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Inside Vegas: Gambling Winter TV & Movie Guide w/ Ryan McKee (Ep. 57)

Gambling Winter TV & Movie Guide

Christian welcomes on Ryan McKee, the new editor of written content at Sports Gambling Podcast and senior digital producer on The Late Late Show to break down your survival guide on gambling winter. While the main sports besides basketball are on hiatus until March Madness, Christian and Ryan break down the best sports and gambling movies and shows out there. The guys break down the classics and dig their way all the way to the newest shows the every day sports bettor or DFS player should watch while they count down until the days of March Madness. (BONUS: you can even bet on some of these shows)

"Inside Vegas" is a sports gambling podcast hosted by Las Vegas local and professional gambler Christian Pina (@ChristianPina). Each week "Inside Vegas" gives you a behind the scenes look at the world of sports gambling with insightful interviews from both book makers and handicappers.SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES | SPOTIFY

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