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Matchday 35 Picks | EPL Show (Ep. 95)


Premier League Matchday 35 Picks

Another vital EPL weekend, as Liverpool and City battle for the title. Liverpool will travel Cardiff, whilst Manchester City face the tougher task of playing Tottenham at home, which is now a revenge game, after Manchester City’s shocking midweek exit to Tottenham in the Champions League- an outcome that was rightfully predicted by Billi, on the last edition of the Champions League Show. Billi’s EPL record currently sits at 41-8 after another successful pick last week, taking his current run of winning locks to 18-1.

The "EPL Show" is a sports gambling podcast hosted by Englishman and soccer betting expert Billi Bhatti. You can Billi on twitter @SGPEPL. Each week the "EPL Show" previews and picks the upcoming Premier League matches. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY | GOOGLE


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