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“Action” Documentary w/ Producer Bradley Jackson (Ep. 678)

Action Sports Betting Documentary

Podcast Recap

In a special bonus edition of the Sports Gambling Podcast, Sean Green (@seantgreen) and Ryan Kramer (@KramerCentric) welcome on producer of the four-part sports gambling documentary Action, (available on Showtime On-Demand) Bradley Jackson (@BradleyJackson) (1:22). Bradley shares how they sought out sports gamblers to feature in the documentary (2:50), meeting the popular Kelly Stewart, Brandon Lang, and Vegas Dave (5:04), and researching the often false claims of a sports gambler (7:02).

Next, the guys discuss the business of selling picks (10:18), Sean’s Fantasy Football love story (12:28), and sports gambling “degenerates” (18:50). After a word from, Bradley shares a bit more about his background and interest in sports (24:18), the storyline structure and characters that can be found within the sports gambling world (29:51), subplots within the documentary (34:12), and the challenge of filming inside casinos (35:41). Lastly, Bradley, Sean, and Ryan chat about Bradley’s interview with an illegal bookie (38:01), Vegas’ business future if California legalizes sports gambling (41:15), the atmosphere and social aspect of sports betting (43:00), and lastly the future for the thing we all love most: betting on sports (48:25).  

Action Sports Gambling Documentary Trailer

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