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Sports Betting vs Investing w/ Matt Perrault | Inside Vegas (Ep. 75)

Sports Betting Vs. Investing W/ Matt Perrault | Inside Vegas (Ep. 75)

Podcast Recap

With legalization in full swing, Christian welcomes on Matt Perrault, host of Pushing The Odds inside CGT Sportsbook at The Palms to #InsideVegas to have a very heated debate over one topic: is sports betting the same as investing? The guys go back and forth on the impact of Prop Swap on the market, the concept of a market as a whole, touts vs. brokers, 1:1 propositions, the psychology of investing over the long haul vs. the short term of sports betting, and much much more! Don’t forget to let us know what side of the fence you are on.

The Inside Vegas podcast on The Sports Gambling Podcast Network gives you an inside look at the world of sports betting from two professional handicappers Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) and James Albirino (@SpreadInvestor). Tune in to hear some of the biggest names in the sports gambling industry, plus unique commentary on the biggest events in sports and pop culture from two guys who are “all in” on the Vegas lifestyle. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY | GOOGLE


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