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Inside Vegas: Vegas Book-ies Club Vol. 2: Warren Sharp Review (Ep. 27)

NCAAFInside Vegas: Vegas Book-ies Club Vol. 2: Warren Sharp Review (Ep. 27)

Podcast Recap:

After Christian and Jay Krier broke down the college football bible with Phil Steele’s 2018 college preview, Christian turns his attention to the NFL version. In the next installment of Vegas Bookies Club on Inside Vegas, Christian starts wetting the whistle on your 2018 NFL handicapping as he reviews and breaks down Warren Sharp’s 2018 NFL Preview from a gambling and odds perspective including how to take his fantasy takes and apply them to your fantasy leagues, prop markets, and player expectations, as well as futures bets for the 2018 season. Christian breaks down Warren Sharp’s take on all 32 teams and gets you started on the 2018 NFL season!

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