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Volume Betting & Future Of Content w/ Greg Peterson | Inside Vegas (Ep. 71)

Volume Betting & Future Of Content W/ Greg Peterson | Inside Vegas (Ep. 71)

Podcast Recap

Christian welcomes on Greg Peterson, co-host of That’s Gold and college basketball/MLB Overtime Betting. Greg has been an on-air host inside Las Vegas for years and has been a featured host on VSIN, New York Post, and now hosts his own shows. Greg also employs a unique volume betting approach of every game on the board each and every day. The guys break down the differences in style as well as talk about the future of content with legalization and increased eyes on sports betting.

The Inside Vegas podcast on The Sports Gambling Podcast Network gives you an inside look at the world of sports betting from two professional handicappers Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) and James Albirino (@SpreadInvestor). Tune in to hear some of the biggest names in the sports gambling industry, plus unique commentary on the biggest events in sports and pop culture from two guys who are “all in” on the Vegas lifestyle. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY | GOOGLE


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