybe one day we’ll get to 64, but let’s just start with 16. I got to do to sign up and to all the details just to go to Sports Gambling F T Sports Gambling F T four College Football Tournament. And of course the Thursday and Friday night, all this month, we will be streaming Madden games, eight o’clock East for the early game, 10 o’clock East for the late game. And then Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be switching over to College Football hashtag jumbo, June, where we have eight o’clock and 10 o’clock games on the East coast for college football Saturday, and then on Sunday as well, or to be running that all for weeks in June and a half tons of SIM content and tons of podcast and make sure you check it out.

We just did the player props. The one, like I said, got some big name guests tuning or a coming up. So you want to stay subscribed, spread the word. Let’s get this thing going baby. Throw, say a five star rating and review. And as always, thank you for participating

Speaker 0 (50m 28s): In the Sports Gambling Podcast four Sports Gambling Podcast I’m Sean sack and the money green. And he is Ryan. Oh man, I can’t wait for this. Torney

Speaker 1 (50m 37s): Lett.

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