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Tired of yelling into the void of social media? Your 179 Twitter followers and high school buddies on Facebook don’t care about your Tuesday night DFS lineup, or how much you lost when the Arizona Hot Shots didn’t cover, or your absolute lock on San Diego State vs San Jose State … but we do.

Hi, I’m Ryan McKee and you might know me from “Hey, that guy kinda looks like my camp counselor” and “Hey, why does that guy get a blue checkmark?” — but I’m also the new editor of the Sports Gambling Podcast Blog (or SG PodBlog as only I like to call it).

I’m always jealous when I hear people on certain sports podcasts (not ours, yet) reference the hilarious chats from their office Slack channels. Why can’t I be in on these conversations? Why can’t I send a perfectly-timed GIF of Charles Barkley with a Shake Weight?

Now I can! And you can too! The Sports Gambling Podcast Network now has Slack and we want our readers, listeners, fans, and hecklers to join in.

All you have to do is click this link and sign up:

This will be a great place to meet other degenerate gamblers from across the world, ask for advice on DFS lineups, give advice on your favorite lines, make fun of Klay Thompson, talk shit about San Diego State, and wax poetic about ANYTHING related to sports gambling.

We have different channels for NBA, AAF, College Basketball, College Football, NFL, MLB, and Golf. Plus, there’s a General channel for anything else you wana throw out.

The only rule is you can’t be a dick. You can talk shit about someone’s team, or their favorite player, or their choice of profile photo … but don’t get personal. Don’t get abusive — or I’ll have to kick you out. C’mon, you know what “Don’t Be A Dick” means.

NBA Gambling Podcast creator. Former managing editor of SGPN. Believes that fusion Thai/Mexican cuisine deserves the hype. Gimme dat Pad Thai Burrito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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