College Basketball Conference Tournament Preview Part One (Ep. 794)

college basketball conference tournament preview


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The guys have part one of their College Basketball Conference Tournament Preview giving out their best bets for the Atlantic Sun, Big South, Horizon League, Patriot League, Mountain West and Ohio Valley.

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Speaker 4 (0s): This is college basketball conference tournament part 1 edition of the sports gambling podcast is presented by my bookie dot AG. My book

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That’s a /s

Speaker 1 (1m 18s): G e–

Speaker 2 (1m 19s): you’re listening to the sports gambling podcast exclusively on his GP n let it ride.

Speaker 4 (1m 59s): Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Shawn stack in the money green with my partner and picks Ryan real money Kramer. What’s happening Kramer

Speaker 1 (2m 9s): college basketball

Speaker 4 (2m 12s): college basketball the March the madness. It’s coming together. We’re counting down the days to will be out in beautiful Las Vegas can be doing a hang maybe a live broadcast. All the details are coming together. My juices are flowing. It’s we’re taking this on a Monday afternoon. Gus Gus gasm going all fired up, of course talking college basketball sitting next to me on my left. Colby didn’t take a the dancer base.

Speaker 3 (2m 43s): What’s happened in Colby? Is there a better time to be

Speaker 4 (2m 46s): alive there is not there’s not a better time to be alive the tournament officially tips off March 17th, which is awesome when it syncs up with st. Patrick’s Day. Just a perfect day. Wait, is that the first round that’s the first final four or what are you playing for the playing for round one as they call it now to make it super confusing which we are. We are we going to acknowledge it as round one. No, sir. I know in previous years. We’ve said now I feel like we stick.

Speaker 3 (3m 13s): Not exactly. You should just because you’re still gonna bet the unders.

Speaker 1 (3m 15s): Well, I was gonna say only for the qualification that it is now included in the first half under so for those who were, you know, jonesing for a little bit more and 32 bets were not enough you do have 36 opportunities to get down on that. Of course Ryan real money. Kramer will be leading the charge making some poor sports book attendance night horrible by saying I’d like to that all 32 first. Have fun.

Speaker 4 (3m 43s): 32 first half under it is

Speaker 3 (3m 45s): fun watching you do that. I was in line with you last year when you just did that know like huh? Well, I feel like I feel like

Speaker 1 (3m 50s): last lately. They’ve been getting more businesslike about it. I’ve had a little bit more

Speaker 4 (3m 55s): of the buzz. We’ve created

Speaker 1 (3m 56s): Cooley like here. I’m going to lay this much and I’m just going to Rattle off the numbers go and but yeah early on like I roles would have liked

Speaker 4 (4m 5s): from do I do die

Speaker 3 (4m 6s): Rowley bro.

Speaker 1 (4m 8s): Hey, I mean think about what it takes to get an eye roll from a

Speaker 4 (4m 11s): dude. Daddy, you really stood out among. I mean of all the degenerate Behavior this person sees being a sports ticket writer you really stood

Speaker 2 (4m 22s): out hashtag kitchens only

Speaker 1 (4m 24s): well and it really it’s not a degenerate. It’s not anything.

Speaker 2 (4m 28s): It’s kind of a smart move. I’m

Speaker 4 (4m 30s): begging you. It’s like analytical Ryan I’m playing the

Speaker 3 (4m 33s): market now, but I did see an eye-roll when he when we were at that burger joint in Idaho and he ordered a unit of soy Burger whatever whatever the fuck it was. Yeah, right. We’ll buy the guy behind the Cars like

Speaker 1 (4m 44s): this like we plan this because it’s getting hot in here. Oh man, of course you can you can watch me do this live on slash Sports gambling podcast. Obviously, this moment won’t be live. But the next one

Speaker 3 (5m 3s): would the defense end you

Speaker 4 (5m 4s): that that was a cousin mush. Shout out to cousin motion.

Speaker 1 (5m 8s): He’s a fan and my

Speaker 4 (5m 9s): cousin so probably just coming to both

Speaker 1 (5m 12s): probably just got

Speaker 3 (5m 13s): That man, but the really I don’t

Speaker 1 (5m 15s): know where you were you texted a couple pictures of me last night. Yeah, so was they say

Speaker 4 (5m 19s): well, I think I’m going to release them exclusively on our Instagram feed Ryan devoured his carnivore like past self that I knew so well in join plowing into a what I imagined was a double-double from in and out double double

Speaker 1 (5m 36s): animal style. Also, when not that there’s meat in this just by proxy but animal style fries Fries, what was the occasion? We were celebrating the end of a soccer season, unfortunately to Second Place finishes, but still still celebration and what I’m here to do and to come out to all the this what were the names of my fans this Toy Boy heads. Did he come up with a name the soy Bros? Well, I’m back your back on me the what unlike the Kramer FML tour that’s currently on Hiatus due to the

Speaker 2 (6m 13s): Then Roughnecks and of course everyone

Speaker 1 (6m 15s): knows I do have roughneck fever 0 red meat. So I ate this in-and-out burger, which is obviously delicious one of the things that would be very hard for me to give up but I’ve definitely not been pure to the soy boy mentality and it’s just I felt like shit. I went to sleep at like 8:30. I slept for 10 hours 12 hours, and I’m I’m I’m here. Here to stay. I’m back off the meat.

Alright, that’s back a hundred percent off. The me in

Speaker 3 (6m 47s): Vegas in two weeks.

Speaker 2 (6m 48s): We thank you for participating in these special events

Speaker 1 (6m 52s): there. Why do I do this to myself right in front of these SGP there will probably be some cheating maybe or you might get to witness me eat vegetables in person. Perhaps I’ll bring the broccoli onesie

Speaker 4 (7m 6s): or whatever.

Speaker 2 (7m 8s): I’m gonna get this show back on the rail. You guys want to talk about like broccoli? Back is where I guess I really like eggplant The only green I want to talk about is the green you can win over at my bookie Daddy G. The presenting sponsor the sports gambling podcast head over there use that promo code SGP get up to $1,000 in sweet sweet bonus bets when he’s a promo code SGP college basketball XFL NBA. They got it. All even a couple of political bets you want to do that. I’m going all in on Trump, whatever it is.

You want to bet on my bookie tide. Aegeus kite. You covered including a devil was some Esports Ryan gave out of the winter a plus 325 dog. Shout out to counter logic gaming. I just picked it because they look like huge nerds and they came through plus 325 so much action over there. You can play Colby dance College Basketball picks. They got it all my bookie doubt AG promo goatish GB and as the presenting sponsor also leading the charge for the bites brackets.

Speaker 4 (8m 11s): Let’s take a look at the bites. Before we start previewing these kishan

Speaker 1 (8m 15s): tournaments dabbling in Esports. Also what my uncle called

Speaker 4 (8m 19s): porn. Well, you do get dehydrated. I do consider myself when I saw a

Speaker 1 (8m 24s): plate. Hey, I know we don’t speak a lot off air but compliments to the the new piece. I like the Sunday fun day. It’s fun. I hope that sticks around but I really had a nice chuckle when I saw that you posted an Esports play well, and it made me think like what’s happening. Being here on his clearly. He’s by himself a lot test must be traveling a lot Birch is and Sean has gone so far into the D Jen’s only space little and he’s treading on video games.

Speaker 2 (8m 56s): Yeah clearly engines

Speaker 1 (8m 58s): only. We know your dad doesn’t listen offseason because there’s no way you would do this to me. There’s no way you would disgrace the Green family name.

Speaker 4 (9m 6s): Well, here’s what I was putting together this Sunday Funday column. I hit all my bets except for the XFL the 14 Like you had st. John’s Well need three out of four. Yes. I had st. John’s moneyline. That was plus 200 beat Creighton by 20 points at home was all over that nice. Shoutout to Lenny dykstra’s well in there. He made a shout out there because I you know said, it’s fun to root against the Blue Jays after a Joe Carter did to the Phillies Sixers plus 12 and 1/2 bit of a homer play. But really the Clippers play no defense on Sunday. Noon

Speaker 3 (9m 36s): tips Clippers are the NBA them gettin played defense anymore

Speaker 4 (9m 39s): than here you go. Hold the head Cole V 1 some travel coming. Calls Arena basketball now, but the the League of Legends Latin America League that has cited a pet on I was just on my bookie that Ag and since it’s the Sunday Funday calm one of the things I like to do is try and pick out fun weird shit to gamble on I looked I saw plus they’re 25 dog. I entered their team name into Google images and the image that came up was just too good not to include as the cover photo. It looks like the main character Asian guy named crown.

Who kind of has like the Harry Potter glasses but he’s got like a badass earring it look like if Harry Potter got into like ecstasy and energy drinks and like it was like kind of what raver that’s kind of the looky looky he has going and then someone hit us up at gaming podcast big fan of the the show also an Eagles fan and he goes dude Crown is human on that team anymore. You gotta let me start writing Esports columns. So in the you know in the spirit of

Speaker 2 (10m 40s): tagged agency

Speaker 4 (10m 42s): look, Or his look for his debut here. Well, it is the fastest

Speaker 1 (10m 46s): growing sport in the world.

Speaker 4 (10m 48s): Yeah, and again because this is

Speaker 1 (10m 50s): growing with ambling Market

Speaker 3 (10m 51s): also more than UFC. Yeah. Really?

Speaker 1 (10m 55s): Yeah. I mean, it’s one of those like gimmicks on statistics when you’re like when you’re not that big and then you become just massive. That’s a large percentage.

Speaker 4 (11m 3s): Okay, speaking of gimmicks War bites bracket is plowing along Kramer. You have a your first ever match up here. you’re what the fuck currently we see today as a four seed in the Joe Buck region going head-to-head with the Shakira soundtrap which is slated at 13. I thought it would be closer right now Kramer. What the fuck is really plowing ahead. I thought this is where we would see our first upset. It started off chalky as we would imagine in the bytes bracket, but we’re continuing to count down.

So make sure you head over to Acumen podcast. I’m

Speaker 3 (11m 40s): still mad The X-Files music

Speaker 4 (11m 42s): lost you at mean that was an interesting one because it really kind of depends on what your rating these things on because that’s one of the

Speaker 3 (11m 51s): strongest players really got going here.

Speaker 1 (11m 52s): And real quick. Boston Kapoor was very upset. Yes about the committee seating. Was it of the the boat trip music?

Speaker 4 (12m 3s): I think it was the X-Files.

Speaker 1 (12m 4s): Yeah and a when the committee was having a moment of reflection earliest part of the committee. I was like, yeah, but I think we stuck to the the songs just don’t they can’t be as highly ranked. They just

Speaker 4 (12m 16s): can’t I think being a song hurts you in the little because it’s just stuff we talked over. So I think the songs are getting unfair credit because they’re tied to Here and surface texture something really count as a song and well again, this is a lot of the decisions behind the doors that the committee that but make

Speaker 3 (12m 34s): is a song. I’m on board there. But the X-Files one is Chloe

Speaker 4 (12m 37s): we could have used your help here in the committee right again that his feelings hurt that you didn’t show up for the committee meetings. So she Kira and then now tomorrow or depending on when you’re listening this but we’re going to see some real action here. We got some 512 matchups hot-hot-hot going up against I like me some glory hole. So that should be a fun matchup. And then in the other region, thank you for participating in the sports gaming pack has going up against loc. Dog Tease. It’s still anyone’s bites bracket.

We’re working on getting a leaderboard going for you guys as well. So

Speaker 1 (13m 10s): can I make a confession? Sure I voted for Shakira. Really? Yeah. I mean this offset needs to happen.

Speaker 4 (13m 18s): I here’s the thing when the Sam Bradford sound effect that I authored comes up. I am definitely gonna Be voting against it because of the matchup. It has against long cocks. So even though I’d like to see it move on and I like making fun of Sam Bradford. Don’t get me wrong. I worry that the Sam Bradford drop is kind of past its prime.

Speaker 3 (13m 39s): No, I’m gonna

Speaker 4 (13m 40s): disagree is always fun to me to understand Bradford, especially when you look at he I think it was him and Joe Thomas maybe slightly edged him out. As far as the person who’s made the most money without playing one playoff snap. I did a deep dive on it and But I think what happened was that last piece of guaranteed money that he got from the Cardinals Jesus Christ. Why were they ever paying him? But I think that actually beat him edging edged out Joe Thomas who Joe Thomas is gonna be like a first-ballot hall-of-famer.

It’s really crazy that let’s see. How old is

Speaker 3 (14m 13s): Sam Bradford right now? Because I feel like the X fo the CFL can still come calling

Speaker 4 (14m 18s): here. Why would why would he ever

Speaker 3 (14m 20s): he still has teeth

Speaker 2 (14m 21s): only 32 years old? Yes my God, I

Speaker 3 (14m 24s): still has a It’s six-year

Speaker 1 (14m 25s): window. Tom Brady is 42.

Speaker 4 (14m 28s): Well Stoops. Now

Speaker 3 (14m 29s): who’s the Andrew Jones went down? They just

Speaker 4 (14m 31s): went down there could be a real snow that that would be Old Faithful that would be that would be great if Sam Bradford won it back in and just started bawling why wouldn’t he because he has to it because he has a ton of money and he doesn’t like

Speaker 3 (14m 45s): playing football the same wonder if he’s hiking in Europe as well.

Speaker 2 (14m 48s): That could be the reason why maybe he’s with Andrew. Well, yeah and you need if he’s funding the trip. It’s like Brokeback Mountain over there.

Speaker 4 (14m 55s): R-right, but no exam Bradford. He’s his leg probably got stuck in a boulder and he’s all alone like that 27 hours or is to decide whether or not to cut his knee up 47 hours for

Speaker 1 (15m 6s): 27 hours. 127 Hours. You will

Speaker 2 (15m 9s): Jesus is both idiots. That’s

Speaker 4 (15m 11s): why we have rice in your real last two days.

Speaker 1 (15m 14s): Like for 47 hours wouldn’t be this like ripping test. Okay, but I get pretty hungry 27 hours. That’s just

Speaker 3 (15m 21s): like are you going to you’ve successfully gone 47 hours without me right and you’re still alive.

Speaker 1 (15m 25s): Yeah, I can go 47 hours without a lot of things. Well,

Speaker 3 (15m 30s): I don’t want to know what else is

Speaker 2 (15m 31s): gonna know what else is going on in to run.

Speaker 1 (15m 37s): I just thought it’d be funny to say water and pussy

Speaker 2 (15m 39s): there you go to Essentials, you know, what else is essential

Speaker 4 (15m 43s): getting great value and you can do that

Speaker 2 (15m 45s): over a prop swap deck calm prop swap is back

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Only bet for 100 dollars at 400 to 1 odds.

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Speaker 2 (16m 54s): ticket, you only need

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Speaker 1 (16m 59s): GP

Speaker 4 (17m 1s): there are some interesting. I’m still circling around looking for the perfect Villanova ticket to strike and really really get fired up for Villanova. Make it a Runway. It’s in the Judgment ring. You got to shop around you want it you want to find the best best price when it comes engagement rings and of

Speaker 3 (17m 20s): course college basketball kind of

Speaker 1 (17m 24s): Prince Charmin Futures. I’m so glad prop swap is on the team from March because I feel like one of the things we need to do this year is by some actual Futures. Yes, so we can actually hedge out

Speaker 4 (17m 37s): that is that is going to be the game plan will will fund ourselves Ryan some props swap Futures. I think will be fun and a nice little element to the the podcast in the

Speaker 3 (17m 46s): previous some corporate Investments.

Speaker 4 (17m 48s): Let’s do it. Let’s start breaking it down. We’re going to hit some of these smaller conferences that are tipping off here in the next couple days.

Speaker 1 (17m 56s): Can you believe they let every conference get

Speaker 3 (17m 59s): Team into the tournament. Can you believe that when I mean, how are we supposed to have a

Speaker 1 (18m 3s): class system if everyone gets a

Speaker 2 (18m 6s): chance? What are these aside and there’s over here

Speaker 1 (18m 9s): trying to get some five-star review? She’s going all in on Trump

Speaker 4 (18m 12s): hashtag, Joe Budden’s the

Speaker 3 (18m 13s): truth. We all know those filthy. It’s great when everyone’s got a voice at the table array, of course, dude. I’m just making funny and I know you know, I’m making fun of your trigger. That’s right.

Speaker 1 (18m 23s): It’s still like you see his eye twitching. He’s just yeah, let’s do it

Speaker 4 (18m 28s): Kramer head over the Atlantic Sun. Walk us through the

Speaker 1 (18m 30s): conference. So you’re going to make me do that. Okay. Cool. Atlantic Sun I learned today. This is being played in Fort Myers

Speaker 3 (18m 36s): Florida. How far is that from your rental property? Yeah close enough. Why you want to go?

Speaker 1 (18m 41s): Check it out. You can

Speaker 2 (18m 42s): hang on Mom and Pops grammar mom-and-pops real money grammar

Speaker 4 (18m 46s): quick sidebar. I think the XFL battle Hawks are in the running for a possible road trip destination. I mean, they we should fans are jumping through flaming tables. They got 30,000 people in the domes. You

Speaker 3 (18m 58s): see the shirts cook ha

Speaker 1 (18m 59s): Yeah, I

Speaker 2 (19m 1s): mean it sounds like an awesome game

Speaker 4 (19m 3s): day experience. So we’ll say put that as a possibility.

Speaker 1 (19m 7s): They won’t they’ve had what they meant to now you can see that they can maintain the whole

Speaker 3 (19m 11s): season and seems fun. Maybe one roughneck fever comes to town

Speaker 1 (19m 15s): now. That’s something I can get

Speaker 4 (19m 17s): involved. That’s a matchup.

Speaker 1 (19m 19s): Hopefully, it’s safe to travel at that point. This this this is Linux on tournament is being played in Fort Myers, Florida, March 3rd 5th and 8th the odds Stacking up like we got a chalky favorite Liberty – 350. I know that they are in the top 74 Kemp. Um, so there are real team nor North Florida + 420 lips come plus 2200. We’ve had we’ve heard of them before. I wanted to make sure

Speaker 3 (19m 47s): it wasn’t the other day man,

Speaker 1 (19m 49s): North, Alabama and Jacksonville 50 to 1 Stetson 101 Angie NJIT 125 to 1 and slowly guard.

Speaker 4 (19m 59s): Gulf Coast dunk Coast Universe

Speaker 1 (20m 1s): $150 one what what

Speaker 3 (20m 3s): happened there Joe deul. He went to East Carolina to be the head coach. How do we put these teams together? Well, Liberty actually football and basketball is something to watch. They’ve been quickly jumping up conferences.

Speaker 1 (20m 16s): They seem at out classic

Speaker 3 (20m 18s): tons of money Jerry Falwell. Yeah. So I expect Liberty to be like in the Sun Belt Conference USA pretty soon.

Speaker 1 (20m 28s): Yeah, I just this is a strange collection of teams Liberty again. Love my chem Palm data highly recommend. It. Not not not getting paid to say this Sean. And I know again why would again I’m gonna get an email from you after the show. But if you’re betting on college basketball lot of data over there highly recommend it very cheap pay wall pay for it. You’re welcome Liberty 27 and for the clear favorite, but they are tied with North Florida is real.

Speaker 4 (20m 58s): I love the I’m going big on the north Florida Ospreys plus 125 Barking Dog. No, you aren’t here’s why dude they’re dominant defensively seventy eight point one points a game lead the conference by a wide. Margin. They’re also hitting their threes. They’re averaging 12 3 points a game very consistent from the foul line seventy six and a half percent. Here’s the thing. It seems like it’s these two teams and every other team so that’s exactly what it is. Well, yeah, but okay, so They get to the finals you’re not going to be able to get for 25 in the in the championship game.

It’s gonna come down to 300

Speaker 1 (21m 34s): 250. You sure about that.

Speaker 3 (21m 35s): Yeah debts and did beat South Carolina this year.

Speaker 1 (21m 38s): What is isn’t that a

Speaker 4 (21m 39s): hat company? And I think it’s like a cologne Stetson cologne. Hold on. I’m going north Florida Ospreys. I like the underdog aspect. I don’t want to lay 350 for a conference tournament unless it’s truly a sure thing. And I think you know lay it man. I don’t see it here. I

Speaker 3 (21m 56s): think you gotta Lay It liberties with Value here. Liberty is legit the north Florida. I still think Super tender. I know they won once against Liberty, but I just think Liberty is the team to beat they almost beat LSU at LSU. They got Caleb homes lie. This dude was a study a couple of years ago when Liberty made the tournament.

Speaker 1 (22m 13s): I’m trying to tell you something about the compact, please Stenson outdoor hats boots. This is some sort of

Speaker 3 (22m 21s): Lifestyle cowboy and her luck Andrew Luck might be might be doing quite a bit of shopping ever at Um, it

Speaker 2 (22m 27s): looks a lot like something our

Speaker 1 (22m 29s): boy Andrew Luck. I mean I’m with Colby. I think they’re chalk for a reason. I know sometimes it’s fun to take a long shot in one of these this is not this is not the conference to do that this year,

Speaker 4 (22m 41s): but North Florida is not a crazy conference to do that at and if the Ospreys are hitting their threes, look at Liberty runs their kind of defensive minded team. That’s and that’s but if you’re hitting open shots, you

Speaker 3 (22m 54s): can’t let me say the Flames hand down the man. Stay hot. Alright, the flame stay hot. Liberty will

Speaker 1 (23m 0s): dictate the tempo. They are one of the slowest Pace teams in the country. They

Speaker 3 (23m 5s): might pay their players because falwell’s got endless money and he wasn’t he wasn’t he linked to the Russia Trump deal somehow.

Speaker 1 (23m 11s): Well, I’m part of the reason he’s athletic team the team’s down there are coming out of no works. If you’ve ever been there’s a ton of money behind

Speaker 4 (23m 17s): these problems Sports the pro. No, I just got some breaking news courtesy of the YouTube chat room, Matthew Hansen coming in with nicely. Let’s go Ospreys birds of tray. Oh God, that’s so awesome. I’m totally in now. I’m actually

Speaker 2 (23m 34s): gonna I’m gonna

Speaker 1 (23m 36s): one Birdman. I’m a one bird man. What is that? What okey come on now? Oh

Speaker 4 (23m 40s): man. I thought you were gonna say

Speaker 1 (23m 43s): softballs on the TV you guys bam. Yeah. Give me liberty all the way. They’re the only real they’re the only real team here. Yeah, North Florida is offense will get stifled by Liberties defense in the temple

Speaker 4 (23m 54s): will be out that he was going to say is one bird is the tofurky

Speaker 1 (23m 58s): Oh, wow,

Speaker 4 (23m 59s): come on, you walked into that, right? That’s it. But it’s just not a good

Speaker 1 (24m 2s): joke, but it’s not it’s not

Speaker 4 (24m 5s): it’s not a good joke. Well, that’s why I sold them act

Speaker 1 (24m 10s): out.

Speaker 4 (24m 12s): All right, do we do enough Atlantic Sun

Speaker 1 (24m 13s): talk Sean. You’re better than that. Let’s move on to the Big South. This is of course played at campus sites Sean. What does that mean? Well, they don’t they’re not cool enough to have a fancy neutral site stadium. So they just use their home courts. This will be played on March 3rd 5th 6th and 8th. We have Radford, of course the horrors of Radford return at plus 120 the co favorite with Winthrop Winthrop Winthrop Gardner. This is why Sean normally does the names we get to make fun of him and not me Gardner Gardner-Webb plus 700.

We’ve I’ve

Speaker 3 (24m 49s): heard that they were beating Virginia to have time as a 16

Speaker 1 (24m 52s): languages. Of course Longwood another place that has known to have whores. 6,000 Hampton also 6,000 with Campbell UNC Asheville and Charleston Southern hundred twenty to one USC that’s got to be at

Speaker 3 (25m 9s): that South Carolina Upstate notice the South Carolina South

Speaker 1 (25m 11s): Carolina Upstate. I did copy and pasted this from a source. I did not validate South Carolina Upstate is 300 to 1 and Jesus Christ. Why

Speaker 4 (25m 21s): do they even have thousand one University respiratory and

Speaker 1 (25m 24s): thousand one High Point

Speaker 2 (25m 26s): 1,500? Imagine imagine it was setting

Speaker 4 (25m 29s): the line on High Point go, you know, we’re not going to get enough action if we make it a thousand one. What about 1201 not enough. We need to make it 15 hundred and

Speaker 3 (25m 38s): one, you know, high points basketball coach is he has a national championship? No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell us Smith. Oh, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow,

Speaker 1 (25m 47s): what how the mighty have fallen? I was going to say former

Speaker 3 (25m 50s): Madison. Alma mater Golden Gophers alma mater. So what is he just doing some charity or whatever you might be doing some charity work. Look, I mean like the play here what you gotta go you look I hate to be going chalk back-to-back. But Radford is better than the rest. It’s a home game for them. They won at Northwestern in the Big Ten earlier this year. They beat the beat another beat Richmond who’s all right now on the bubble. Bradford’s the best team out of the bunch here. They got

Speaker 4 (26m 16s): I’m also all in on Radford. They got a couple Southampton Road products

Speaker 3 (26m 21s): car like Jones one of the best scorers in college basketball. He gets 20 points a game five boards five assists

Speaker 1 (26m 27s): seven five seven Sean.

Speaker 4 (26m 29s): Yeah. I mean Hampton has some athletes Travis Fields Donald Hicks second and third in scoring. You’re going to Hampton. No, no. No, they there Southampton Road. They went to high school there. They are on Radford. Okay, second it though second third in scoring and I I mean Radford is the chalk play here. I’m riding him.

Speaker 1 (26m 51s): I mean again, I think they will be able to dictate the tempo. They play a very slow tempo and a conference filled with teams that seem to like to

Speaker 3 (26m 59s): run if Radford is the Highlanders, you know, I’ve been to Radford have been to Blacksburg. I’m why

Speaker 1 (27m 4s): are you even putting those two cities

Speaker 3 (27m 6s): and they’re like, they’re like two miles apart from each other, right? They’re very different Bradford’s the Highlanders. Is that make Virginia Tech the Ders,

Speaker 1 (27m 13s): I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, but I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna tell you right that is if this conference tournament is being played at campus sites. And Radford is the what seed

Speaker 3 (27m 25s): one the one scene? Yeah, so they’ll host every game.

Speaker 1 (27m 28s): Yeah. Well, they will certainly deploy the whores of Radford and there’s no getting out of Radford without something weird. I’ve never been to the city of Radford and not had a crazy experience with alcohol and and maybe even with And

Speaker 3 (27m 45s): it’s what led you to Soy, right?

Speaker 1 (27m 47s): Definitely not what let there’s no soy there. That’s a that’s a full meet Town also on the table and beneath the table Sean. I’m sticking with a second chalk play here. Radford gets it done. Like you said, they recruit from the fruitful seven five seven.

Speaker 4 (28m 4s): I mean, yeah, they got a lot of local kids great athletes. So go and triple

Speaker 1 (28m 8s): Radford know you

Speaker 2 (28m 11s): never want to go triple Radford.

Speaker 4 (28m 15s): Move it over to will move over to the Horizon League here in a second. But before we do new sponsor to the program Borough Baby Bro,

Speaker 2 (28m 25s): even though the New Year’s

Speaker 4 (28m 26s): resolution season is over. So a lot of new stuff to get excited about the new conference tournaments

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Speaker 4 (30m 48s): Yeah any silly stain? Yes. I

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Speaker 4 (30m 57s): know, you’re not going to get the email. I’m going to get the email from the sponsor but good

Speaker 1 (31m 3s): times. Yeah, I’m sorry if the sponsor likes to laugh, you know

Speaker 4 (31m 6s): not sponsor actually the borough. I think we just want to look at moved like

Speaker 1 (31m 11s): five Borough couches right there with that

Speaker 4 (31m 13s): kind of the warehouse is going to be empty. Thanks that Lavery at this

Speaker 1 (31m 16s): dude’s heard them. They’re like, I like both those things

Speaker 4 (31m 20s): as a Johnny Mac pointed out in the YouTube chat room the USB charger also. It for using the lawnmower 3.0.

Speaker 2 (31m 28s): Wow, so maybe maybe combine all that you’re doing some manscaping on your burrow couch. Goddamnit the dog shit while watching March Madness sounds like a great

Speaker 1 (31m 44s): afternoon. You don’t have time to get up and leave the couch. So, you

Speaker 2 (31m 47s): know everything what do you even go to the bathroom manscape? You’re gonna

Speaker 4 (31m 50s): miss some of the lake tips shit. All right, where were we fucking hilarious horizon horizon?

Speaker 1 (31m 60s): So alright guys, I’m sorry their Horizon League. This one has a location Indianapolis Indiana odds that Andrew Luck will be in the house. No a whopping +1000.

Speaker 4 (32m 15s): Let’s just make it a ten. He doesn’t like sports. They support the

Speaker 1 (32m 18s): patriarch. This will be played over March 3rd, 5th 9th and 10th. Of the favorite right State at – 110 Northern Kentucky plus 220 Green Bay +1000, Illinois, Chicago 11 to 1 Youngstown State and Oakland 35 to one Milwaukee a hundred to one Cleveland State 200 to 1 and friend of the program Justin pint and he’s alma mater IUPUI 1001.


Speaker 4 (32m 51s): wow. That is a long shot.

Speaker 1 (32m 55s): You can’t be tell me everything. I need to know about this

Speaker 3 (32m 58s): conference Horizon. Love the Horizon Conference. You can’t you can’t I mean look right States not the play here. No, no really because you’re his well is a white guy with cornrows who averages 20 points a game or 17 points a game and 10 boards. Oh my God,

Speaker 1 (33m 13s): you’ll call me during the ad read cold meat Colby is showing me this picture and I’m thinking why is he showing me this random white guy with cornrows and I see right stay at home. Like oh even more reason to fade them here.

Speaker 3 (33m 25s): And Northern Kentucky has a guy named Aunt says Walton. Mmm. So a little dancer base action going on

Speaker 4 (33m 34s): say that name again tant as

Speaker 1 (33m 35s): Walt. Oh now I get it

Speaker 3 (33m 37s): 16 16 points a game. Seven boards. Look Northern Kentucky won this this thing last year. They’re going to do it again. I’m not buying into this white guy with cornrows. All right loud and love and right. So who you going you going? I think it’s and you can make money on this play you make some good money.

Speaker 1 (33m 53s): What’s your take on, Illinois? Chicago as a giant long

Speaker 3 (33m 57s): shot UIC it’s not Loyola Chicago Illinois District. Just give me Clarity. Yeah, I know. I don’t like it.

Speaker 1 (34m 4s): Well, they they play they play some defense. They just don’t play any offense. I’m just curious because sometimes those Elite defensive teams can can shock and awe

Speaker 3 (34m 11s): little bit. I would trust Youngstown State that if any of the other

Speaker 4 (34m 15s): field I’m going a lot of them. I’m going against the grain. I’m Going Green Bay. Green Bay, they run a very hyper fast haise and maybe they run a couple teams out of the building. They also have a first-round. Bye so not a horrible path to the Horizon League Championship and a 10 to 1. I like the I like the value there. It’s a bit of a dice roll. I could just keep a chalky and say Wright State or Northern Kentucky, but I you know, I like giving the fans some big dogs to go after

Speaker 1 (34m 44s): so who did you take I’m Going Green Bay. I’m sorry. Yeah. So Green Bay is an interesting one because they can play the same. Same game the Green Bay Phoenix. Yes, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but they could no not at all. They can play they can play the same style of offense. They just can’t play defense as well which really worries me because I think they’ll get run out of the building plan trying to play their own game for that reason. I’m going with Colby over here and I’m glad that Colby is aligned with me the Norse you’re going to see a bit of I love that. You’re going to see you’re going to see a bit of a I think when you are a slower Tempo team and you play a decent brand of Defense you’re going to be able to control the clock.

And when I see these high Tempo teams, these are the type of teams. I like to fade in these smaller conference tournaments higher variance. I think the teams that slow you down play a little bit more consistent defense. I think may be able to dictate. So I’m also going to go Northern Kentucky

Speaker 3 (35m 36s): right States also in Dayton Ohio date and stealing the Shine from all their that look they finished first but no one cares, so they’re not even appreciative of this. You know what I mean? They’re just going to just kind of Fade to Northern Kentucky, you know. Northern Kentucky won this thing. I think what two out of three years,

Speaker 1 (35m 50s): you know, I’m gonna ask Sean that you put a just for shits and giggles. I’m going to put a tiny little piece of something on Illinois Chicago. Okay, that’s because that guy

Speaker 3 (35m 58s): C+ 1100. What are we doing? What are we doing dog

Speaker 2 (36m 5s): at the end we’ll do our

Speaker 4 (36m 7s): lock and then the like the BET our favorite dog or whatever like it. We can

Speaker 1 (36m 11s): figure that out later. I just wanted it. I wanted to throw it out there because while I was digging into the numbers, it was something that really jumped. Of the page how good they were on offense, especially in

Speaker 3 (36m 21s): conference defense a

Speaker 1 (36m 22s): defense and how bad they were on office. So, you know, maybe the ball will find the whole little bit should we move on to the Patriot League or do we have more Horizon notes? No good. Hey, you really dig? This one tips? Also on March 3rd will be played over 3rd 5th 8th and 11th of March another campus sites torgny. This one sees Colgate as the favorite – 115 American 525 Boston University or 25 Army?

I don’t know why this one’s not in order. Sean did not do my prep work Army really? Fuck Army. 42:1 Lafayette twelve to One navy and Bucknell 22 to 1 Loyola, Maryland. 82 1 Lee. Hi, Sean, your Lehigh whatever. They are a hundred fifty two one. Yep, and lastly Holy Cross. There’s so many. Rose I’m going to guess this is 5001. I

Speaker 4 (37m 20s): like who I love these odds. There are the it’s insane the insane they were like how far they go and some point just don’t even bother offering. So yes, of course do a tiny sprinkle on Lehigh egg because they wanted CJ McCollum, but really my up my official play for the Patriot league is Colby who is America the team all-time leading scorer who they’re all Americans

Speaker 3 (37m 50s): all-time leading scorer. Ya

Speaker 2 (37m 52s): Sayyid Nelson

Speaker 3 (37m 55s): currently. Yeah. He said oh, yeah, he became the attending school. Did I just want to make the database? Do you see that? We just watched the dancer based

Speaker 2 (38m 4s): self. That’s also One Sweet Day actually

Speaker 1 (38m 7s): do and then I was already reflecting that he knew it in the same.

Speaker 2 (38m 10s): It is updated. It’s been

Speaker 4 (38m 12s): updated. Enhance say Nelson one of only eight players in NCAA to record over 2,000 points 500 rebounds five hundred sits and 250 steals. I like I like a guy like that. We’ve seen it, you know your job or answer whatever you’ve seen these guys from these smaller schools that have the ability to carry a team. I think this say Nelson could carry American to of

Speaker 3 (38m 34s): Victories are going to make America great again. Yeah. Well cheese. I’m going all in on

Speaker 4 (38m 39s): Trump him and Joe Biden, so give me American at a Us 525

Speaker 1 (38m 45s): you know when I was in college, I don’t know if you this this made it all the way out to Pennsylvania, but American had it. Maybe this is more of me being down in Virginia American had a reputation of being like Americans got like 65% chicks. It’s right in the heart of this argument in the moment. We all thought that was cool. But little did we realize these were all the chicks that you know had ideas and such and maybe weren’t weren’t interested in that kind of

Speaker 3 (39m 9s): accident. They were in the silly

Speaker 2 (39m 11s): but He’s one of those guys who will get

Speaker 1 (39m 14s): penetration. Wow. Matt. Matt in is Juiced up coming off that Victory glad to see that he’s healthy and a lot. Yeah, I love how people I’m sorry for thinking Madden was dead

Speaker 4 (39m 26s): who said that? Oh, oh because I will jokingly say when Madden the Madden penetration sound drop one. I said congratulations to the men. If only he was here to see it and people were like wait he’s dead. No, I was just kind of funny eat. A judgment seems like a guy who’s no longer alive, but he’s alive and well and he’s out there even Bloomin onions left and right ready to go. Call me.

Speaker 3 (39m 49s): What are you doing here? I mean, I think you gotta go chalk with Colgate. They won at Cincinnati this year. They’re a good team. But but it’s real sprinkle a little bit on Lafayette Lafayette the leopards one at Colgate earlier this year

Speaker 4 (40m 2s): that they were also my they are my dog here at plus twelve hundred. I like a little bit on Lafayette as well. They beat Colgate twice. Yeah, not only once twice whatever they want at the one that speaks to me is the one at Colgate.

Speaker 1 (40m 13s): Yeah. Yeah, I was gonna get cute and take Boston University, but I’m not back in the Boston Squad. Give me more chalk. Hmm. I’m awfully chalky on this one. But yeah Coco gets a good time.

Speaker 3 (40m 26s): Yeah, they almost beat Tennessee in the tournament last seed. Will they be probably a 15 again, but they will remember the Tennessee got everything from them last year. We were in the truck with Kellen Cooley watching tenant. He was sweating that one

Speaker 4 (40m 37s): out as

Speaker 3 (40m 38s): Tennessee barely. Beat Colgate. Yep, I’d expect them to do that again. Like I said they want at since he this team together.

Speaker 1 (40m 46s): All right, Sean. That’s all we got for March 3rd.

Speaker 4 (40m 51s): We’re going to be moving on here. But before we talk more conference tournaments, let’s talk about a Spur head. That’s right. You hear it all these bets and we’re making your hearing all the degenerate activity. Maybe you know or work with or have connections to a bunch of degenerates and you’re thinking to yourself. Oh, I should just start my own small business. I should become a bookie. It’s easier than you would think you don’t need a computer. Science degree. You don’t need to even know what your medicine out of computers.

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That’s a spearhead deck cam / SG P for up to six weeks free for the best paper head provider. Cause things have strong Kramer couple more conferences. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (42m 6s): unfortunately for those who tuned in to hear about the Northeast conference aka the NEC scoured the internet. All I could find was some 2015 Conference tournament odds, so hopefully stay tuned Sean. I’m just

Speaker 3 (42m 24s): make picks on that right we can

Speaker 1 (42m 25s): announce this now, but part two of this part two of this Marathon will be dropping. Tomorrow Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday late night. Yes,

Speaker 4 (42m 35s): so then they will we will have the picks out in time for the Northeast and that’s what I’m saying for those

Speaker 1 (42m 41s): Northeast conference

Speaker 3 (42m 43s): heads. You got to take Mary Mack written

Speaker 1 (42m 45s): for though for those. I’m prepared for those Rob Morris Robert Morris fans for those Sacred Heart fans for those Fairleigh Dickinson. Shout out to

Speaker 3 (42m 55s): Fairleigh Dickinson, New Jersey, you know, Mary Mack is in year where those Mount st. Mary’s there in Year One. Of D1 basketball and they won the regular season title. Yeah also one at Northwestern. Okay, Mary Mack.

Speaker 1 (43m 10s): Anyway, we don’t have those odds we may get to it tomorrow night. Hopefully they will have odds at that point. So again tune in part 2, we’ll be dropping late night Tuesday night on the west coast for now. We move on to the Mountain West which is played in Las Vegas. March 4th through March 7th, San Diego State only a – 250 favorite here Utah State plus 400 Nevada +1000 Boise State 12 to 1 New Mexico 15 to 1 Colorado State 25 to 1 UNLV thirty.

Three, two one Air Force 50 to 1 Fresno State 60 60 60 61, San Jose State and Wyoming 80 to Wow. All right. So I guess is there some logic around the fact that San Diego State doesn’t need this at all. Yeah, I mean I mean and so they’re not they’re not going to get it done like talk to me here. Why are they only – 250

Speaker 3 (44m 10s): I think because they’ve been tested lately and I think they’re not going to win the Mountain West

Speaker 4 (44m 14s): Conference. Wow. I’m going to CSU – 250 too much value. I think they got their loss out of the way. I think they do need this Mountain West. To help get them a number one seed kind of establish their confidence going into the tournament. I think a loss now in the Mountain West Conference tournament would throw them off their Mojo a little bit. I mean UNLV they have home court advantage Utah State maybe gives them a run but I’m locking up

Speaker 3 (44m 42s): SDSU Utah state was up by I think like nine points at halftime at San Diego State. I think there are dangerous team, but I like the value of UNLV this you know, they’re in a 33 to 1 look first year coach they were Pretty bad start the season closed strong blue out Colorado State recently won at San Diego State recently their

Speaker 4 (45m 2s): home. They are a fun dog. I’ll get a little taste at 33 to 1 but my lock is certainly

Speaker 3 (45m 9s): SDSU. They got four guys to start over double digits. You gotta love that. You gotta love like you would obviously the dog I’m saying look, I’m gonna take Utah State as a favorite. I’m going to take you have you just sprinkle that 33 to 1 I am, you

Speaker 4 (45m 21s): know, he does have an interesting path because they’re there the number For seed, they their first game against Boise State with a just behind that they would play. Yeah, and then they would play the winner of San Diego State versus the winner of Arizona or sorry of Air Force and Fresno State

Speaker 3 (45m 38s): so and they’re at home. They’re not gonna get tempted by Vegas Temptation.

Speaker 4 (45m 41s): Yeah. They know could UNLV win three home games when the saw thirty three two one, maybe maybe worth a couple bucks. But SDSU is still

Speaker 1 (45m 49s): not really stupid. Is there really a Vegas Temptation are we calling that? It’s not the horrors of Radford. Here: Yeah, I do. I always worry about that. I think these conferences that go out there like yeah, we’re gonna if you’re in where is

Speaker 3 (46m 2s): he? Do you know what building this has been is this going to be in let I believe you don’t know is that the T-Mobile Circus Circus,

Speaker 1 (46m 10s): it’s not they’re not playing at the the one of the Mackay Center. Whatever do we

Speaker 3 (46m 14s): know I thought it was you know, he’s dating but maybe okay. Maybe that was your past. I don’t know.

Speaker 1 (46m 20s): It seems like a opportunity missed on some some income some potential Revenue there. Yeah, I mean look, I don’t see how you don’t take San Diego State. But if you wanted to take a stab I sure why not being in Vegas is a distracting as fuck. I don’t know I and it’s hard to it’s hard to just be in Vegas and not get distracted by Vegas. Yeah, I mean so I couldn’t imagine having to go there and like compete in some sort of

Speaker 4 (46m 46s): athletic competition. The only see people who run the marathon and I remember

Speaker 1 (46m 50s): at one year show ya horrible. I

Speaker 3 (46m 53s): were thinking I wonder if like the coach is strategizing like say hey we’re going to stay in. Summerlin, you know somewhere like on the outer

Speaker 4 (46m 58s): Henderson. Yes, it is being played at the Thomas &

Speaker 1 (47m 1s): Mack Center in Las Vegas. So there’s a home game for you.

Speaker 4 (47m 3s): And if you’re in San Diego and you’ll go to San Diego San Diego State you’ve been to Vegas before, you know, the moves, you know, where not to go, you know where to go. And if there’s just a superior team there they’re going to be a one seed for a reason. I think they I think they really kind of get things locked in here in this conference tournament and it – 250. I’m normally kind of against going Chalk in these things. Because you got to have three or four games add – 250 doesn’t feel like tremendous value, but their path to Victory is pretty good. So I’ll take but I like Colby’s UNLV dog because then you’re almost setting yourself up for one of these teams being in the final

Speaker 3 (47m 41s): four and every whatever or their UNLV one at San Diego State, but also the game they played in Vegas the played twice they were right in that game. So I expected to be a close game.

Speaker 4 (47m 52s): I mean if you want all V and San Diego State move on and you have bet Both of them that means you know, one of them is probably gonna end up in the championship. Assuming, you know, UNLV beats Boise State, but they will that’s not a bad formula there to take San Diego State – 250 but almost to give yourself a future hedge opportunity with

Speaker 1 (48m 13s): you know via plus ten for those who wanted to dive further and I mean UNLV does possess the best offensive rebounding rate in the

Speaker 3 (48m 20s): conference. And so that is a way you can win. Some games are getting but like I said, they had a fiddle he brings in the Going to think you came over from North Dakota State he it and you can see the team at they started the season a little rough and then they got better and better and better and you’re just like hey this team is trending in the right

Speaker 1 (48m 36s): direction. It is worrisome to take a dog who doesn’t shoot the long ball while the three ball while but I think they have some indicators that would give them a shot. And if you want to play the the gimmick with you know, kind of narrow down that piece of the bracket it’s a smart move because right you’re going to end up with one of the teams and a minus 250 and a 33 to 1 is pretty Pretty solid even if you only been enough to make it like – 280 yeah – 300 for San Diego State if they end up in advancing that’s that feels like a value proposition. Of course John it is and that’s my favorite time.

My favorite thing to do March Madness is buy Futures talk about hedging. I’m not hedge. Mm and feel horrible

Speaker 4 (49m 13s): about it. Let’s move on back. I’m just looking at some random Futures over here on prompt swap Colorado to win the 2020 college basketball championship. No $140 ticket to to win though. Are you collect $16,200

Speaker 3 (49m 29s): know you’re going to question your veteran team, but they might lose in the first round. You’re gonna collect here. Oh,

Speaker 1 (49m 33s): yeah, it’s the well the pack the pack twelve. Will that’s a prediction. I’m going to make right now Kramer hears it again. I’m now 36 hours into my official March Madness prep

Speaker 3 (49m 44s): work. Hmm.

Speaker 1 (49m 46s): The Pac-12 is going to do it again this year whenever whatever teams get in

Speaker 3 (49m 50s): our seven teams might get in that which

Speaker 4 (49m 51s): is well who’s gonna have more is we’re gonna put some

Speaker 1 (49m 54s): Pac-12 sweet 16 teams, and it’s going to annoy.

Speaker 4 (49m 56s): Most of America who has more teams in the tournament the Pac-12 or the Big Ten

Speaker 3 (50m 1s): Big Ten will make sense gonna have the

Speaker 1 (50m 3s): most. Yeah East Coast bias, bro. Are we good one? It’s the one bias Colby

Speaker 4 (50m 6s): likes Virginia Tech to win it all Kramer right now. If you bought a forty dollar ticket at prop swap, what do you think? The collect amount would be 0 incorrect if they win 50,000

Speaker 1 (50m 19s): $100. Well, I might as well buy it just for the memory there opposite of

Speaker 3 (50m 25s): UNLV. They’re turning the

Speaker 1 (50m 26s): opposite. Action man, they started off intriguing beat Michigan State. I think they’re the one team from you want to talk about the date and you guys talked about on the college experience but date dating is that team this year

Speaker 3 (50m 39s): and I don’t know how they’re not the ones you how are they putting San Diego State is a one with Dayton not a one. I don’t understand.

Speaker 1 (50m 44s): What I was going to point out is that Virginia Tech is is not doing with a lot of those teams down there and now we are doing so that’s true. The Hokies are going way down. You know what it’s annoying they started hop because they They got everyone’s hopes up. It’s fucked

Speaker 2 (50m 60s): Ohio Valley

Speaker 1 (51m 1s): Conference tournament shot conference this year. It’s a fun any kind of conference this year man. So

Speaker 4 (51m 7s): you’re locked in a you didn’t officially saying I say, okay San Diego State – stupid

Speaker 1 (51m 12s): Colby as you know, I’m a fan of all conferences with Valley in their name love the Ohio Valley Conference course, this this one’s going to be played in Evansville, Indiana nice, March 4th through the 7th. We see Belmont – 30 favorite Murray State plus 160 the racers. Did I get

Speaker 3 (51m 31s): that right? Hmm,

Speaker 1 (51m 33s): Austin Peay. Yeah

Speaker 3 (51m 35s): for two one Eastern,

Speaker 1 (51m 36s): Illinois 42 one Eastern Kentucky. Also 40 to 1. I’m gonna have to bust make this column a little wider because we got Tennessee state 50 to 1 Jacksonville State 100 to 1 in Morehead State 152 one. There is a special place in my heart for this Murray State team.

Speaker 3 (51m 56s): Fuck them. I had them the other day. Oh boy – three boy. This is emotional and they blew up they blew a 27-point lead with 10 minutes left. Mmm.

Speaker 1 (52m 6s): And now they owe you one.

Speaker 3 (52m 7s): I just can’t trust them. I can’t trust the man 27 points in 10 minutes at be trusted. That’s unbelievable. That’s like that should never happen. So I mean look you’re going to go Murray State, you know, John Marantz on the Memphis

Speaker 4 (52m 21s): Grizzlies that he’s not gonna go back that would be great. If you just put like put a mustache on and suited backup from Murray State. I’m all over a Belmont here again going chalk – 130 they got that early loss. They’ve really come into form after that. My boy Adam Kunkel came out of know you were

Speaker 1 (52m 39s): here. That’s everyone’s boy

Speaker 4 (52m 41s): almost getting 17 points for game. You got some sophomores like Nick Buzz nice. What about Grayson Murphy? Come on Belmont is the solid team. What about as long shot though? Give me a little

Speaker 1 (52m 55s): taste

Speaker 4 (52m 58s): Eastern, Illinois 42:1 a team that has beat both Belmont and Murray State 27-point come back. That’s your well. Yeah

Speaker 2 (53m 7s): a little little

Speaker 3 (53m 7s): bit was a week ago, so they got maybe there’s some

Speaker 4 (53m 10s): Eastern, Illinois magic 41, it’s too fun not to take a little taste. Call me. What are

Speaker 3 (53m 16s): your lanes here? Austin Peay mmm. Yeah, let’s for Hunter. So I mean Taylor they were in first for a lot of the year average is 21 and 10 boards a game almost 11 boards a game.

Speaker 1 (53m 26s): That’s tough. That’s an animal

Speaker 3 (53m 28s): and they got this guard atoms. You can play I’ve been watching this team is the governor’s gotta like that nickname, huh,

Speaker 1 (53m 34s): and they rely I mean they basically play Five Guys.

Speaker 3 (53m 38s): Yeah. They’re a good team dude. Oh the top four five are really good actually

Speaker 1 (53m 42s): so Sean cut me off before I actually gave out my pick. My pic was also going to be Austin Peay.

Speaker 4 (53m 47s): Really you guys are both like an awesome ping.

Speaker 3 (53m 49s): You just like once again, they dominate they

Speaker 1 (53m 52s): there are strong offensive rebounding team that overall. Yeah, they have some weaknesses. They’re not the best defensive team. Hey, there are strong defense though. And I think when you kind of dive in and look at the way that they score the points how they rely on stuff and borrowing no one gets into foul trouble. This is one of those no one can get into foul trouble because they kind of rely on a small amount of people and at these small schools the way you destroy them is when you You get to the seventh eighth ninth guys on the bench. That’s problem. So I I’m going with the what was the price the price this was the one that

Speaker 4 (54m 25s): I awesome p plus 400 that

Speaker 1 (54m 26s): that didn’t feel correct that what you mean by that like it was a little too much value and this is the time of year. We talk about

Speaker 4 (54m 35s): value so value

Speaker 1 (54m 36s): proposition. I II certainly I’m all over it the 10 minutes of prep I did on this conference. I’m sorry the our I did it because I love the conferences with valleys. Yeah off.

Speaker 4 (54m 47s): P41 Austin p41. Yeah, I’ll stick with my lock being Belmont a little taste a little dog action on Eastern,

Speaker 1 (54m 55s): Illinois who won this conference last year was a tennis

Speaker 4 (54m 58s): teacher was at Murray State. No

Speaker 3 (54m 59s): Belmont. Come on Murray State’s Attorney we both got in. The torment is Belmont one the the lost to Marilyn I think in the playing by might want to play a game and I think lost to Norland by one. I definitely got

Speaker 1 (55m 11s): cute and bet on Belmont. I thought they were going

Speaker 3 (55m 13s): to they lost but by one it was it was a great I think so they won the play-in game. Mmmmm, and they lost a Marilyn I believe and then Murray State, you know made their run and beat a couple teams. Maybe just one team but immersed a beat. Let’s remember Murray State is that was the 2019 do you you need the Danville? I made it as well the dancer base needs it had a home and they had to they had two teams to recharge.

Speaker 1 (55m 36s): This should be should not be

Speaker 4 (55m 37s): questions database

Speaker 3 (55m 40s): talk to Siri. She

Speaker 1 (55m 41s): doesn’t answer a question with a

Speaker 3 (55m 43s): question. They were straight somebody in the first first game. I don’t remember who

Speaker 4 (55m 47s): So in the tournament last year that I don’t remember off the top of my head and I’m not

Speaker 3 (55m 51s): sad. I was right with Belmont Belmont beat want to play a game and then lost the Maryland by like one or

Speaker 1 (55m 56s): two. Okay,

Speaker 3 (55m 58s): right look it up look it up.

Speaker 1 (56m 0s): Well when I asked when I say, hey Dan to base

Speaker 3 (56m 5s): Marquette was at

Speaker 2 (56m 6s): Marquette that virus is destroyed by say dancer base

Speaker 1 (56m 9s): who won the 2019 Ohio Valley Conference men’s basketball tournament Championship. I should hear something like this. Well, Ryan Murray State one, who’s right there at Murray State beat Belmont 77 is

Speaker 3 (56m 22s): 65. We didn’t ask that question. Not how I said they both who made the

Speaker 1 (56m 27s): 20-mile a straight job Morant took it over. Let’s move on Shawn. We’re

Speaker 4 (56m 31s): done. Yeah, we’re done. Let’s give out some locks some dogs. What is your lock conference

Speaker 1 (56m 41s): pick? Well, I’d like to put a thousand unit play on Liberty at -3. I’m just kidding. I’m not gonna give you a – 350 as the lock. Listen, this is strengthening but it’s plus chalk. And as a person who has been boots on the ground has served

Speaker 3 (56m 59s): time in the beautiful city of

Speaker 1 (57m 0s): Radford. I expect the whores to be rabid and really possess just provide the home court advantage that Radford needs Radford takes it home plus 120 that’s going to be my lock for my dog. I keep looking around Austin Peay is definitely the responsible thing to do here.

Speaker 4 (57m 21s): Don’t do it Ryan get Reckless, but I’m

Speaker 1 (57m 24s): telling you Illinois Chicago.

Speaker 3 (57m 26s): Wow. What’s that Value Plus eleven west 1100. We make it a rule. We gotta go like it’s got to be a strong for

Speaker 4 (57m 32s): 400 and above the right down that Austin

Speaker 3 (57m 35s): Peay is a smarter day. If you’re if you’re not a risk taker if you’re

Speaker 1 (57m 39s): not a risk taker, I would suggest Austin Peay.

Speaker 4 (57m 45s): Why don’t we do it? Why don’t we do it this way a loc dog and a hashtag

Speaker 1 (57m 48s): digital. Okay, so my dad jeans only is Illinois

Speaker 4 (57m 51s): Chicago. There we go. And so your dog is Austin Peay then yeah at

Speaker 1 (57m 56s): okay. That’s a good enough dog, right?

Speaker 4 (57m 59s): Yeah plus 400 that makes

Speaker 1 (58m 1s): sense ready for Sean to take a massively – he’s gonna go Liberty or San Diego State guarantee. I’m

Speaker 2 (58m 7s): gonna go San Diego

Speaker 4 (58m 8s): State’s what? Uh, sorry. We’ll come on. It’s a lock you – 250 and it can I Ford was the other one. I feel great about the best record the nation you already took Radford of plus 120. Yeah, there’s

Speaker 3 (58m 19s): 300 there’s over 300 teams. You’re

Speaker 2 (58m 21s): making you’re making the case for me. Call me. You’re saying the best team in the nation there. The Mountain Valley was not like they’re in the ACC in there – 250 you see what’s happening here.

Speaker 1 (58m 33s): This is the this is early onset out. What I’m seeing here is I’m seeing a guy was trying

Speaker 2 (58m 39s): to work in his portfolio

Speaker 1 (58m 41s): work on that win-loss record.

Speaker 4 (58m 44s): I’m gonna take American at plus 425 for mode for my dog lots of chicks over there. And for my dead Jen’s only do I dare throw Lehigh in there. Now that’s

Speaker 1 (58m 55s): even come on do the ultimate djinns only play and take you and I’ll be

Speaker 3 (59m 1s): don’t are you my shit? No,

Speaker 2 (59m 3s): that’s cool. Because like all these lockers actually you and I’ll be I’ll go

Speaker 4 (59m 7s): Eastern, Illinois at Plus at 40 to 100 G’s. So that’s a that’s my hashtag dead Jinzo later.

Speaker 1 (59m 14s): So much bigger than mine

Speaker 4 (59m 15s): Sean. Yeah. Well, you know size Matters,

Speaker 1 (59m 17s): right? I did just get off the old Skype with get Roman. They got me right long cocks.

Speaker 4 (59m 26s): All right, call me. Give us your lock

Speaker 3 (59m 28s): my luck man. I’m a big believer in toothpaste and we’re going Colgate. Okay

Speaker 1 (59m 32s): Colgate in The Patriot League. Do they still make

Speaker 4 (59m 35s): toothpaste Colgate –

Speaker 3 (59m 37s): 115 look and then your normal dog. Not your DJ is not your dead. Jen’s only is Is your normal lock for the dog as Utah State plus 400? Okay, right. Do we even talk about them? They are legit are

Speaker 4 (59m 52s): there they seem to be the only competition in the

Speaker 1 (59m 55s): mountains and you bring up when we’re talking about the Mountain West

Speaker 3 (59m 57s): Colby. Well, I was infatuated with UNLV. Hey, and that’s why I’m taking you and lv+ 3300. All right get in there. It’s a cold case is running

Speaker 4 (1h 0m 6s): ribs. Colby has two plays in the Mountain West and either San Diego State. I love I’m going to chew

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 11s): on a towel like tarkanian baby. What?

Speaker 2 (1h 0m 14s): We have the time they

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 15s): called me told us he was rooting for the Wildcats and the

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 18s): as the

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 19s): Defenders to out of a team’s

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 21s): Defenders look strong this past weekend.

Speaker 4 (1h 0m 24s): No man bad time for the TC Defenders.

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 28s): Thank you for participating in these Sports gambling

Speaker 4 (1h 0m 30s): podcast lots of promote. Of course, if you’re in Las Vegas will be touching down wheels up Ryan on March 18th, 12:30 departing, Los Angeles, California via private jet. Jet Landing all

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 45s): times the car picking me

Speaker 4 (1h 0m 46s): up. Yeah Landing. Well, I’ll pick you up we can save a couple bucks. But landing in in Las Vegas, Wednesday, March 18th going to be going Buck Wild

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 56s): remember our cab driver last year? Oh

Speaker 4 (1h 0m 57s): my God. Yeah, we gotta

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 58s): can we call him and get us the pick us up his

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 0s): soundtrack was forgotten but he’s automatically going to be a next

Speaker 4 (1h 1m 4s): year. It’s broken. I was great. He was a wild ass dude. It’s only out there Wednesday, Thursday Friday hit us up. If you’re gonna be around we’ll get you some swag or some lighters. Working on like a live podcast location as we speak. And if you’re in the Philadelphia area, March 14, I will be doing a set 20 minute set the Philly Comedy Club 9 o’clock promo code Sean Philly comedy club for discounted tickets. And if your Villanova student I will be doing a guest panel will be doing some guests speaking at their Sports gambling analytics type conference March 16th.

No so here at Villanova. And

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 44s): how long is that? You give it a little hour-long. Speech.

Speaker 4 (1h 1m 46s): What is I think it’s a a I’m a part of a panel discussion. So I’ll probably have a bottle of water and then chime in with some question wearing a suit. I’m that I’m thinking about that. I don’t know if I go suit, I think I’m going to go at least dress

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 58s): sure. You have any Venn

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 59s): diagram? Can I give you just a small bit of advice? It’s just someone who has participated in these before. Yes. There’s going to be at least two guys on the panel who are just going with the strategy of more is more less is more. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (1h 2m 12s): I’m gonna plan on hanging back. Coming in with a couple of good lines couple good jokes, and you know, they wanted a gut handicapped or Villanova. They’re getting one. So Jackie you got to leave them wanting

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 24s): more. Yeah. All

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 25s): right. What if you wore a private a Providence t-shirt,

Speaker 4 (1h 2m 29s): but that wouldn’t make any sense but I do that is I just

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 31s): hold on. It’s called marketing you’re riding that moneyline like me on

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 34s): Saturday will see that doesn’t make any sense. Thank you for participating just crowbar.

Speaker 4 (1h 2m 39s): And again, we got some working on some contest of course for March Madness is day two. Tuned for

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 44s): that Sean. Yes, anything else we need to get to?

Speaker 4 (1h 2m 51s): I feel like you have something we need to get to but the nice my mind

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 55s): that was it.

Speaker 4 (1h 2m 57s): Are you say if you have something else that I forgot? We’re good. Are you serious?

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 1s): We’ll just save it for next time.

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 3s): Wait. What?

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 4s): No, there’s nothing else. I’m just blessed creating a teaser. There you go.

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 8s): Great teased by good Stallone movie by Kramer there again, give us a follow on the Instagram going to be posting some fun stuff countdown to March Madness subscribe rate review. All the reviews that we have were from the last contest. We need some young fresh reviews thrown our way and get those five stars loaded in. This

Speaker 1 (1h 3m 28s): is the problem with the Millennials. You gotta you gotta reward them ahead of time.

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 32s): The carrot is great free content that we crank out all the time on here. Make sure you check out Colby dance on Twitter at the Colby D. And of course his the college experience the college only podcast which has its own feed enter the college experience and iTunes Spotify or wherever gray podcaster download. Check out his daily free college basketball pick support Sports gaming

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 54s): 14 and three unlocks this

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 56s): weekend. That’s just me. You know what? I mean? Yeah, that’s just you that is a lot of

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 1s): locks

Speaker 4 (1h 4m 6s): for this was the only podcast I’m Shawn stack in the money green and he

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 10s): is Ryan just real quick get well wishes out there to everyone I’ve touched and is sharing in this roughneck fever experience with

Speaker 2 (1h 4m 18s): me Kramer lat let it Brad.

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