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Super Bowl 54 Odds: What Teams To Put Your Money On Right Now

Best Bets for Super Bowl 54

The Patriots won the Super Bowl just last month, but it’s never too early to look ahead to next season. The off-season is moving along with the combine finishing up this week and free agency beginning next week. Below are the early odds from to win next year’s Super Bowl and some teams that have some value before free agency and the NFL draft kick off.

Super Bowl 54 Odds

Arizona Cardinals + 8000
Atlanta Falcons + 2800
Baltimore Ravens + 2800
Buffalo Bills + 8000
Carolina Panthers + 5000
Chicago Bears + 1400
Cincinnati Bengals + 1200
Cleveland Browns + 3300
Dallas Cowboys + 2000
Denver Broncos + 5000
Detroit Lions + 10000
Green Bay Packers +2200
Houston Texans + 2800
Indianapolis Colts + 2000
Jacksonville Jaguars + 5000
Kansas City Chiefs + 700
Los Angeles Chargers + 1200
Los Angeles Rams + 700
Miami Dolphins + 12000
Minnesota Vikings + 2000
New England Patriots + 650
New Orleans Saints + 750
New York Giants + 4000
New York Jets + 12000
Oakland Raiders + 12000
Philadelphia Eagles + 1600
Pittsburgh Steelers + 1600
San Francisco 49ers + 3300
Seattle Seahawks + 2500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers + 5000
Tennessee Titans + 6600
Washington Redskins + 8000

AFC Super Bowl Value Bets

You can never go wrong with the Patriots at + 650 or the Chiefs + 700, but I’m looking at some other teams that have higher odds to win the championship.

Houston (+ 2800) They have a very good defense and have a young quarterback who should only get better. The offensive line play needs to perform better for Deshaun Watson to reach his potential. He was abused last season. Lamar Miller is a good running back, but I think the Texans will look to upgrade at the position.

Tennessee (+ 6600) Underrated defense, a solid running game, and a quarterback who shows flashes of being a very good player. I haven’t given up on Marcus Mariota yet, but he is running out of chances. He needs to stay healthy and be much more consistent. I think Mariota is a good quarterback, but he has not been able to emerge as an elite player.

Indianapolis (+ 2000)
is the team with the most value in my opinion. They have Andrew Luck, a young talented defense and a very good front office and coaching staff. The Colts have cap space and the available draft capital to really make a splash in free agency and the draft. I believe the Colts have an opportunity to make some serious noise over the next half decade.

NFC Super Bowl Value Bets

The early odds favor the Rams and Saints, but I have concerns with both teams. I’m not as high on Jared Goff as some people are and it will be a challenge to get back to the Super Bowl. In regards to the Saints I saw some troubling signs at the end of the season with Drew Brees. I’ve heard some whispers that he might have had a shoulder injury that bothered him in the playoffs. Either way his accuracy on throws over 20 yards was very inconsistent.

Seattle Seahawks (+ 2500) The Seahawks were a pleasant surprise last season. Russell Wilson is still a great player and they proved to have a great rushing attack. Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider were able to rebuild the roster on the fly.

Green Bay Packers (+ 2200) It is a reboot for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers with the hiring of Matt LaFleur. Change can be positive and I think hearing a different voice will help Rodgers and the offense next season. I expect a big year out of Rodgers.

Philadelphia Eagles (+ 1600) Philly is one year removed from a Super Bowl title and they were still a playoff team last season overcoming a ton of injuries along the way. As much as Nick Foles helped the organization and will forever be a legend. I don’t believe his presence helped Carson Wentz last season. Wentz is the guy moving forward and he has a full off-season to get healthy and prepared for the upcoming season. Carson Wentz is an MVP type player and I think he bounces back with an impressive season.

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