What The Hell (Ep. 799)

what the hell sports canceled carona virus

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The guys react to sports being canceled due to the coronavirus and discuss what they’re going to do moving forward. They discuss new gambling options including eSports, virtual camel racing and update the Bytes Bracket! Plus they perform a degen wellness check to make sure Dick Olsen and Boston Capper are doing okay.

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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Shawn stack in that money green with my partner in pics right real money Kramer. What’s happening
Kramer? Just bring Colby on
joining us in studio
to break down the day that’s
Sports came to a screeching halt. Call me Dan. Take a the Dan to base. Cheers guys Solace guys, you know, a lot of people are having a funeral for sports. We’re having a wake and we’re going to have fun. We’re gonna have fun. I know there’s a lot of if you want to listen to Crazy covet 19 freak out and stories about how it’s going to wipe everything out and and the end of the world is coming that contents out there.
This is this is a safe place. We have a DJ in community. We have to serve we’re going to be doing some Degen Wellness checks later on to make sure that people In the world that we live in and operate in the de gens only community that they’re able to survive because this is this is a traumatizing. This is not a microaggression. This was a macro aggression on people like me and call me and Kramer men who like sports they like getting liquored up there looking it’s on their calendar 360 days in advance.
Hey, I get to go to March Madness I get to do whatever I want. I get a be intoxicated and totally wasted for 18 hours at a time. My wife is Nowhere to be found I can just do what I want to do and be a free man and now all that is gone. And so we’re here we’re coping again. If you want to hang out in the slack, its we’re building a community.
We’re gonna help each other get through
this we are essentially that fighter building up to the fight. Not not named Tyson Fury, we’re not yes. We’re just going to have to get pent up for another month month and a half until the NFL draft because I don’t want to I don’t want to get it though. Cart in front of the horse, but I need Vegas dude.
Yes twice a year. I go to Vegas every year twice a year
Sean. How long have we been going out for March Madness
13 years. Hey, yeah, it’s well over a dozen years and I fell even longer I need this man. We were both got you guys. You got the wife. You got the kids. You got the relationship the jobs. It’s it’s an oasis in a complete escape and we’ve made the decision as a podcast says the group that we’re not going to Las Vegas until they bring Sports back.
So Vegas, if you want her action, you want our support bring Sports back. I know everyone is concerned about health and figuring things out but we’ve decided we’re gonna hold off when Sports resume and sports. We’ll definitely resume at some point. Hopefully the NBA’s back in in a month. Maybe we get baseball back in two weeks many men and some holding out.
Maybe one did anyone hear that coronavirus the center are you
know, yes, it’s gonna be way.
Have you guys seen the movie? I Am Legend a half. Okay. We are sending a transmission out. Mmm. We have a sanctuary. We have high walls. Yes, I mean granted Colby is a bartender. So we probably all have coronavirus construction. Yes to yeah
anytime you’re a cup
construction and you’re a single guy with God knows what kind of activities Sean Penn to we need hazmat suits for the next day.
Anyway, am I? I canceled everything we
are that Sanctuary. Yes. We’ve sent out that transmission where the fuck you are looking for a safe place because you feel alone right now Sean. Although we do that again. Are you feeling alone right now join the community join the sanctuary joined the DJ ends only over @s g dot p n / slack and you know Shawn with the mood as it is because I was
see having moments of like oh my God, this is horrible. This is
horrible. I wish they could have
just done it like a Band-Aid where you woke up in the morning sports are canceled instead and just ripped it off instead. They slowly peeled it off. I get an email yesterday. Hey your Villanova speaking engagements cancelled. Okay now travels getting all weird now. Okay, all of a sudden the
Creighton and st. John’s tip off. So you’re
like, hey, maybe we got manager soap. Maybe my Wazoo my hundred-to-one Wazoo a future for Them to win the Pac-12 tournament cash that baby. Come on, you didn’t want a piece of them. They were going all the way to win the Pac-12 tournament and then there was like, okay, it’s they’re gonna play but there’s going to be no fans. Okay, the NBA suspending who cares about the NBA it’s regular season.
Okay, but now it looks like okay, maybe they’re not gonna play Ivy League’s that play the tournament who needs the ivy league. Now, of course this freaking Eggheads, we’re ahead of the game and then and then just you just knew it’s like wow just tell us everything’s canceled at one time and then Hold that we like okay, I guess I felt was hanging out on lap man hangs up elephant, like tiny crack rock that we just had a know we’re here and if you guys could just quiet down for a sec.
Sure. I do. Well. No, I that you can keep the music going because I do have a bit of a prepared message. Okay, and I don’t want to make this about me but it’s going to be about me for a second because the Kramer FML tours. Oh my God, it resisted the hiatus.
So hard
that my figurative roughneck fever
was killed by an actual fucking virus.
That’s like spreading throughout the
world and Kramer Kramer was leaning into the hole. Hey, you know, this is roughneck fear is the end of my the end of the FML tour. I guess I said
on pause I didn’t want to end it because I
Roughnecks plus 900 even got a guy chirping at you on Twitter saying you don’t stand up for
Self because like I said, it’s like
throwing a handicapped person down a flight of stairs. It just I feel like I’m bullying Kramer only bring up Eli Manning way that
you know, what’s next those he loves him to get quarantined and he’s so bad. He’s so dead his body so damaged. Yeah, he’s probably the eight like, you know, it’s like a year old body. He’s
high risk. Listen low functioning –
it’s unfortunate for you like Manning and but yeah Chris the guy was chirping at Kramer’s any doesn’t stay. It up for himself. Well, we started shooting on Eli and
well more importantly. I mean if you want to talk about guys who got the disease like I
kind of fit what was that parody
spy movie where like the world was getting infected by
Something Got The Kingsmen. That was a hilarious movie. Yeah. I feel like that’s happening in real life like
Charles Barkley’s and self-quarantine. Tom Hanks is tweeting. It was world like he’s on a fucking Island by himself with a volleyball.
I mean honestly the world so
It’s surreal, right? I
will say this I have as Sean and Colby know looking over at a number of yellow bins in this on the other side of the studio. I very much enjoy having preparedness. Yes,
and that’s a good thing about coming over here. We not only take the podcast but I plan on stealing some of Kramer’s MREs and bringing them back to my house because I have nothing in the house. My wife went to the grocery store. Of course. It’s a madhouse like everyone’s grocery store. I could imagine just I don’t know about you and this is more for Kramer because Colby’s, you know, just romantically a Drifter but my wife when she found out there was no March Madness in March Madness her birthday always comes around March Madness.
She was happy she wasn’t happy but she’s like a bummer no, March Madness, but my birthday that’s still happening to I love my birthday. Yeah, I guess you can’t go to Vegas and just man get get totally hammered and do whatever nefarious things you’re into. So she’s trying not to pretend to be happy, but I can tell she’s a little bit
happy. You know, there is a little that going on. Yeah, and so
a little bit of the wives go know sports are cancelled. Oh, that’s so sad. So the easy rebuttal.
Yes. We are overlooked again horrible for business. Yeah. Well for the bottom line horrible everybody do it hasn’t hit me yet
bottom line. I made the mistake of buying your present before Sports were cancelled and that’s an important. Nothing for all the djinns out here. It’s a DJ and Community. I know we are a small business. I know a lot of other small businesses are getting crushed. So if you do have an opportunity to support a small business, whether it’s you know, you’re getting a drink at your bar or whatever.
It’s the guy mowing your lawn tip him a couple bucks. Whatever it is because a lot of these people small businesses like ourselves depend on kind of you know, activity happening. So now that you can’t bet on Sports maybe a head over to my bookie Daddy G if you happen to see you next football player on the Port buy him a beer peruse the casino over my bookie data G perfect time to show your loyalty to genes only five star review that’s completely free.
But you could even throw us a bone Maybe by getting a loc Dog Tease t-shirt help us get through these tough times because shit make it tough here, but we’re going to we’re are committed to keep cranking out the content like the XFL. We are paying our players
speaking of that though man. Like that’s the what hurts so bad and why it hasn’t like truly. Hit me is that it’s one thing to take away, you know, March Madness and then it’s like this other league that is just maybe getting some game.
You’re really backwards right now. The XFL is like the circus coming to town and getting cancelled.
March Madness is a huge blow. But at least I was thinking hey, maybe I can just watch maybe the XFL can capitalize off this, you know what I mean? And I was even in my mind
spinning the idea of like, okay, we’re not going to go to Vegas. They’re going to play games without crowds, but I can still sit in my awesome. Rise, yeah with four TVs. Yeah, I
have an idea of like quarantine shows and doing all that fun stuff because and again I’m not a doctor. I know many times on the show. I presented myself as one that may have been a mistake. I did call the coronavirus a coward. I stand by that what was your over under? My over-under on death’s is at mm. I pounded the under because I’m I’m a Believer in science an optimist and I’m an optimist. I
think know how hard I
think we hit 60 today, right?
I know how hard Americans fight and we’re going to kick. This virus has ass put that in your pipe and smoke it. So I’m still hanging onto my under 2000 the only future that is alive right now
about this
this I don’t know if Sean made that clear, but we are taking America laying the
points. Yeah, we’re going to fucking put this virus in it in a locker. The virus will be joining Robert Mays. Come on. I’m sure his telecommuting while spraying down his thing and getting he got like a Black Market Corona testing kit because he was really nervous because he wants hung out with some of the Oft if you’re an old person be really safe, but come on,
you know, the fucking just reps that my immune system had been through.
Yeah, I played 15 years of beer POC. Nothing is holding me back baby. You know what that when the ball when you dip it in the water and then it hit the cup hits in the beer and you drink that you guys, you know, why process through my immune
system like I got a worst-case scenario here if sports are going to be out for months. I brought the Tecmo Bowl you live feed this
we will not be live streaming
Tecmo Bowl. We just get Wagers on it. We said hype we set the odds, you know, my bookie. Maybe come back
us legitimately.
I’m gonna tap on the Sports World what it sees sports stuff coming up before we gotta we gotta do an update here on the only Turner that’s still going the only tournament that still alive and that is the bytes bracket. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be contained we are The sweet 16 the only sweet 16 that will be happening in this margin fortunately right now shinebox squaring off against I can delete that right now for you in the Jason Garrett region.
I think it’s again shine box looking like the one seed that we thought it was off to a what is it? 80% Gonna Get You fucking shine box is 20% just really dominating coming up next we have disgusting ACT versus Ryan’s I want a dick rubbed on me tonight. I want a dick rubbed on me tonight.
And again this content the bites bracket which were given away $500 all of it courtesy of the presenting sponsor of the podcast my bookie data. EG head over there peruse the casino completely germ-free.
He’s a promo code SGP on a percent deposit bonus play winning get paid always 3-2 to their Blackjack gotta love that before we get back
to the the hilarious fucking reality of life right now. The bites bracket a couple highlights the sweet 16 Sean. We have to two iterations of me. I am represented twice in the sweet 16. Also Jon Gruden. Yes represented twice and Justin Decker Justin Decker also with I’m going all in on Trump
San Diego superchargers charge.
Can you just play I’m gonna I think this this would be a nice exercise because of of course, we’re trying to start the healing here
on the healing begin. There’s a lot a lot of negativity lot of the world’s ending. This is this is maybe a good time too. I was going to say take a look inward but as a DJ and you probably want to do that just so just take a look hang out. We’re going to get some other Esports going. Well, so so
here’s what we’re going to do a little exercise with with the with the fans. Everyone is listening so they can actually do what I say and what everyone’s going to do unless if you’re driving Do this as you close your eyes and picture yourself in in the west gate in the beautiful Ballroom thousands of people around you.
2.9 seconds on the clock you’re Lyin to it’s a tie game. And then and then it happens and
got some on the call and we’re going to close her eyes and we’re going to just imagine that right
now. I need you to play the bike.
There you go. Feel how I feel like I’m a mom there this
virus get it with these red flowers coming off of it looking like some trying not to come at the Chinese but it’s hard not to right now.
Yeah, I mean listen, it’s there’s a why eating
bats. You see crazy bastards. You haven’t heard the
real. No II have a feeling we may hear from dick
Olsen. Oh, yeah, but when we do our wellness check, but what I can tell
you about Dick Olsen. This this came from a weapons facility. Mmm. This was a targeted attack by China
wasn’t there a book by Dean Koontz in 1980. She this shit right now with it featured this Shawn. Look at this that warned us about the look at his eyes 2020 too much whiskey out of China. All right, it’s never too much risk. You’re taking a quick trip. Make sure you vote the
bites bracket. I expect record voters coming to the
polls massive turnout people are worried about the election. Oh Jesus, Virus scanner this this should be awesome for everything. We’re going to keep cranking out the content. We’re going to find things to keep bet on I know if you recall when I went to that the gambling Expo in Las Vegas. I said the big thing was these like virtual simulation sports that people were actually betting on and at the time we talked about it and I don’t even know
if I can sign out with that dude. I
gotta gotta kinda watch. It’s basically a they simulate a game of men but they have odds they have all the players names the Oh thing I’m going to look into how do we contact? Let’s get it on. I know some of the guys in the slack we’re talking about there’s virtual camel racing that is an opportunity and we’re looking to get in on so
now it’s on Twitter that they some people were one at odds on which one of us is going to get the Corona virus first.
Yes, that’s a great thing to discuss as
as everyone knows I am I’m the one who’s Brian much more inclined to set lines.
Well right before we before we do that before we The lines on who is first going to be taken out due to the coronavirus. Make sure you check
out prop swap.com.
I know things are up in the air right now. But of course props off.com is America’s Marketplace to buy and sell sports bets and let’s be honest things are totally up in the air but Sports will come back prop swap again local small business. They’re growing much like us partnered up the guy running. It’s good dude planning on hanging out in laws.
Vegas not going to happen right now. So what is going to happen is they’ll probably stop.com and get that deposit it now, right because the the funds are going to be good $100 deposit you get $100 bonus. You will be able to spend it. Maybe not right now. Maybe want to hold off. See I see where everything shakes out obviously but still go to props off.com throw them a bone that makes us look good that shows you’re supporting the sponsors keeping the DJ and content train alive.
attack compromise could
SGP it just hit me. I’m not I’m not going to get to bet 3600 that
is that is one positive to the Corona virus that know some poor teller doesn’t have to write 36 first half Hunters Ryan you need of Ryan is really sad about that betting 36% Just
hit me. I didn’t think about I just hit you. It’s gonna be my next Instagram post Sean. This is a
big walk in and he’s like dude. I got my tickets from 2014. I’m like 2014. So yeah. Laughs I strongly encourage you to
follow both Sports gambling podcast on Instagram and Kramer Centric on Instagram because what we’re going to do since we
don’t have like this idea since we don’t have March Madness
we are going to have a series it’s a bit of a artiste new thing that SGP ends coming out with we’re going to remember March Madness with some losing tickets. Yeah from years of March Madness pass. All right, first the
contract kovin
19 we should get my bookie needs the is it
appropriate to put the ads up? We’re all cool, right? Yeah, certainly cool. I’m
tired. Colby
is going to be a massive favorite here.
Obviously, I’m style. I’ll say this drink more than alcohol should numb it, you know cancel it out. I am on medication for the
next Week and then you know, my job is probably going to tell us the work from home.
So I have children buddy. And that means you are susceptible at all times
you’re living with this
and they don’t they don’t show any signs
spray. You know, you
got it starts. I think you should be the heavy
favorite spring break starts tomorrow as well. So they’re going to
but you don’t think they’re just gonna stay in the house the whole time. We’ll see what happens when I go to the mall.
Wow. I’m not going to the
mall No One’s Gonna film all call me. Alright. Okay. What dick?
So Yoda Amazon tell me if you
think I’m wrong and maybe we make this a bring back the hypothalamus hypothetical odds,
but I think Kobe is going to be sitting at minus 220. Hello, man. I’m gonna be even
money at plus 100 m and Sean is going to be I’ll throw you at plus 250. Okay,
but what about what about I mean, I think you throw Ryan McKee host the yeah we’re doing We got and he’s been in there. He’s got two daughters. He’s got two daughters Patty see Petty see is that it he said he’s probably off the board. I mean, you know tj3 dog Thursday podcast and know we’re
doing all that was getting really
interesting. I think I think TJ, you know three dog Thursday at least
he’s got to be a big big amount though. I
was okay. Yeah, we don’t want to talk. We don’t really want to bring it up. But his he’s got a high-risk lifestyle based on his profession. Yeah. It’s a patties. He’s going to be minus 500.
Yeah also due to his intelligence – which
side bar while we’re making these
odds happy that you were able to come over to record the show tonight, but we also have some other things to address. Yeah a little performance review
Toby. No, I’m talking the count the fans want the college experience and the
college experience made
us solo call to not do a show the show.
Let’s go already. I’ll
be there first off. I already did to this week and then and when I when I got to normally doing it on Wednesday night I said none of these games are going to happen tomorrow. I I know the NBA had already called.
I’m just giving you shit. So The Show Must Go On though. We need to know what’s how Patty see is we need to know how the databases we need to know
what you guys are going to call. It was look if he his lifestyle he could infect me. All right, you want to come at me? I smell a lawsuit coming buddy, right?
Now we can’t we can’t have a lost it right now now with that was the way things are in the sports Gaming Community. So right let’s let’s really lock in all these eyes are raining down. I throw billion there as well. Whoa.
He’s really close to
Italy. No, that’s that’s a that’s a good dog to have right,
but I feel like
shout out to Billy. He told me that and this is really sad, but he said his son had been crying for hours because WrestleMania had been canceled. I mean
communist or winning. Maybe maybe Colby can wrestle Patty see and we’ll just film it and send it to send it to Billy
son. I’m gonna tell Lana whiskey. Is that happens.
I tell him it’s this is WrestleMania kids. Well right now I think you can find like you really do have a chance to make an XML team now that they’ve suspended the see this
45-yard field goal. I think really come to fruition
this that is that is definitely that is a number one on the agenda. Enda we got it. We’re gonna do the combine well tape it record it and then we’ll store it so we can put out the odds so people can bet on it. Maybe we’ll do like a bites bracket type competition.
We really got to get creative here. I was thinking about potentially entering my dog in a race of some sort. You know, maybe we can all you have a dog you have a dog race. Maybe we can line up for dogs in the backyard and you know throw a bone
but yeah my dog buddy used to have tremendous speed. He’s lost his
slow down a little bit. He’s got Eli Manning syndrome.
Yeah, yeah. Alright, so. I think I think I’m getting there. I’m gonna need a little bit more banter and I’ll have some mods for you. Hmm. Not sure why interrupted to tell you that
but thanks for interrupting to tell us the stretch. I think I think this really all comes down to
Rudy gobert. He
really was if he didn’t get sick dude. I feel like we still have March Madness this gift is going to live on forever man when he’s about to hit the other one the other one. I was great was if China finally canceled the NBA that was one that I see in a lot and it’s true. I mean Jenna finally did what it took and I’m not a doctor.
I keep saying that but I feel like a doctor
I guess I don’t understand
swine flu happened. And I don’t remember anyone carrying about swine flu. There is no even like rec league, you know tennis. Yeah wasn’t considered to be cancelled and 18,000 people died and now Now we’re sitting at like 40 maybe 50 and the whole world has just arrived to
America though. You know what? I mean? I feel like it’s been hit look at it from a global standpoint. It’s a pretty big number
you’re not but no one knows what they’re talking about on any level everyone’s reading the same five blogs and just parroting it and coming up right now
coronavirus in America could be that 16 C. We would have we would have took you know, I mean, it could be that you would be
so kind of our leak
America is the blue blood that is shutting down.
First the contract code 19 Patty see – 300. Okay, TJ and Billy even money. Really Billy’s in Europe.
Yeah, that’s a strong play on an
island. But in Europe TJ has
traveled a lot when he was on the plane this morning, I believe. Yeah next up Colby also even money bartender construction. I’m out there. I’m going to call that Colombia because now I don’t have sports. You know, I’m I’m gonna get married.
So this is another that is the one side effect of come at 19. I did not see coming.
Holy Colby getting married because he gets
bored and there’s no March Madness. What
am I saying? The Colombian
girl? She’s already made offers. Now. I’m definitely going to be
bored. This is she just sends you a like a screenshot March Madness canceled we on.
Exactly, man. So I am plus 250 Sean plus 500 McKee
+1000. Why is McKee +1000
curious? You know, honestly, he just seems like the kind of guy that would really lock like a lot of hand sanitizer and probably not leaving the
house. Yeah. I think he’s in a good way. Yeah, it’s kind of got his shit together. He works for Mom. He’s probably he lives close to LAX. So maybe that deficit against that could be that could be kind of
Brian. I know we’re talking about some of the stuff we’re going to get into of course. We have some Esports picks the throw out there because Jody well, I’m just going to read off what the Esports bloggers that we just hired through together on the website. So we’ll get to that but you know, we’ll be expanding stuff and we’ll just be will just be talking Sports we can still talk sports.
Yeah, we have the I mean, obviously the NFL draft NFL free agency lean into football you didn’t you thought we weren’t going to do a way to early NFL wins Total podcast. Definitely going to be doing that. So there’s this next week. Yes, there’s plenty of sports stuff to get to I was on Twitter and Vegas Dave notorious baby, whale
himself a be fucking wheel
man, like kind of the the douchiest out of all time. He was on there and I I hope he’s I don’t know what level of this is a
joke, but it’s still taking the Chargers in Foxborough because that’s just the worst call of all
time and the place. It wasn’t that big picky
made during
years on the money line in Foxborough against Bailey documentary. Imagine having
that on a documentary. I made some pretty bad picks over the years again. There’s a time when I really believed in Sam Bradford and there’s a fantasy draft where I picked Ryan Matthews
two separate Eagles running backs,
and it was Ryan Matthews and DeMarco Murray where my to starting running backs in a 10 team fantasy Kelly years.
So I’ve made some
mistakes, but thank God. It’s not on a
But yeah, let’s take a listen to what he’s kind of shelling now.
Get about March Madness forget about the NBA forget about baseball being delayed for a couple weeks. I got the curling whale play that it’s right curling. Well put it up in studying curly all about today. Also the $99 Batman package $99 Cricket pack just right for a beginner get the $9 Cricket or $9 bathroom Peggy. But if what a treat this like a business get the curling Well Place wipe the fuck up.
Click the link in the bio curling
Beatty. Let’s fuck me over. I love how studying for one day makes you like know what you’re doing. Yeah. Daddy, why would you say that like I studied it for one day. He accidentally pulled back. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like hey, I mean look badminton. I played at some in high school. I didn’t play the reason have a team or anything but and Jim, you know, I played some badminton I can I think I can handicap that pretty well, we’re going to dive into that may be
but I’m sure I’m sure that I’m gonna be talking about shuttlecocks.
We got it. We actually have a bunch of fun listener questions. We’ll get to in a second. But before we do that quick shout out to be smoked. That’s right, bespoke in their monthly box. They got their box of awesome and send you a box every month time to upgrade your life.
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We’re any of the questions about the potential for to Kramer drops to make it to the elite eight.
They may have been we there this is a this is an insane amount of listener questions. We’ll start out with the David in a leaf AKA tweet Reznor. What’s the line on Ditka versus coronavirus? We’re setting hypothetical lines thicker many Ditka. How many many dick has that was? Of course the great SNL sketch Where they’re all the you know, Norm from cheers.
Yeah, there’s Farley. They’re all Just Dub bears and going over. How dico would dominate everything. I’m still back in dick of here. Yeah. It was it was pretty great. Because at one point they had they brought in an actual odds makers part of the sketch. They’re like, okay Minnie Minnie Ditka versus the New York Giants what he said in the spread and the guy goes Giants by a thousand.
No, I got what are you saying? What are you doing? It is I would say a dick has a minus 160 Fair it is he has a big mustache that maybe attracts the Corona virus.
That could be like a fucking pool filter dude. Yeah,
that thing is you don’t know what that thing is coming up. That thing is the things are pretty crazy.
I have a question. Sure. Do I have a chance to upset Joe Buck? Oh, wow. I’m going to head I just had this was the is a disgusting act after I realized that everything sucks and the Kramer FML tour is real. I realized that I want a dick rubbed on me tonight.
Yep. I think it has a shot to be that Northern Iowa team who takes down, Kansas. No one likes Joe Buck. Hmm.
So you’re relying on
your own like that. I said that I want a dick rub.
Well, I’ll
say this they do strange didn’t it didn’t help me and my Sam Bradford drop. It didn’t help Colby and his dancer bass sound. So I think the listeners are truly doing their job in evaluating these sound drives you neither of you said you wanted a dick rubbed on you then understand they
like this and honestly as we’re going through listener questions, You know, there’s another place that people can come and ask us questions. They can have Converse they can slide into our DMS. And again, I’m going to plug slack because I think this our slack space is going to turn into The Healing Center. It’s going to be Cliffside in Malibu.
We are going to rehab where you
come because really we’ve gone cold turkey and that’s what we’re experiencing right now the withdrawals the shakes the slack and the dgn only community that we’re trying to build where this is a trap. This is a I guess you could call it a halfway house a digital halfway house where they’re completely hooked. We give you a little methadone get you on a routine get you looking at these virtual camel races get you back on your
feet. It hasn’t hit me. I’d say like maybe you guys because I watch that first half of that at Creighton game st. John. So I mean I still got my little bit of a fix today. So I feel like two or three days into this thing. I might be a loose cannon out there in the world
Sean. I think I think it’s time. I think we need to add the east It’s channel. Oh, yeah.
No, I mean these Sports is gonna be popping off. There was already some breaking
news. There is some
Esports cancellation in the NBA 2K League, there’s some cancellation. However, I’ve looked into a deeper the League of Legends. These guys are able to play remote. So that is something we will be able to gamble on
moving forward. Well, I mean we got to do something
we got to do. Something and yeah, the other thing is I think that’s equable coming Tecmo Bowl. We should also what we’re setting some hypothetical lines here hypothetical line. When is the first professional or major college sport played? Well, this is got to be a think I think NBA’s going to
walk it back. Let’s walk it back. Alright, first of
all, the NBA is the most Progressive League which is why are they were the first ones to jump
it may be because they also had a player. In fact, they had a player in fact it but they didn’t they didn’t hesitate.
Eight in a
way like plane took like four other teams. That’s why they didn’t hesitate. I mean, it’s the right though. They are the most Progressive is they so I
think there’s a more real situation that they maybe don’t play again this
year. I also like the players are they really dying to play like, I feel like there’s this weird. It’s the NBA they never care until the playoffs. I think the absolute
furthest we go without games is the NFL because yeah,
there’s no way we’re not playing enough as they’re not trying to college football comes a week. Before the NFL the SEC will not shut down. No, I think the country will go up and you are responsible for
amateur athletes AKA kids. So there’s an
absolute real on the SEC they pay the
players sure but there’s there’s still a university there and there’s still a situation where they would probably have to get our audio equipment has coronavirus. That’s maybe the third they would have to be more cautious because they are responsible for Tens of thousands of
students. Well NBA the
NFL. Yeah. These are the this is the same brand that was just putting brains into the into the mixer and making smoothies for years and be like no. No, there’s
absolutely no should we still should be no
look I liked the game, but it was you know there they’ve obviously been putting up a stance Sean’s looking at me like he wants to fight.
Yeah. Anyway, I’m going with they have not given a shit about their players welfare. It’s a dollars. So Montana’s got video games for Sega angry. We got a heads all through the fucking kazoo two Whiskey’s this is what happens. I agree and H. I’m just saying that they’re not going to be like, oh, we don’t, you
know, we don’t want to get the Corona virus or
anything. No, the Corona virus will be done Gladiator fall happens. I think we’re looking at a late April return for
sports or Ewing. Did you just predict that coronavirus and be done? I’m
not back in that by June. No. No, he said by
April. By menos, I think I think I think people will felt like it’s past and won’t be freaking out as hard late April. That’s that’s an optimist prediction, but I think late April and I think again, I think this is just me spit ball and made Madness maybe men on the table, please.
It’s really hard to walk away from a billion dollars. Take away Dayton’s
year. They’re only year ever in the top five. You know, I might
work because there’s no way they’re going to give everyone another year of Eligibility. I hope
you’re calling for it should happen.
I don’t think they’re going to do that. I don’t think they’re I think they would rather get this in.
Well, I would rather make a billion dollars.
So let’s just do this. Let’s
say when will when
will a major American sport
that is a club where including college football college basketball. Yeah, and the four men who is the first one to
do soccer football soccer is not in basketball.
Happy bunkers down a major sport XFL gym in the YouTube chat. He threw out NHL I would normally I would lean towards saying yes to NHL. The problem is NHL chock full of foreigners. There’s there’s guys come on Se?or Rueda.
Nice if they say this disease in the cold does better,
you know what I mean, you know, I but I mean seriously though, there’s a ton of international players in the NHL and I think a lot of them if the the league suspended they maybe they go back to Europe. They’re traveling or they go back and forth. They’ve been in Europe. I think that one’s kind of the craziest. It does seem to me out of all these I think the NBA given 30 days. I think they will return with no fans.
That is my prediction that we will have. I think that sound be a basketball before me
first which by the way, I mean how hilarious the one one of the couple teams that was resisting the pause or suspension of the season was the New York
Knicks. Are you see the standings?
What are you why why are you fighting this? Don’t let the dragon some more. It’s a myth. Well,
first of all, it’s hilarious that he will he’s the one got like three. There’s three teams. It was the Rockets the Pacer the Knicks wanted like the government to say stop and which
is okay. I get it right that the Rockets are having a great season. I guess where the guy that tweeted out the China he started this whole mess. But yeah
Terrell more but I mean come on the next case. So they should be the first to be like on the season.
Sure. Let’s lock you guys into a prediction. This is of course May March 12th early on I’m saying NBA’s the first floor back and it’ll happen before May
1st. May 1st Kramer. What’s your May 1st
and the NBA? That’s my predictions of when
Sports will return Kolby. I’m gonna go I’m gonna go June and I’ll back the NBA because I think college the NCAA always waits as far. They can possibly wait so I will say the NBA in
June. I think you’re both being aggressive. I would sit it. I’m fucking lift. I’m a
girl. Yeah, there’s a good chance. It’s like August
right? I’ve heard let’s set the line of July 4th.
July 4th would be that’s pretty solid. And here’s the thing if they do hold it off to July 4th as much as I would hate it. Just imagine imagine if they say Fourth of July. It’s all back baby America, and it’s NBA playoffs. Playoffs they do March Madness in July, like just everything happens all at once too
bad as much as I love that I think they would just go with America’s back Pastime and put it on July 4th Baseball. Look, I don’t agree with it. I think that no one watches a what you know, but you know what every year let them every year we go. We consider
baseball every year we go to Dodger Stadium for July 4th for fireworks. They’re gonna take that away from me too.
Hmm. I mean that that is that is Is very
far out? Right? Yeah. I don’t know that you’re going to want to go when you have the Corona virus dude.
Yeah, you’ll be you’ll be you’ll be in one of those iron
lungs eating Edibles. I can’t
wait to pull this audio make you feel bad. When I have the
my I’m leaning in the fact if I keep saying
caught talking shit on the Corona virus that I’m not going to get the Corona virus. However, we saw with Rudy gobert that strategy did not work to me. I was leaning into the classic reverse Jinx trash-talking coronavirus thinking it wouldn’t touch me.
It apparently didn’t I’m curious to see how you guys handle this because if you guys are going to Bunker down I’m going to be still out of the bars trying to go out there. So I but I think
you’re worried. I’m getting ready to give the database a computer to be able to do
remote shows. Okay, we can quarantine.
Mm speaking of likes tweets. We saw Megan making money girl who does a bunch of a handicapped online did some videos for us? She tweeted a screenshot that she
received is creepy dudes are always hitting her up in the DMS and a guy
DM door saying if Corona doesn’t take you out, can I call me that is a good line is a great life.
I’m have to use that the bars if the Colombian doesn’t work ethic don’t get married. I’m gonna be back on the scene
and we actually have a question for dr. Greene from Brian Reese. Dr. Greene. Can you get the coronavirus? Of course our live YouTube chat. Can you get the coronavirus multiple times or is it like the chicken pox? And it’s one and done? Great question Brian, you can only get the Corona virus once and then your body develops antibodies that allow makes you immune to it moving forward.
So a lot of people
will you can get roughneck fever twice?
Yeah. So look at 20:20. Dr. Green
means is covet 19 covet
19 now. Also if we reach a point where 70% of people have had covet 19, we described as herd immunity. So at that point no more people we getting sick because enough people that our immune systems, they communicate somehow or whatever. Once it reaches 70 percent it stop spreading and then we’re good.
Well another thing with going back to roughneck fever with with them. All being free agents. PJ Walker is going to be in the NFL that means there’s an open quarterback spot for the for rough night fever and I feel like Eli Manning is sitting on the sidelines
and Eli is a
spot here. Nobody won’t be it’s cute that you think the XFL can bounce back from
this. You’re such a hater do I’m not the wizard.
It’s the way people In business they leave they go all in and they made a bet and their bet
failed clearly fortunately. They’re not going to play a championship. I’m not going to get paid
which by the way, I’m still I’m still down in the rough day, but I’m not going to pay it in my nine
to one. Clearly. You haven’t learned about underdogs, you know, and and you know, the East Carolina Pirates were notorious for beating Virginia Tech year after year. Oh my God, Vince McMahon went to East Carolina. He knows about an underdog. He’ll Double Down who put more money down on the
line. Don’t you know what he’ll sell his
stocks? Well, I don’t know about right now but
everything he’ll sell some stock at some point get another 750 million dollars lay it on the table perfect time Ryan to transition to our we’re gonna be giving out some swag. Here’s what we’re gonna do. Oh we are Whoever has the worst Corona virus related bad beat whether I mean, it seems like it’s all going to be
Futures my was ooh to win the Pac-12 tournament at a hundred to one I would enter In probably not the best Ryan’s roughneck fever
Houston rough. Next nine to one ticket. That will not probably won’t be cached. We don’t know what’s going on with that. Whatever sort of future you had that no longer happened because of the coronavirus tweet that in at gambling podcast send that in the best screen shot ahead Providence to win and plus thousand the big Worcester hashtag reason.
We got to use a
hashtag hashtag.
I don’t know.
No, we will think of something Jen region. Oh,
whoa tidjane region regenerating the momentum you had in the in the gambling
World beat demek be Democrats a lot of letters. They won’t smell that right
DJ n region. That’s how I mean are we if we can beat it we will but again, we’ll hook you up with a GP hoodie and hopefully, you know, your life’s nine to one completely fix it, but I had
some Lie down on that. I mean it was going to be a nice
payday. Well Ryan, I think it’s time. We move along and get to a DJ in wellness check before we do get Roman. Oh man. This is you’re going to quarantine and chill you want to make sure that direction is working and working properly and this is it couldn’t be better timing get Roman.com / SG P free online visit n free two day shipping.
You don’t want to go to a doctor normally, but it says Now with everything going on. You don’t want to have to go to visit a doctor, especially if you have erectile dysfunction issues. It’s kind of embarrassing to deal with it’s just you know, what to deal with it in person easy get it taken care of. Just going to get Roman.com / SG p no commitments cancel anytime and if treatment is right for you Romans Pharmacy hook you up free two day shipping.
There’s a good chance you could be killing a lot of time spending a lot of quality time with your girlfriend or wife. Whatever your situation is. You might be having some sex and if you don’t have a working erection, that’s kind of a bummer. Yeah, whatever your situation is. You want to get it fixed. If you had some issues down there cold sirs herpes again.
If you’re locked up your you want to make out with people you want to get back in the game and you need some treatment get Roman.com. They’re here. I’ll take care of you get real mad at cam such as GP pre online visit and free two-day shipping.
You really getting Colby’s head when you say erection. He gets really unkind. I’m a
doctor Ryan and I might be married in a week.
Yeah, we’re gonna be going to Colby’s wedding and then
but now you get time off you can come down the book until it’s going to be great when I
get my schedule if you farm we’ll schedule it for July 4th. And then that’s what they’ve bring back March Madness and then he leaves her at the altar. It’s really writing itself as some sort of rom-com. Okay Kramer, where do we are due diligence to the ggn community did some DJ and wellness checks started off with
it’s a baby fucking
Wheelman friend of the show long time part of the show in spirit cast member and
he’s like the neighbor that’s not really your blood relative. But you call a cousin. Yeah
exactly. The neighbor and Home Depot also has the crazy
dad who speaks like a spy? Off-the-boat Italian.
He’s a he’s like Wilson, you know, we’ve never we’ve never seen his face in person and the fence but he’s always there. He’s always you want to talk chat. He’s always there. So Boston Capper one of the head D gents lead D gents. Probably one of the first DJ ends we discovered had to reach out in his time of need and he checked in somewhat someone
else who is available to you in the SG p n slack space Oh, yeah, and she did that PN / – Slack What’s up, boys? So this is it, huh? This is how we go out fucking wrong sighs. I guess. What can we expect after lighting the orange fucking the office? But I mean, like let’s hope it happens the morning after st.
Patty’s day as we also have a wake up with miserable fucking hangover. And on the see Tom Brady another Jersey support. What a let’s go out the way we came in drinking ribbon box and I was put on some women Swedish handball and die trying to find the results the next 12 hours to see if we won or lost that. In the world. I mean you have something better to Patriots at it’s been a good bud and it’s nice to know that I’ll die knowing that no other life and enjoy the success. I
did so happy and science
leave it to Boston
camper. I’m sorry.
I’m in Swedish dodgeball that what he said. Was that the hear that correctly
leave it to Boston Capper to throw out there that to make the the pandemic just about him and how awesome it was being a boss. Austin Sports Fan and how he’s gonna go out the way we came in ripping butts. What did he just come out of the womb with a cigarette hanging out of his lip.
And also I do like his is scenario that if you were going to be killed in some sort of global epidemic that it would be March 18th, because March is 17th. You
probably huge hangover. Yeah, I like that angle and also before the this the report on the Red Sox the Red Sox cheating scandal gets
published. Yes by game two point O, we still don’t really know where Spygate 2.0 is
how if you’re an Astros fan you’re I mean, you’re just loving this. What’s happening in the sports world right now. That was me. Yeah, no, maybe not because they’re still going to be talking. I don’t know complete this right
here. Well, the other thing is one of the great tweets Corona related Sports sweets. I saw someone said, well, it looks like the fire finally the actors did get suspended. Yeah, exactly
and another feature. That we’ve created here at the sports gambling podcast network. And on the sports gambling podcast is is we want to make sure that people have a way to grieve if they need to if you want to reach out and leave a voicemail for my oh, yeah Sean,
the D Jen’s only wellness check hotline is going to be open 24/7 Reach Out
Should I give out the number
on you about the number on the 8 3 2 3
2 5 0 0 5 7
3 again? 3 2 3 2 5 0 0 5 7 3
Sean and myself will listen to every single one of these messages and get back to a yes. If you need help don’t be afraid to reach out again. The community is growing strong. We are blasting that signal out of the makeshift radio tower that we’ve cobbled together above the Studios sorry, Sean now.
Let’s all right word. I’m looking
for I’m not sure we’re gonna get some interesting. Although we just
cast a net into a spectacular Pond
another one and another
guy framework of the show Regular DFS contributor for a long
time. Well, it’s someone someone said they needed when you said what do you watching me? Talk about you talk about one
reached out and said Tim is some dick Olsen stories perfect time. To do a DJ in wellness check. Yep.
And as well just hear from dick
Olson. I broke the glass. I pulled out the burner phone. I gave him a call. I said, hey bro the fans miss you. They want to know if you’re OK, he he’s okay and he called us. Hey green Kramer tickles in here. I’m fucking serious about this whole Kobe 19 no Sports Bowl set Just left Ralph.
There’s no toilet paper. I’m not at home. Hey guys, I don’t know. I guess I’m just going to take a shit stand in the shower spread my butt apart and over and clean myself. Every time I shut problem is I feel like five times a day. So that’s going to come I might end up getting one of those debates or bidets amazed.
Like there’s those nice ones from our are whatever they wanted oscillate and spray your ass and different like motions and pressures and they all Hairdryer ask for you. I think I’m just gonna do that instead of toilet paper but no cards available. I don’t know what to do anymore. They can watch sports. I guess. I’ll just jerk off more. Maybe I’m going to invest finally in that fuck doll.
Nobody ever supported me in it. Give me some donations Manny that fuck God. I need something to do. Hey my fucking life right now, by the way, I bet you guys win golf soon. If we can go to Vegas for March Matt of nevermind fuck anyway, peace out homies. Call me. Hope you’re doing well.
Jack out later. Take out
indeed. Oh, man. Oh and that was and again that is that’s one of our annual hangs with did Coulson is a lives A busy life, you know, we don’t get a hangout with a much maybe occasional golf here there but Vegas he’s always there he’s always in and He whatever is going on in his life.
He also really needs that escape that you know to get out
there and just enjoy.
Yeah, God just
gosh-darned John doesn’t hit me.
Yeah me it’s hit me. It’s hit everyone. And yeah, it’s not it’s not fun indeed. Well, I think we close things out. We do have a we can throw out some UFC stuff. You have see still technically on doesn’t seem like it’ll it’ll be Happening but you know, it is here Jeff box throw up an article over at a sports gaming podcast.com with some of his pics or UFC Brasilia.
We got Kevin Lee versus Charles oliviera. Oh my
God. But I’m just I’m just immersing myself.
Gilbert Burns versus Demian Maia, he’s like an Gilbert Burns Renato. Meccano – 350. Yeah, he goes through the whole card. It’s a pretty awesome breakdown. So hopefully
you check it out.
Hopefully you have seized Happening by the time you listen to this podcast not
optimistic. Hey, I know we all took the week off to go to Vegas and that didn’t work out but I looked at those Hawaii flights were like $70. Oh, yeah. Why would you guys say we you know, go hang out at the Black Sea Each
has we could do that we could do that for sure that we do I think do we have champions league? Is that what’s going
on? I’m sure Ryan throw that I’m assuming that’s going to get
cancelled. Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a can not till the 18th. But so
potentially something sometime to ever
ever invite reverencing Cricket is a thing that could be happening
is golf still going on now golf’s cancel. Cancel
Jesus. Yeah Golf R AP
golf. How can this happen? It doesn’t make any Any sense, give us one sport. That’s why Vince McMahon should have owned it. She said hey just leaving this way finishes
I mean this is we have been more prepared. I don’t
know. I’m not the type to how many angry I’m not even a trump supporter, but I can’t hold on. Let’s think of
it. No, I’m obviously making jokes here, we’re gonna get like three bad reviews now, but I do think that you have a lot of dudes a lot of dudes who get some form of release during the next week, especially like that
those this is the great. This is the next Great
Depression. I mean, I think I
think last time I think when I win the the I want to dick rubbed on me drop was recorded. I think earlier in that show, I would I brought up the debate of what feels better pissing or coming.
and and a classy show here
I think those first two days of March Madness go up there for
ya. And you have a whole population of males now who are going to be pent up
with with there with with estrogen with nagging with lots of chores to do and no basketball to watch no
excuse to escape and up buying Greenland because I see an angle here. I see an angle here. There’s got go to Greenland stadium and we just play I mean I have to be a state of a field. I think we can
Like health issue that we have to worry about is what are all these people going to do? That’s a lot of rage it is is this is this the beginning of The Purge is this
how The Purge happened they took away sports. I mean really there is you know, that can’t even play sports that egg. Hey Malcolm Gladwell was on Bill Simmons
I love a got to put him in a little bit of luck. He’s an egghead and there they were he was saying listen to music podcast. We’re not going to
talk about Music we’re just gonna
talk about the theoretical undertones of Music
Answers. How many hours
makes you feel? The musical composition is just
Exquisite. I like Malcolm
Gladwell. So at the same time it’s like making fun of he’s a
huge arrogant prick. Yeah. I mean presents. He’s gotta haven’t done this. He’s
just that he’s your typical nerdy intellectual Elite guy, but there were talking that Adam Silver almost has an Gation to bring Sports back and it does sound it sounds weird because everyone’s freaking out about their health, but there is we have to have sports like they’re you know as the days go on as our business all these other people.
It’s a huge business. Not only the gaming industry aspect but like just even the guy selling popcorns the guy selling Lakers Flags, what’s gonna happen to them or Park? What where are all the the bandwagon Laker fans that happen when they get into the coughs and get to the Western Conference finals and then those guys sell the flag.
You know who I’m worried about the guy I’m worried
about the people that sell the the street meat.
Yeah outside the Staples
Center because that is the Laker fans are like actors and they got their own problems when their Seasons got canceled. You know what I mean?
Call me. What do you got against the Silver Spoon bro, you know, I don’t know right now. I got it. You know what one other thing before we get out of here shown you forgot to mention. I know we brought up the bites. It but you didn’t you for some reason you failed to tout the leaderboard and where I land in that leaderboard tied for third
place with 14 out of 16.
Correct pics. Yeah,
and one of those I picked against myself with Shakira.
I’m nipping at your heels Ryan. I am I’m sitting at a hundred and thirty points so tied for 10th, but of course, we have a two-way tie Scott Mickelson front of the program. He’s been around for a long time. NG time
and Tony
both tied right now in first place at a hundred fifty points, of course, whoever wins it all getting $500 Cold Hard Cash which we will deliver to you with plenty of
germs on it. Not just digital cash right
digital cast crypto. That is a
crypto Market completely tanking can’t
be 250 long with the don’t just do not look up if you have any sort of assets.
Do yourself a favor and never look at it? All right, before we go
shout out to our Pals a Spearhead. I know you’re thinking it’d be crazy to start an online Sports hook right now. Is it I think this is the best time to start an online sports book because you set up your Sportsbook. You get it good to go. You sign up your clients. And then when they turn Sports back on you’re ahead of the game.
You’re already ready to go. They already have their logins. They already have their their website set up you go to sports gambling podcast.com slash SGP get up to six weeks free and again if you’re petting over days, You know, if you’re running the sports book race, they have plenty of options some of the sharpest lines in the game 24/7 customer support mobile wagering live bedding.
They have it all. I’m sure they got Esports going. So again, this is kind of the time to take advantage people are off their game. There may be looking for new options. You come in you start your own sports book perfect time to connect with the fans. or with the people that you know in your circle set up your own sports book and if you use it, you do it using our length Sports giving podcast.com such as GP gets six weeks free sports gaming podcast.com slash S
GP Have they not canceled the whatever the southwestern Athletics laga canceled? Okay. Why do you still see odds? I was checking out the partner ace and I was noticing they still had adds up and I was like, wait a second here.
I wish someone had the balls to do that fucking hilarious. Keep playing just keep playing they’d steal. All the reason is NASCAR going to keep going out. I think that’s a wrap to
right Jesus. Yeah, it just feels like essentially
Everything is canceled. What are you gonna do on your Saturday? And Sunday? You don’t even have girls soccer
anymore that’s cancelled mostly because of the rain but also a little bit because of the we can bet on I will say one awesome thing about Ace. If you are trying to be a small business owner that you can bet on the Super Bowl fifty five coin toss right now with alt all right heads
this is when it finally happens Tails has been killing me for years on end. Took a virus for that to happen. Huh?
pandemic. Global global can’t believe roughneck fevers
dead. I can’t just come on the William do we’re having fun with this. Hmm. I don’t know is I need
medication. Well, I think we all just need to go over to sports gambling podcast slack, which is s GDP ends lot of
slack or slacked Out Sports horse that cam dot
Sports gambling
podcast.com feel like we should have lit a candle for this up or Sports gambling podcast dot slash. Dot-com they
all work. Come join us.
Yeah, we’re going to we’re going to figure this out as a community. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think it takes a slack Channel and ADI Jen’s only Community to figure out what we’re going to do with all the time we have with no Sports. So join us in figuring this out. If you need me, I’ll be over at the my bookie.
Casino Blackjack. They got some tournaments
going bad that I’m rooting for that DJ in Spain to have Contracted this virus
the one that that that she’s that
sexual worried about that but I still think it’s fun. I saw Spain it was in the news for getting like really hit by it and I’m sitting there and I know I my heart goes out to all the people that are affected with exceptions that one guy.
Well call me. What’s the life expectancy of a DJ? 3233. I
mean, I’m proud of a
bad MDMA, you know. Crate load of Records falls on top of him. These guys don’t live too long one way or the other that could be around for long, but we will be around for a very long time. We’re going to keep the content trained going again do us a solid throw us at five star review.
Hey these guys, they’re figuring out how to do a sports gambling podcast without Sports leaders in the marketplace and really bites back. It’ll be gone. You’ll get paid off that. Of course if you win, we’ll figure out some more stuff to
bet on right. 45-yard field goal coming soon. Yes. Oh and I’m sure the fields will be pretty amped. I’m sorry 47-yard field goal. Come
on. I did mention the Esports. Shout out to Vince Khiladi. He posted his first article intro to Esports, which is a must-read check that out over at sports gambling podcast.com get you set up. So what is League of Legends? I have no idea. He explains it, but I’m loading up my lock.
I’m a company man. Give me Gigi. G2 Esports – 3 55 verses Rogue that’s taking place Friday, March 13th
Apostle or p.m. East on Twitchy to East was that a new flavor of Gatorade
so lock that up G to East for this is of
course the oceanic pro league you’re talking about right Sean, of course Ryan of
God. Well, you know what? I knew you were going to go there. I knew
that you were such a fan of that League that you were you weren’t going to go for the European. Ship pick well, I’m sorry you did go for the European Championship. But you went mainstream. I’m not going mainstream. I’m going to the oceanic pro league where the Chiefs exports clubbed are taking on
gravitas. Okay, I know us
700 on
gravitas. It’s a video game
bro. Come on, and I know every we’re joking around we’re trying to cope but I did those back-to-back Sunday Funday calms the two things I had hit were. IE Sports bets because I went for 200 300 dogs to me Esports. I’m handicapping at the same way. I handicapped MMA two guys are
in a ring two nerds are playing a video game. It should be close to even money every time
these guys are professional video game players. You don’t lay the heavy wood and I know I just did that.
I’m going I’m going with
Vince’s dog play as well Excel Esports plus 274 versus fat Natick. Fnatic, there’s no way they should be laying this much against Excel Esports. They got excel in the name. These guys are professional video game players and you give me plus 274 lock that in all day baby and real quick.
Also shout-out to exit fell gym in the YouTube slack. I imagine this is tough times for XFL Jim. He’s he’s really gone all-in on the XFL and he’s he said he’s dealing with a lot of rage in his garage
and so shout out. To exit fail to make it he he covers Japanese football college. Stephanie’s college football. I wonder if they’ve called the season there too.
Yeah, Jim hit us up possibly posting some college Japanese college football Futures and it showed to everyone will get through. This guy’s taking it one day at a time in our slack Channel. Let’s band together. Let’s figure this out together. Thank you for participating in the sports gambling podcast for the sports gaming podcast. I’m Shawn stack in the money green and he is Ryan quick bonus pick.
I’m going to take the take
Florida Mayhem plus 190 in the OverWatch owl Saturday. Match Kramer.
Let it Brad.

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