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Inside Vegas: Professional Handicapping Philosophy Deep Dive & NFL Week 6 (Ep. 38)

Inside Vegas: Professional Handicapping Philosophy Deep Dive, & NFL Week6 (Ep. 38)

Podcast Recap

Mailbag episode! Over the first five weeks of the NFL season on the Inside Vegas Podcast, Christian has had a different handicapper on to talk about different ways to look at and analyze games. On this weeks edition, Christian rides solo to answer your direct messages as he answers the biggest and most asked questions when it comes to handicapping sports professionally. Topics include, the best philosophy to start handicapping, the old generation Vs. new social media generation of handicapping, tout handicappers and selling picks, the term “unit”, what value truly means, and much, much more. Finally, Christian gives his own personal best bet for NFL week six!

The Inside Vegas podcast on The Sports Gambling Podcast Network gives you an inside look at the world of sports betting from two professional handicappers Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) and James Albirino (@SpreadInvestor). Tune in to hear some of the biggest names in the sports gambling industry, plus unique commentary on the biggest events in sports and pop culture from two guys who are “all in” on the Vegas lifestyle. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY | GOOGLE

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