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Inside Vegas: The Tell All Oscars Interview w/ AG & NBA TankaPalooza w/ The White Whale (Ep. 58)

Inside Vegas: The Tell All Oscars Interview W/ AG Of MyBookie & NBA TankaPalooza W/ The White Whale (Ep. 58)

Podcast Recap:

We’re here a day earlier than normal to bring you the inside interview on the tweet heard ’round the world from AG, head oddsmaker and risk manager from AG answers the question you want to hear, was it a conspiracy, a publicity stunt, or was he just reporting what was coming across his screen, and if so, why would he give away “valuable” information like that? Christian and AG also discuss what it could mean for the future of novelty props, why books canceled the bets, and what could have been their reason for doing so. After that, Christian welcomes on The White Whale to dig into the best second half angles to attack in the NBA including the ever-famous Tank-a-palooza.

"Inside Vegas" is a sports gambling podcast hosted by Las Vegas local and professional gambler Christian Pina (@ChristianPina). Each week "Inside Vegas" gives you a behind the scenes look at the world of sports gambling with insightful interviews from both book makers and handicappers. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY

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