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Lakers Favored To Land The Brow

anthony davis to the lakers

It’s that stretch of the NBA calendar when we see everyone lose their minds over a big name player on the trading block. Anthony Davis has made it clear that he wants to play elsewhere, and the Pelicans announced they are open to offers. This year we get to watch Lebron acting as Agent, GM, and Commissioner, which has added some extra intrigue.

Of course, if something is happening in the sports world, there are undoubtedly going to be odds posted on potential outcomes. Let’s take a look at some of them regarding the Davis trade.

Where Will Davis Play Opening Night Of 19-20 Season?

This is an interesting prop considering the question isn’t “Where will Davis be playing after the trade deadline?” If the Pelicans don’t hear exactly what they are looking for before the deadline, Davis will be finishing out the season in New Orleans. Here are some of the potential landing spots.

Lakers -125

Lebron James is obviously the most powerful entity in the league. We see his name tied to trades and free agency year after year, even when he isn’t the one being dealt. So needless to say, when Lebron says jump, the NBA says how high. If the Lakers want to contend in the West, they need a presence down low like Davis.  There are even talks of Klay Thompson starting next season with the Lakers if they can make a deal with AD.

Davis’ agent is also Lebron’s agent, so the lobbying won’t be difficult from that angle. Anthony Davis has already made it known that the Lakers are his first choice.

If Davis Goes To The Lakers, Who Will The Pelicans Get In Return?

The only team that is linked to this type of prop is the Los Angeles Lakers. This might be another telling factor that the Lakers are the front-runner to make a deal for Davis. There are interesting odds on current Laker players to be dealt to New Orleans in the trade. No one is safe. If you play for the Lakers and GM Lebron James wants you out, you will get sent away. Here are some of the favorites to be included in the deal.

Brandon Ingram -500

Lonzo Ball -300

Kyle Kuzma -300

Josh Hart -200

Ivica Zubac -200

Looking at some of the potential package deals that have been proposed, and judging by the severe minus money odds, there is a chance most of these guys will be included.

I don’t really see much there. If I’m the Pelicans and that’s the list I am offered, I’m looking elsewhere.

But, if the Pelicans reject an offer before the deadline, expect to see Lebron and company pushing hard to get a deal figured out this offseason.

Boston Celtics +150

The Celtics are right behind the Lakers, and at some online sportsbooks, they are considered the favorite. The issue with Boston is they are prohibited from making a mid-season trade for Davis. The only way the Celtics can land AD is if he stays with the Pelicans until the offseason, and then Boston has to wait for Kyrie Irving to become a free agent and sign a new deal.

The odds of this all lining up for Boston seems a little unlikely. I can’t see the Lakers allowing Boston the opportunity to let all of this happen.

 New Orleans Pelicans +600

The Pelicans are 3rd in line as far as the odds are considered. This one actually may carry some decent value, considering the amount of times we see dramatic trade deadline stories fizzle out and the player ends up re-signing with his current team after the season.

Having said that, I do believe the bridges have been burned in this mess of a media frenzy. Davis stated he wants to play for a Championship contender, and New Orleans just simply isn’t that. It is difficult to envision a scenario in which Davis is willing to sign a new contract with the Pelicans after everything that has been said over the past few weeks.

New York Knicks +850

The Knicks are only on this list because they are in New York and the media in that market wants to be involved in this conversation. There is absolutely no way Davis will end up there. If the Knicks plan on getting Davis, they’d have to give up Kristaps Porzingis in return. That’s not going to happen. In order for the Knicks deal to even make sense, those two stars would have to be playing alongside each other.

Yes, the Knicks have some pieces available to offer up in a trade. The offers might even be enticing to the Pelicans. But when Lebron James and Magic Johnson are working their magic (pun intended) in Los Angeles, the Knicks simply can’t hang.

Best Bet

For my money, I’d be seeking out the best odds available on the Los Angeles Lakers. Just knowing how badly Lebron James wants AD in LA is a strong indicator that this deal will get done. It might not happen before the trade deadline, but this offseason we could see this deal be made. If Boston was eligible to make an offer before the deadline, I might consider them as a contender in this saga. But the man who pulls the strings in the entire league resides in Los Angeles, and he wants the pieces around him to contend for titles.



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