How To Bet NBA Totals

Thanks everyone for checking out How To Bet NBA totals. I am Sean Green from the Sports Gambling Podcast and I’m here to explain simply how to bet on NBA totals. First off, what is an NBA total? It’s pretty simple. A NBA total is simply the combination of points between the two different teams, so if the Philadelphia 76ers play the Los Angeles Lakers and score 150 points and the Lakers score a 100 points, the total is then 250 points. Now if you’re over on, you’ll see a number next to the spread and that is the total number of points and you can either bet over or under.

The first thing you want to look at is who is reffing the game. If you’ve ever played a pickup game of basketball, you know some people call a lot of fouls and some people don’t call a lot of fouls. The same applies to NBA referees and there’s actually a bunch of websites with stats on which refs call the most fouls and which refs call the least amount of fouls. It’s a pretty simple formula. The refs that are calling a ton of fouls, those are the games you want to bet the over on because of the number of free throws. Now on the flip side, the refs that are not afraid to put away the whistle and let him play those refs, you want to bet the under on.

Another tip to consider when betting NBA totals is the more stars, the more tempting in the under, and here’s a logic behind it. When you got LeBron James, Anthony Davis, all these shooters, “Oh my God, there’s going to be so many points!” Well, you might think that, but so does the rest of the betting public so the bookmaker, aka they’re going to set the line really high, which means there’s a lot of value going against the public and everyone’s fantasy team and all the big stars. Basically, if you see a guy on Sports Center every night, you’re going to want to look to play the under.

Another thing to factor in when betting NBA totals is how tired are the players. So that means bringing in a lot of different factors like rest disparity, load management, and of course nightlife. James Harden, when he goes to Atlanta, his points go down because he’s out there hanging out at the club. The same thing can apply to other guys in popular cities like Los Angeles look to play the under cause the guys were out partying the night before or depending on the team, maybe they just start playing really sloppy defense, but where they’re playing and how often they’ve been playing our stuff you want to factor in when betting an NBA total. If you’re not factoring in the NBA partying and scheduling when you’re betting the total you are selling yourself short and honestly that’s why you’re watching this video.

Another thing to factor in when betting NBA totals is sneaky elevation. Everyone knows that the Denver Nuggets play at elevation, “Hey, it’s the mile high city. It’s 5,800 feet.” A lot of people forget to factor that in when handicapping totals on the Utah jazz. Salt Lake city is at a secret high elevation that no one factors in and besides the secret elevation of Salt Lake City, literally no nightlife.

A classic NBA total betting strategy is the three in four theory. And what does that mean? It means when both teams are playing their third game in four nights, look to play the over. The over is actually hitting that 58.8 why? Because tired NBA players don’t play defense. They barely play defense to begin with and when they’re tired they’re certainly not going to be hustling.

Hopefully some of those tips help you cash big over at, when it comes to betting, NBA totals, last one I’ll throw in there is never take the under on an NBA All Star Game. Regardless of how insane the total is. First off, you want to have fun watching the All Star Game. You’re not going to want to bet the under, and then you got guys throw lobs off the back board, you’re going to lose your mind. So always take the over in that situation, even though historically there’s not a lot of value. That’s one exception. Thank you guys for checking out the video and check out my podcast, The Sports Gambling Podcast, and of course Where you play win and get paid!

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