Breadlines: Week 9 from the Rear View

Subjects in this Article might appear closer than they are…

NFL Fight Club:

A.J Green vs. Jalen Ramsey

During the days’ best melee, in what looked more like a Hostage situation.  A.J Green lost his cognizance and tried to put Jalen Ramsey in a chokehold. After a quick scrum,  Green continued to punch the helmet of the cornerback and whoever else was in his way. Both players were tossed out of the game, which is somewhat confusing counting Ramsey didn’t do much in the situation. Neither player is being suspended any games for the incident which comes at a surprise in the No Fun League. Although it’s worth noting Jalen Ramsey doesn’t wear a mouth guard because it “will mess up his trash talk.”

Jameis vs The World

In the other fight of the week. Tampa Bays, Lamest Jameis Winston poked the head of Saints defensive back, Marshon Lattimore, provoking Mike Evans to come out of the screen holding the “L” trigger and hit sticking Lattimore, leading to things breaking out into a mosh pit on the sideline. What’s makes the situation even worse, is Winston was out of the game due to an apparent injury and had no business out there starting rukus with opposing players. Mike Evans seemed frustrated, and this was his way of venting a one catch 13-yard performance. 

Honorable mention: Carlos Hyde was trying to be his quarterback’s keeper and got tossed aside like a jury duty letter.

Off Brands

This weeks off brands highlighted the massive drop in the level of play for two teams with less than worthy back up play callers. Both the Texans and Packers lost their star quarterbacks for the year due to injury. The thing we have to look at is just how big the drop off is and how vital these two players really are to their teams. The Texans were a 13 point favorite before the news of Deshaun Watson’s injury. The line quickly dropped to -7 with the devastating news. Tom Savage, who was the team’s original starter to begin the season, had a disturbing performance. Coming off a week that Watson led the team to 38 points vs. the Seahawks on the road, Savage led the Texans to one offensive score. He completed 43% of his passes accumulating 219 smutty yards on the way. The Texans lost the game outright at home as 7 point favorites 20-14.

In 2013,  Rodgers also suffered a collarbone injury; during his time out, the team went 2-4-1. He came back in the final week of the regular season to beat the Chicago Bears and claim the NFC North title, knocking the bears out of the playoffs for the sixth time in seven years. The go-ahead score came on a 4th and eight play where a miscommunication and blown coverage freed the way for Randall Cobb to score with 38 seconds left. Before the Monday night game that year vs. the Bears in which he suffered the collarbone injury, the look-ahead line for the following week vs. the Eagles was -9 and quickly shot down to -1. The Rogers injury was essentially worth about eight points for the next week vs. the Eagles at Lambeau.  That week Rodgers was replaced by Seneca Wallace who was pulled in the first quarter with a groin injury. Insert everyone’s favorite milk man Scott Tolzien, who went for 280 yards and a touchdown but threw two interceptions in the 27-13 loss at home.  This was also the Nick Foles “is this real life” era for the Eagles. Let’s not forget the stud that was coming off a seven-touchdown performance and tossed three more in this game. Nick Foles went on to throw twenty-seven touchdowns with two interceptions in 13 games that year. This year’s injury, caused a bigger impact for the Packers as the following game after the injury, they dropped from a -6.5 point favorite to a 3.5 point underdog at home, making the slide worth ten points following the season-ending injury. New Orleans covered 26-17.

Winston’s Pregame Speech and the infamous stinky pinky.

“Look at me, that’s a W, Let’s eat one!” Hold up, what?  

Winston had one those moments like back in the younger days when you would go to wahoo some beer, and you would ask the party “Alright, alright, who’s coming with me? Silence ensues, and nobody stands up and volunteers. Was it me, or did his fingers look like all types of major highways intersecting, they were so crooked? Maybe it’s my short-term memory, but his hand resembled everything of a crab during that speech. Throw in the slobbering on his fingers during this discourse, the L of the weekend has to go to Jameis Winston. Teams from around the league had opinions about the unfortunate commentary, Detriot Lions quarterback Matt Stafford said: “I have not eaten a W, I am not a big pregame speech guy, but no W’s eaten over here.” Tampa Bay did everything but consume a “W,” getting romped 30-10. To make matters worse, Winston didn’t finish the game due to an apparent injury but did manage to start a fight club on the sideline.

What did we learn in Week 9?

The underdogs winning outright trend lives on, as the four underdogs that covered this weekend, all won the game outright. When taking the points, sprinkle a little on the money line.

Miami’s quarterback situation might be the most confusing in the NFL. A few weeks ago, the Miami fans were screaming for Cutler to be benched and even cheered when he was injured. Enter, Matt Moore, and exit Matt Moore after throwing two touchdowns in the Thursday nights loss 40-0. The only problem, the touchdowns were to the opposing team. Going from Jay Cutler Back to Moore and once again back to Cutler, is like the first time you went to a flip phone. The flip phone was stylish, but you soon discovered that giving up the Nokia with the snake game and all the World records you held came at a cost. Give me back the Snake that is Cutler.

What did we burn in week 9?

If you had FAU -6.5 and got a Kiffin in the balls by that late-game safety, then you should just walk away now. This has to be one of the worse beats of all time. Everything down from Kiffin not knowing exactly how much time he could run down, to the trolling done by the coach after the game on social media. “Didn’t want to cover because of too much rat poison” #keptuwatching #5-0

In the other bad beat of the weekend- The Monday Night Matchup saw the total sitting at 20 going into the 4th. The total of 43 was everything but done for over bettors until the game opened up and 27 points were tallied in the final quarter. The final score coming with 0:00 on the clock, after a penalty was called putting the ball on the one for the Packers. A meaningless touchdown later, and the game ended 30-17,  taking years out of the under bettors lives.

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