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NFL Combine, UFC 170 Recap, NBA Updates

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It’s the dog days of the gambling calendar, sure there is NBA, College Basketball and preseason baseball, but its not the same with out football in the mix. So why not focus our energies on the cattle call that is the NFL Combine? They weigh them, measure them make them run, catch, and throw in their sleek under armor gear, because thats what they will be wearing on the field right, no pads.

It’s all very silly and inevitably we will over hype some work out warriors and down grade some proven players because they run a 4.7 instead of 4.5, just talk to Antonio Pierce, Anquan Boldin or more recently Vontaze Burfict. High lever Pro Bowlers who fell in the draft or went un-drafted due to their 40 times, where are the lessons learned, watch the dude with pads on don’t let the Under Armor and flashy neon colors distract you from the fact that its a track and field work out with some football drills.

NFL Combine Results

Sure I could list out all of the results but why re-invent the wheel, check out all the NFL Combine results here. The NFL has been very intelligent in their offseason schedule allowing for the NFL to never really leave the sports news cycle for more than a couple weeks, and for that thank you Roger Goodell.

The real season is a little more than 6 months away and that time cant go fast enough. In the mean time we will pass the time wagering on March Madness, UFC, NBA playoffs, MLB, Golf, Soccer (both Champions league and World Cup) and Horse racing. Lastly we are often asked for online sports book recommendations, the guys over at Top Betting Reviews have put together a nice list with ratings and reviews. Happy Hunting Y’all

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