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SGPN is Hiring a Research Assistant for Sports Gambling, Podcasting, Fantasy Sports, and More

SGPN is Hiring a Research Assistant for Sports Gambling, Podcasting, Fantasy Sports, and More

SGPN is Hiring a Research Assistant for Sports Gambling, Podcasting, Fantasy Sports, and More

Do you have a passion for sports? What about a passion for stats and sports facts? Then you should join the SGPN staff as a research assistant. We are currently looking to hire a RESEARCH ASSISTANT to support our various podcasts, writing, and more! A passion for stats, research, and analytics is key to success in this job. If a job as a sports researcher or research assistant sounds intriguing, then apply today!

SGPN Research Assistant Job

Compensation is Negotiable with Experience

Research Assistant Responsibilities

  1. Provide Statistical Research for Podcasts
    • The Research Assistant job will entail gathering stats, analytics, and other research and displaying it in a digestible format for podcasters and other content creators.
    • Should be able to identify trends and be aware of statistical and analytical best practices.
    • Work with podcasters and other content creators to identify relevant data, stats, analytics, and other research for various sports as required by the job.
  2. Convey Stats in a Meaningful and Relatable Way
    • Finding stats is only half the battle with this job, you need to be able to convey and display stats in a meaningful way for podcasters and content creators.
    • It is also beneficial if stats can be distilled into a format that can be posted to social media.

The Ideal Research Assistant

  1. Has an understanding of stats and analytics across a variety of sports.
    • SGPN has a variety of podcasts and platforms across all sports and we are looking for someone who can provide content creators and listeners with an edge.
    • The ideal candidate has experience with a variety of basic and advanced stats across multiple sports.
    • The ideal candidate understands the application of analytics and stats in a practical way.
  2. Has experience in producing concise and actionable content.
    • Identifying key stats is only part of the job, the ideal candidate needs to be able to showcase and explain their research as well.
    • An ideal candidate for this job has experience in the creation of graphical or visual representations of stats and analytics.

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