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College Basketball Weekend Preview | The College Experience (Ep. 151)

College Basketball Weekend Preview | The College Experience (Ep. 151)


Podcast Recap

Welcome to The College Experience! The guys Colby (@TheColbyD) & Patty C (@PattyC831) are here to give you all the insight you need for all things NCAA Football and Men’s Basketball related to help you cash out those betting tickets! On this episode, the fellas reminisce about their youth basketball days before giving the origin story of Patty C’s “burrito-eating” nickname (3:06), soon after they discuss the aftermath of the Kansas/Kansas State brawl and why Colby thinks it will help college basketball (11:05). They briefly discuss Texas Basketball and if Shaka Smart is on the hot seat, before Colby makes a bold prediction for their upcoming game against LSU (20:00), Colby then explains why he didn’t have the best birthday this week (23:59). Colby & Patty C then preview the 01/23 slate of games (28:50), and Colby proposes the interesting question: “Is a bagel a sandwich?” (35:49), the fellas quickly discuss the top NBA rivalries of old times past (42:13) before Patty C argues that Ivy League schools should be more competitive from a historical standpoint (47:23). A preview of the 01/25 game matchups are discussed (51:07) and then Patty C gives the state of Virginia a PSA (58:46). Colby D tells the story of how he ran his own sports book in the 6th grade (1:02:51), a preview of the 01/26 game matchups are discussed (1:06:10), before the fellas end the pod talking about some of the recent college football off season news and dive into a very early Week 1 preview of the upcoming college football season (1:13:13).

The College Football Experience is the premiere college football betting podcast. Hosted by Colby Dant, Patty C & NC Nick, the guys talk college football year-round from National Signing Day to Spring Ball through the National Championship game. From the Power Five to the FCS, we’ve got you covered with daily fantasy & college football picks. No program goes overlooked as the trio prepares you for an all-out blitz on your bookie. Join us for the full college experience with The College Football Experience on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network.

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