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jim harbaugh is a douchebag

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NFL Is #1

Franchise tags, transition tags, rfa’s, urfa’s, contract restructures, salary cap adjustments and player pay cuts have been dominating the sports world over the last week for one simple reason, the NFL in #1. I’m not sure how anyone really could have seen this coming, the NFL off-season schedule dominates the 24 hour sports news cycle and is bigger news than sports where games are actually being played. One could argue that the NFL’s progressiveness is a key factor.
The fans like scoring, lets legislate defense out of the game. Oh crap concussions are actually caused by strong large fast men crashing into each other, lets change the rules to make the game “safer”. But crap if playing football is bad for your how can we convince the world we should play more games? Extra playoff game, GREAT IDEA. The NFL needs to slow down and look in the mirror, lets not go to far.
Look at other sports leagues where 50% or more of teams make the playoffs, the regular season means almost nothing in hockey, and the players don’t care until the playoffs in the NBA. And don’t even get me started on the extra point issue. I guess my point is sometimes progressiveness can be to aggressive, plus if you mess with the extra point it could make 30+ years of valuable statistical scoring data completely invalid and put a major ripple in the line/key number fabric of NFL betting.

Poor Jim Harbaugh

All this NFL talk and I almost forgot to mention the most interesting off-season situation in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh is a douchebag, don’t believe me type “Jim Harbaugh is a” into google and see what the 1st suggestion is…thats right its “Jim Harbaugh is a douchebag”.
So much so that the GM of the 49ers is willing to risk FIRING him over this fact. Look I hate Jim Harbaugh as much as the next guy but come one the guy has gotten your team at least to the NFC Championship game over the last 3 years. Perhaps the cat is out of the bag, Jim Harbaugh can’t win the big game.
Whatever the reason this is great for me as a hater, and for fans of teams that play the 49ers because they wont be as good with out him, but im not sure if Id gambling my job as GM by firing one of the best coaches in the NFL.

NBA In The Home Stretch

On to some sports that are actually playing games, the NBA is passing the 3/4 pole and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I cant wait for the Western Conference playoffs, so many intriguing match-ups and so many high level teams, Memphis could end up being the 8 seed?! That’s pretty crazy.
I also think I speak for everyone when I say lets just skip to the Eastern Conference Finals and watch Lebron and Miami take on Paul George and co, will Lebron be on his way to 3 peat or will Indian show that winning home court and playing their physical brand of basketball be the difference in advancing to the NBA Finals.

March Madness Is Almost Here!

Speaking of exiting tournaments, College Basketball is kicking off the most exciting time of their season and with march madness getting ready to sweep the nation it only seems right that we pick some of the early Conference tourneys to get you started off on the right foot. Happy Hunting Y’all.

College of Charleston+750
James Madison+2500
William & Mary+750
Field (Any Other Team)+4000

Ryan’s Pick: Towson +300 – Riding a 6 game winning streak I like the hot team.
Sean’s Pick: Drexel +300 – Got to represent Philadelphia.

Wichita St-400
Field (Any Other Team)+320

Ryan’s Pick: Wichita St -400 – Their 1st loss won’t come until the Elite 8.
Sean’s Pick: Wichita St -400 – Don’t expect a shocking disappointment until the tournament starts.

San Francisco+500
St Marys+550
Field (Any Other Team)+800

Ryan’s Pick: BYU +200 – Fresh off a win over the Zags and with the best offense in the conference.
Sean’s Pick: Gonzaga -125 – Too much of a beast.

Western Carolina+600
Field (Any Other Team)+3500

Ryan’s Pick: Davidson -120 – They dominated the conference all year, with their only loss coming in OT.
Sean’s Pick: Elon +400 – Pulling this one out of my ass.

Cleveland St+350
Wisconsin Green Bay-250
Field (Any Other Team)+400

Ryan’s Pick: Wisconsin Green Bay -250 – Chalk isn’t fun but you cant go against the clear cut #1 team
Sean’s Pick: Field +400 – Got to love the field at +400, feels like their is value here.
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