ZED RUN Gambling Podcast

Come explore the exciting world of Zed Run through the lens of real-life horse racing analysis each week with host Scott Bowser (@Scott_Bowser) and track experts Malcolm Bamford (@Mal_B_Sport) and Chase “Wolf Of Oaklawn” Sessoms (@OfOaklawn). The fellas will walk you step by step through the process of buying, racing, and breeding your very own Zed Run horses. The game is constantly evolving and we’ll be on top of the many changes the Zed Run team has in store. Get in on the game now as the gambling, NFT, and gaming worlds collide for a nonstop ride.

After we show you the basics we’ll build from there and delve into tournament strategy, analytics, and feature interviews with the top stables in Zed Run. You’ll be able to follow our progress and see if we figure it out on the official SGPN Twitch race stream. Find us in the SGPN Slack channel and follow us on Twitter for up-to-date news. Feel free to shoot us a DM @ZedPodcast with any questions you may have. Good luck everyone