How To Bet NFL Totals

Thanks for checking out “How To Bet NFL Totals.” I am Sean Green from the Sports Gambling Podcast and I’m here to explain how to bet NFL totals. First things first, let’s explain what is a NFL total. It’s pretty simple. A NFL total is simply the combination of points between two teams. In any given game, let’s say the Philadelphia Eagles are playing the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles score 49 points. The Dallas Cowboys score three points. The total is then 52 points and if you’re logged into your account, you can see the screen right next to the spread. They’ll have the total and the total is simply that number and you have to bet either over it or under, let’s say the total is set at 45 a score 49 to three that’s 52 total points. That means you’re going over and an over bet would cash. If it’s 16 to three it’s 19 total points and the under bet would cash.

Now that explain what NFL totals are, here’s some tips on how to cash big. When you bet one thing you definitely want to consider when betting the NFL total is offensive line injuries. When a star player like the quarterback or the running back or the receiver, they get injured people factor that in when they’re setting the betting spread and when they’re deciding whether to go over under. A lot of times people overlook the fact that the offensive line injuries can have a much bigger impact on the number of points scored in the game. If the offensive line is banged up and you’ve got some backup center in there from some division three school, they’re going to be blitzing, they’re going to be getting sacked, there’s going to be a lot of punts and the scoring is going to go down. NFL totals go up and down depending on the action that the public likes.

Now, it’s pretty simple if you’re looking at betting over bet it early in the week, as soon as the number gets out because what happens, right? The public, they love the over. No one loves rooting for defense anymore. Call me old fashion. I love seeing hitting. I love seeing tackling and I love seeing blocked field goals, but the kids these days, they like to see the high flying fantasy football, so they’re going to look to play the over automatically so everyone’s pounding the over. The total is going to go up, so if you like the over bet it as soon as it comes out because inherently for the most part the total goes up as the week goes along and the under becomes more valuable. So if you like the over bet it as soon as possible, if you like the under wait til the last second.

A lot of people think snow and rain will help you in betting in the under. It’s not necessarily true because ‘hey, you’re out there, you’re slipping and sliding and defensive backs fall down. There are busted plays, you can’t grab the jersey, it’s tough to tackle the guy, they’re sliding around in the mud in weird ways. It can sometimes help the over. The wind is the only thing that really impacts a total and it helps the under. You have a windy day, it’s going to be miss field goals, miss passes, and that’s really going to impact the total and especially, help you out when it comes to betting the under.

Another tip is to fade fantasy players. And what do I mean by that? Well, if there’s two teams and everyone has like half the team on their fantasy squad, you got Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield, they’re gonna get a score 45 points by themselves. First off, no, they’re not. They’re the Cleveland Browns. But secondly, a lot of times when there’s a bunch of fantasy players on the field, the public is going to come in and they’re going to bet the over because they think their fantasy players are going to score a lot of points. They’re imagining Nick Chubb gets three touchdowns, Odell Beckham Jr gets two throwing touchdowns two receiving touch touchdowns. They imagine wild scenarios for their fantasy football success that can impact NFL total. So if there’s a lot of fantasy football players on the field in the game, you’re betting looking to play the under.

Last but not least, you can’t forget to factor in the kicker. The kicker, the guy who’s barely a part of the team, the guy who doesn’t feel like he has any real impact on the team, the guy who’s not 250 pounds and completely jacked, the guy who is like 185 has some crazy last name, barely just got here. That’s the guy that can really swing a total right? A horrible field goal kicker can cost you a game but can also cost you a total. In the same way that a betting spread has key numbers, totals also have key numbers and a field goal kicker that sucks is going to hurt you.

That was how to bet NFL totals and before I go guys, just a reminder, if you’re going to bet the over, do it in moderation, betting overs is like alcohol, it’s fine in small doses but you don’t want to get addicted to it. You don’t want to get out of control. You don’t want to end up in AA for betting the overs. The under has more value. It’s not quite as fun…but you know what is fun? Winning money? And you could do that over at where you can play win and get paid.

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